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Sales Cadence in 2021: A Complete Guide to Converting B2B Customers [+Template]

24 November 2020 by

Most sales advice sucks. 

It's too general, bland, and mostly just regurgitates the same Sales 101 tips you already know.

You've probably read some of those articles — the ones that promise to help you convert customers but really just offer uninspired tips about using prospects' names and segmenting your email list. 

Thanks, I guess? 

The truth is, sales isn't a one-size-fits-all industry, especially not B2B sales. Your industry, your product, your customers, even the day of the week can impact what approach is most effective. 

If you need more, we're here to deliver. 

Instead of using worn-out sales tactics, it's time to dig into the data. Tools like visitor tracking software and contact databases give you the edge you need to reach prospects you didn't even know existed — and turn them into long-term customers by offering actual value and staying connected. 

If you are tired of bland sales advice that doesn't actually help you convert B2B customers, take a look at the detailed sales cadence infographic below. We'll walk you through how to connect with prospects, how often to call, when to use LinkedIn, what tools are most useful, and how to personalize your outreach. 

Don't worry; this isn't a five-step plan that promises to help you convert more customers in 30 minutes. 

It is a complete, 30-step path that guides you through every step and every contact, starting with getting your prospect data in order. Then we move on to doing in-depth research and building better connections with strategies like personalized videos, LinkedIn polls, and phone calls. Ready to crank up your sales pipeline? Here's what you need to know. 

This infographic was written and designed by Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing at Vidyard, Michael Hanson, Founder of GrowthGenie, and the team at Leadfeeder.

sales cadence infographic

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