33 best sales intelligence tools

33 Best Sales Intelligence Tools to Help You Close More Deals

15 April 2021

Sales intelligence tools differ from customer relationship managers in that they give sales teams and sales leadership access to data, such as:

  • Mapping of the buyer’s cycle and corresponding prospect behavior

  • Technology used by potential leads

  • Forecasting and reliability of sales pipeline

This data—which most CRMs don’t (or can’t easily) provide—helps sales teams make key decisions, like when and how to reach out, define messaging, and strategize to close accounts.

Most round-ups of sales intelligence tools out there only seem to list all-in-one sales tools. But, in our experience working with sales teams from more than 33,000 companies, sales intelligence needs differ from team-to-team based on specific needs. That’s why we pulled together 33 of the best sales intelligence tools on the market, and broke them down into six main categories—so you can more easily find the tool your team needs.

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All-in-One Sales Intelligence Tools

These tools can help make every step of the sales process more effective—from lead generation and scoring, to insights for better messaging and outreach.

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

sales intelligence tools 1

Most salespeople have used LinkedIn to prospect or conduct outreach. LinkedIn’s premium version—LinkedIn Sales Navigator—is an all-in-one sales intelligence tool unto itself. It leverages LinkedIn’s huge network and adds advanced search features so you can find the right leads and learn more detailed information about them. Sales Navigator also offers extra InMail credits for outreach and even recommends qualified leads.

2. Clearbit

sales intelligence tools 2

Clearbit offers two key products: Prospector and Enrichment. Together, they combine to help you find accounts to target, get full contact information for outreach, and turn any new lead into a complete and detailed customer profile. Not only will you find more of your ideal target accounts, but you’ll have the insights to get messaging just right, and close more of them.

3. HubSpot Sales Hub

sales intelligence tools 3

HubSpot Sales Hub is designed to help improve and scale your entire sales process. From email templates and automation to automated data entry, HubSpot helps you do more outreach in less time. Interaction and engagement tracking and notifications make it easy to track where prospects are in the buyer’s journey and follow up with the right messaging at the right time. Not sure if you want to use HubSpot? See how HubSpot compares to Leadfeeder.

4. Prospect.io

sales intelligence tools 4

Prospect.io is a full-featured sales intelligence software, but it’s built to fit seamlessly into your existing process. The Google Chrome extension makes quick work of finding email information for potential leads, plus it offers one-click way to launch email campaigns right from the browser. Add in integration with many of your other sales tools, and Prospect.io becomes a robust solution that doesn’t complicate your life.

5. Salesforce Sales Cloud

sales intelligence tools 5

Beginning with features to help you better connect with and sell to leads at scale, the Salesforce Sales Cloud is built to optimize sales performance from planning through to closed sale. With artificial intelligence to help monitor and adjust your sales strategy and forecast performance, Salesforce offers one of the most comprehensive, end-to-end sales intelligence tools.

6. InsideView

sales intelligence tools 6

With solutions for territory planning, account based selling, and sales cycle acceleration, InsideView offers one of the most extensive feature sets—even offering support for social media selling. Their private network mimics LinkedIn’s connections by showing how you and your colleagues are connected with prospects across the web.

Prospecting and Lead Generation Sales Intelligence Tools

These tools are aimed at improving the beginning of your sales cycle, including lead generation, lead scoring, and prospecting. They’re all about helping sales teams identify their ideal accounts, then find more prospects who fit the same bill.

7. Datanyze

sales intelligence tools 7

Datanyze specializes in technographics—which is a fancy way of talking about identifying sales opportunities based on the software and other tech they already use. You can identify new prospects that employ similar tech stacks to your ideal customer profile, lead score existing pipeline based on the technology they use, and even add technographic info into your existing customer relationship solution.

8. Bombora

sales intelligence tools 8

Bombora’s tool is all about shortening the sales cycle by engaging with prospects who are already looking and ready to buy. By identifying businesses that are searching for particular topics, you can start the engagement on second base—making for an easier and quicker close. This sales intelligence tool will even recommend topics and talk tracks based on prospect behavior.

9. UpLead

sales intelligence tools 9

UpLead’s main offering is built on their network of over 30 million global business contacts. Their robust and targeted search options help you start the process with the most targeted lead list. UpLead automatically verifies email information in real-time as you download or export leads—meaning you get cleaner data that finds the right inbox the first time.

10. Crystal

sales intelligence tools 10

While Crystal won’t help you identify new leads, it will help you break the ice and identify the right messaging to score you meetings and new opportunities. The unique sales intelligence tool integrates with other top sales tools to offer insights on the personality of your prospects—even offering specific advice on the right tone and message hierarchy to appeal to each person.

11. DataFox

sales intelligence tools 11

Using a combination of AI and human analysts, DataFox ensures the most accurate lead data. The tool integrates with popular CRM systems and you can automate the integration, so data points are constantly pushed to each new contact. When you design your own lead scoring model, DataFox makes it easy to prioritize accounts, too.

12. HG Focus

sales intelligence tools 12

HG Focus’ offering, HG Focus, is another tool that uses technographic data on the software prospects already use to help you identify new leads and tailor the best pitch and messaging. The Google Chrome extension means you’ll never have to open a separate tool to see that data—whether that’s within your CRM or across any website.

Sales Intelligence Tools for Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing tools are all about tracking how leads move through the buyer’s journey, including helping you figure out which prospects are most likely to ultimately convert.

13. Yesware

sales intelligence tools 13

Yesware is all about tracking that optimizes the lead nurturing process. Their tool gives you more intelligence on how prospects engage with your sales emails. It automatically logs that information in Salesforce and enables you to build personalized trigger campaigns that send at just the right time based on prospect behavior.

14. 6sense

sales intelligence tools 14

6sense is built to help sales teams identify demand and buying intent signals, so they can identify the right accounts and prioritize lead nurturing actions. The tool uses AI to shed light on the entire customer journey, across every channel, and give reps clearer insight into the right time to reach out. Triggers and automated campaigns mean you’ll never miss a beat.

15. DemandFarm

sales intelligence tools 15

For sales teams that have left spray-and-pray prospecting behind, DemandFarm helps with account-level planning and carrying out your sales strategy. The tool works primarily as an add-on to CRM software, offering native apps for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as integrations with other CRMs.

16. Lead411

sales intelligence tools 16

Lead411 combines an extensive (and growing) database of verified phone and email contacts with trigger-based sales intelligence to help you discover leads and identify increased buying intent among your existing prospect list. That means you’ll have better intelligence to craft your pitch and find the exact right time to deploy it.

17. Vainu

sales intelligence tools 17

Designed to help sales reps get to know prospects better and shorten the sales cycle, Vainu is all about targeting the right accounts from the start—then ensuring your nurture process enables you to send the right message at the best time. Follow target accounts, get notifications, and push and pull info to your CRM.

18. LeadIQ

sales intelligence tools 18

LeadIQ is a simple tool that empowers sales reps with the right contact information and context on their prospects. What sets LeadIQ apart from similar tools is that it works as a plug-in, so you can view verified information while you browse LinkedIn or other websites. The CRM integration automatically pulls that info into your CRM and identifies existing prospects across the web.

Sales Data Reporting and Forecasting Tools

These tools help salespeople and sales managers better understand individual and team performance, determine where the sales process can be improved, and forecast upcoming closes.

19. ProsperVue

sales intelligence tools 19

ProsperVue is designed to help forecast and accelerate your sales and lead nurturing cycle. It integrates with Salesforce to give reps easy access to better lead data. Location intelligence helps field reps plan and prioritize meetings. Plus, their intelligent territory management makes it easy to view performance at-a-glance.

20. InsightSquared

sales intelligence tools 20

InsightSquared dubs their software the “operating system for your revenue engine.” Their tool is focused on aligning go-to-market teams, increasing visibility into (and reliability of) the sales pipeline, and its intelligent forecasting of deals.

21. Clari

sales intelligence tools 21

More than a sales intelligence solution and reporting tool, Clari is designed to unify operations and reporting across the entire funnel, from marketing to sales to customer success. Clari uses AI to analyze accounts, deals, and selling activity, and put together a more intelligent sales forecast. It also makes forecast calls better with real-time access to deal activity.

22. Altify

sales intelligence tools 22

A better, shorter sales cycle starts by identifying the activities and processes that work to close target customers. Altify was built to give sales reps and leadership more visibility into the process, what works, and what doesn’t. When you know what works, you can build easily repeatable processes to accelerate closes.

23. Gryphon

sales intelligence tools 23

Gryphon’s sales intelligence tool is all about driving more efficiency and efficacy on the phone. The software tracks phone activity across every device, without making BDRs jump through hoops. That data comes together in a real-time dashboard to show managers call performance versus KPIs and help identify opportunities for coaching and improvement.

B2B Sales Intelligence Tools for Company Information

These sales intelligence tools are designed for B2B salespeople, with a focus on selling to an entire company.

24. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder home page

Pricing: 14-day free trial, paid plans start at $199/month

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Leadfeeder tells you what companies visit your website, even if they never fill out a form or contact you.

Leadfeeder also shows you contact information for employees at the company. This allows you to follow up with visitors who never inquired about your product or time your outreach to potential leads in your sales pipeline.

To try out Leadeeder, all you need to do is install the Leadfeeder Tracker (it takes less than 5 minutes!).

14-day free trial is available with paid plans starting at $139/month.

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25. D&B Hoovers

sales intelligence tools 24

D&B Hoovers is designed to empower B2B sales reps with the right intelligence to engage with and nurture leads in a meaningful way. With the power and extensive database of Dun & Bradstreet behind it, Hoovers offers high quality leads with in-depth company profiles and information. Add in real-time triggers and you have a capable end-to-end B2B sales intelligence tool.

26. ZoomInfo

sales intelligence tools 25

ZoomInfo is primarily a contact database—you can find contact information to aid outreach to leads you’ve already identified. What sets ZoomInfo apart is that the tool boasts “the world’s most comprehensive B2B contact database.” When it comes to breadth and depth of B2B contact coverage, no one beats ZoomInfo.

27. DiscoverOrg

sales intelligence tools 26

One of the most comprehensive intelligence platforms designed for B2B sales, DiscoverOrg improves every step of the sales process from offering higher quality lead data to using that data to better personalize and tailor outreach. The tool even creates better sales and marketing alignment with support for super granular and detailed target account profiles.

28. Artesian

sales intelligence tools 27

Artesian is focused on relationship-building above all—even billing their tool a “customer engagement software.” It offers detailed company info on millions of accounts and aims to give B2B reps the context to actually connect with prospects and engage in a more credible, authentic way. The built-in training features even teaches reps how to look better in front of prospects.

29. Klenty

sales intelligence tools 28

Klenty is one of few sales intelligence and automation tools focused on inside sales teams. As such, the tool skews toward the front end of the buying cycle—with help finding the right prospects and initiating those first touchpoints. The Smart Database with engagement history and CRM integrations make it seamless to hand prospects off when the time comes, too.

30. RelPro

sales intelligence tools 29

RelPro is designed to help B2B salespeople identify more companies that fit their target profile. Whether you’re selling to huge enterprise accounts or SMBs, RelPro has detailed information on decision makers, including titles and contact information. The tool was built to work across your existing workflow, integrating with CRMs, web browsers, and other prospect research tools.

Contact Data and Database Management Sales Intelligence Tools

If you can’t reach a prospect, you can’t sell to them. These tools solve that problem, so you can always find the right contact information for your key decision makers.

31. Voila Norbert

sales intelligence tools 30

Every close starts with having the right contact information, and Voila Norbert claims to be able to find anyone’s email address. All you have to do is enter the contact’s name and company, and Voila Norbert will find and verify the correct email contact information. You can even search emails in bulk to quickly find multiple contacts within a company.

32. Hunter

sales intelligence tools 31

Hunter.io identifies email contact information based on the domain name. Type in a company’s domain and Hunter will give you a full list of every verified email contact at the company. You can then search the list by name or title to find your decision makers.

33. Oceanos

sales intelligence tools 32

Oceanos is a contact discovery and account data tool that prioritizes the needs of ABM and account based sales. They offer data cleansing, account data completion, and contact discovery to ensure you’re reaching every viable potential lead and that you have the most accurate and complete data for each.

Find Better Leads, Close More Deals

Sales intelligence tools can do a lot—from simply identifying email addresses to powering your entire sales process from beginning to end. The right sales intelligence stack really comes down to your unique needs.

When you have the right stack for your team in place, you can spend less time researching and more time selling to and closing qualified leads.

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