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10 Sales Email Templates to Reach Out to Anonymous Website Visitors (Courtesy of the LF Sales Team)

13 May 2021

Want to be a sales superhero? (You can pick your own super-name)

Are you tired of sending hundreds of cold emails only to get one or two bites? Or do you think sending ice-cold emails makes you look a little creepy? I've got good news. 

There's a better way. 

What if those cold leads were a little closer to luke-warm? 

Our lead generation tool, Leadfeeder, gives you x-ray vision by showing you who’s visiting your website — even if they don't fill out a lead gen form, drop an email address to your chatbot, or sign up for a free trial. 🤯

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Because they've visited your website, they aren't completely cold leads— but they aren't all warm and fuzzy yet, either. 

To make sending emails to anonymous website visitors easier, we gathered ten tried-and-true email templates our own sales team uses to turn anonymous Leadfeeder site visitors into paying customers. 

Note: Try a free 14-day trial of Leadfeeder and see how we can help. 

Where in the funnel is an anonymous website visitor?

Where a prospect is in the sales funnel impacts everything about your approach — should you come in hot, play it cool, or aim somewhere in the middle? 

Usually, anonymous website visitors are at the top of the funnel — they've visited your website but haven't connected by signing up for a new trial or downloading a lead magnet. 

However, they are interested — which makes all the difference in how you approach them. 

Come on too strong, and you'll scare them off. Wax poetic about how amazing your tool/service is and you'll bore them to tears. 

Instead, sales emails at this stage should be short, to the point, and provide an actionable next step — sign up for a trial, schedule a demo, or just schedule a call to talk more about your solution. A solid “CTA”, if you will. 

Personalize your email with insights from Leadfeeder

Seeing — and targeting— anonymous website visitors allows you to reach leads that aren't quite as chilly. They haven't connected with your company, but they’re a little interested. 

They've at least heard your name and visited your website. 

Which is where Leadfeeder comes in. 

The beauty of Leadfeeder is in the insights — by seeing what blog posts your leads have read, what pages they’ve visited, and what campaigns they've interacted with, you can better customize cold emails to fit your prospects. 

Adjusting your sales tactics using Leadfeeder can be as simple as tweaking the subject from general lead generation to BDR-focused opportunities (if they hit on several business development-related blogs, for example.) 

Or, it can mean taking the time to look them up on LinkedIn so you can add relevant details to your email. Sure, it's still a cold email--but they know your name, so you have a foot in the door. 

Here's the deal — we don't tell you exactly which person visited your website (because that would be weird…), but we can tell you when someone from a company visited your site, what blog posts they read, even if they visited your pricing page. 

And that information makes all the difference when it comes to reaching out via email. 

10 Sales email templates for anonymous website visitors + examples

What do you say when you reach out to an anonymous site visitor? First, let's start with what you don't say. 

Don't get super specific, "I saw you spent three and a half minutes on our most recent blog post and then looked at our pricing page for twenty seconds before leaving. I was wondering what about our pricing bothered you?" 

Let's not make it weird. 

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Instead, use the data from Leadfeeder to gently inform your outreach email. Address what industry they’re in, their position (which is likely available on LinkedIn), or mention how you can help their specific company. 

Then, take one of the templates below and make it your own. These email templates are all tried and true by our own sales team at Leadfeeder, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn't take the time to make them your own. 

Add information about the benefits your tool or product offers, personal details about the lead, and any other information that will help your sales email shine. 

1. Sales email template personalized with LinkedIn details 

One of the best ways to make cold emails less cold is by including personal details. This example includes sections to add personal details from Linkedin — but you can also swap those out with details related to blog posts they wrote, news about the company, or public social media accounts.  

Hi [Name],

I saw on your LinkedIn that [relevant detail from their LinkedIn profile that shows you did research], and I would love to help you target your [industry/department] efforts more strategically.

At [company], we help companies [pain point your company solves]. Based on what I understand about [lead's company], I think you will see an extremely high [benefit — ROI, increase in leads, etc.] 

I'd love to show you [live data, case study, demo, etc] so you can see how it works.

I have time tomorrow at [one time] or [two days from now] at [two times]. 

When works for you?

Thanks in advance,

[Your name]

2. Sales email template that focuses on benefits 

Most leads don't care much about who you are and what you do — they want to know what's in it for them. This template gets straight to the point by focusing on what your company delivers. 

Hi [Name],

I see that you work in [department] for [company] and I'm reaching out regarding [process your tool/product helps with.] 

[Client's title, such as HR, marketing manager, etc.] often use [your company] when they want to:

[benefit 1] [benefit 2] [benefit 3]

[Add value proposition.]

Could we have a short virtual meeting this week and go through how we can help you improve [major pain point]? 

Best regards, 

[Your name]  

3. Sales email template with follow-ups based on lead's response 

In most cases, one cold email isn't going to seal the deal. This sales email template offers an option for the first outreach, along with customizable follow-ups based on the lead's responses so you can keep leads moving through your sales pipeline.

Hey [Name], 

I work with dozens of [industry] companies that struggle to [main pain point]. Do you have the same problem at [company]?

[Company/product name] is designed to [specific value proposition], enabling companies to: 

[value 1] [value 2] [value 3]

If that’s something you’re interested in, let's set up a demo! 

[Your name] 

If they don't respond, but do visit your website, send this email: 

Hi [Name] 

I trust you've had the chance to read my previous email and take a look at our website, so I figured it would be worth checking in again. 

Have you given any thought to using [product] to [pain point]? I'd be happy to walk you through a demo of how it works or answer any questions you might have. 

When would be a good time for a video chat? 

[Your name] 

If they do schedule a demo, don't convert, but visit your website again, send this email: 

Hi [Name], 

Are you still struggling with [pain point]? Based on your feedback during our demo, it sounds like [product] can help you: 

[value 1] [value 2] 

I'd be happy to pick up where we left off and answer any remaining questions you might have. Let me know how I can help! 

[Your name]

4. Sales email template first email for inbound leads that visited your website (like signing up for a free trial) 

There's no beating around the bush here. This template is best for website visitors who have created an account or activated a free trial. They may, however, need a little push to keep them on the path to a paid conversion. You could, of course, use this template as a simple outline and customize it for any type of outreach.

Hi [Name], 

Welcome to [company name]. Well done creating an account, you are already one step closer to [main value point]. Sending you a virtual high-five from [your location]. 

To get the most out of your [trial/account/product name], book a time [include a link to your calendar] and I'll be happy to walk you through the platform and answer any questions. 

In the meantime, check out these resources [link one and two] to learn more about how to [main value offer]. 

Looking forward to hearing from you, and don't hesitate to reach out by email if you have questions! 

[Your name] 

5. Sales email template for luke-warm outreach  

This template is for someone who interacted with your brand in some way (say, attended a webinar or joined a Linkedin Group), but hasn't had direct interaction with the sales team. They aren't ice cold, but they aren't a warm lead yet either. 

Hey [Name],

Thanks for your interest in [company/product] and for [how they interacted — joined a group, attended a webinar, etc.]. 

I wanted to give you some insight into how [lead's company] can benefit from [main value proposition]. Do you have 15 minutes for a brief demo next week, say [day/afternoon or morning]? 

In the meantime, this quick read [link] explains how [product] fuels [what company/tool does]. 

Hope to connect soon, 

[Your name] 

6. Sales email template for a website visitor than visited your pricing page (without being creepy) 

When a company visits your pricing page, there's a good chance they're at least thinking of converting. This template will help you reach out without making it weird. 

Hey [Name], 

[Your name] with [your company] here. Nice to e-meet you! I saw your company was checking out details on our pricing page the other day and would love to help out. 

Are you available for a brief call next week? I am pretty flexible, so let me know what times work for you, or you can book a time here. [Link to your calendar to book] 


[Your name] 

7. Sales email template for a free trial 

Offering a free trial is a great way to draw users in and move them through the sales funnel. This email template focuses on how you can help and offers a free trial. 

Hey [Name] 

Reaching out for a couple of reasons, but mostly because I think I can help you. 

1. I saw [client company] visiting our site (thinking it might have been you or someone else on your [department related to your business — marketing, HR, etc.] team!) 

2. I love learning more about how companies are currently doing [approach your company/tool helps with]. [your company name/product] can help you [description of how the product helps.]

We offer a free trial where we [what free trial does]. If you are curious at all, let me know! I’m happy to help you out or run you through a quick demo of our platform. 

Take care,

[Your name]

8. Sales email template for web-based SaaS tools

If your company delivers web-based solutions, focusing on what you like about their company website is a good way to open the door. Here's a sales email template that starts by complimenting their site and then opens the door to discussing your solution.  

Hey [Name],

I browsed [lead company's] site the other day and noticed your [feature or content from their site you enjoyed.] The structure of the website is [compliment]. I wanted to email you because I think you could benefit from help with [what your tool delivers]. 

I don't know if you are familiar with [your company], but in short, we [value proposition]. 

Would you be interested in scheduling a short virtual meeting next week to discuss how you currently [solution they are already using or how they are handling the problem your tool solves]?  

I can also walk you through some of the best use cases of how to utilize [tool] and how [lead's company] can benefit. 

All the best,

[Your name] 

9. Sales email template that gets to the point fast 

This email template gets to the point, but still offers plenty of opportunities to customize based on what your company delivers. 

Hi [Name], 

My name is [your name] and I work at [company], a company that [major value proposition], so that you can better [pain point you solve]. 

Are you available for a short chat next week where I can show you more in detail? I'd love to set up a short call either [day] or [day].  

Best regards,

[your name] 

10. Sales email template for connecting with a referral 

Sometimes cold leads come from within. Here's a template for reaching out after being referred by a first contact to someone else in the same company. 

Hi [name]

I just had a chat with [name/position], and [she/he/they] told me to contact you.

You’re in a crucial role in [lead's company], and I'm reaching out concerning [what they have influence over, e.g., website development, payroll, etc.]. Our tool [tool name] helps [pain point you solve.] 

Here's how: 

[steps on how your tool works/what it delivers (or a video)]

I'd love to meet for a fifteen-minute remote demo so we can go through [your tool] functionalities and discuss how we can help [company] to better [major pain point]. Feel free to book a time that works for you here [link to calendar]. You can also start our [length] free trial here. 

If you have any questions, I'm happy to help!

Best regards,

[Your name]

Turn your anonymous website visitors into customers with Leadfeeder 

Sending emails is the bane of many salespeople’s existence — but it's also a huge part of the job. Leadfeeder makes it easier by providing you with crucial insight into what companies are already interacting with your brand. 

Once you use Leadfeeder to uncover your anonymous site visitors, you can then: 

  • Keep track of specific visitors, using our “follow” feature, which lets you see what actions prospects take on your site and what campaigns they interact with. 

  • Assign the lead to yourself so you get a notification when they visit your website. 

  • Add the lead to your CRM so you can track all contact with that lead. 

  • Connect on LinkedIn so you can use social selling best practices to keep in touch (Especially useful if they are still at the top of the funnel!)

Ready to give Leadfeeder a try? Sign up today for a free trial and find out what companies are visiting your website fast.

Jesse Parnanen
By Jesse Parnanen

Jesse is the VP of Sales at Leadfeeder. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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