Awesome Sales Outreach Ideas That Result in Meetings and New Customers

Awesome Sales Outreach Ideas That Result in Meetings and New Customers

One of the best sales outreach ideas I heard recently came from a fireside chat between Sam Slevin, Director of Customer Success at Axial, and Cassie Lancellotti-Young, EVP of Customer Success at Sailthru. Ready for it?

The customer success team at Sailthru actually sent a customer a new phone when they found out the customer had a really old phone. This was discovered during a support call when the customer complained about how the product wasn’t rendering correctly on her phone. It turned out she just had an old phone.

Now that I repeat the story, it doesn’t sound as mind blowing anymore, but that’s because it shouldn’t be. It was such a no-brainer move. And as it relates to sales prospecting, the ROI might not justify a $700 phone purchase for all of your hottest leads, but it really depends on the size and stage of the deal.

Ever since hearing this fantastic idea, I’ve been fixated on all the creative ways that salespeople can break through all of the clutter and noise. Especially, since 90% of B2B prospects don’t respond to any cold outreach, we all need to step up our game! In the past few months, I’ve gathered some other ideas from people I’ve met along the way in my sales calls, meetups and conferences.

Awesome Idea No. 1

Braydan Young, Head of Growth at Sendoso, says “as email response rates have gotten worse and worse, sales and marketing are looking for a new ways to connect with their prospects and customers. Sending someone a coffee, gift, or lunch helps you appear more human and not someone who is just trying to sell them another solution. You begin to build a relationship with them.”

There is a gap in the market for making gifting and account based marketing easy and trackable. Sendoso helps you send out these gifts and plugs it into your CRM. Below are some cool examples of Sendoso’s work:

sendoso coffee sendoso swag

sendoso note

Awesome Idea(s) No. 2

Nathan Lippi, Revenue Engineer at PandaDoc, says, “standing out as a salesperson is all about breaking the pattern that people are used to, but 90% of salespeople are doing what everyone else is doing. Emails and phone calls are important and useful. You can break the pattern with these mediums as well, but if that’s all you’re doing, you might struggle to get noticed.”

Nathan provides some supplementary ways to stand out:

Dress differently at conferences. Below is an image I captured of Nathan at the Revenue Summit in San Francisco, when he went around asking people to sign his jacket as part of a contest. Everyone ended up knowing who he was by the end of the conference!

carol luong rev summit

Create real value by connecting people with each other who could benefit from the introduction.

Give out a unique business “card” that will never be thrown away. Jeffrey Gitomer gives people coins with his face and contact information on them.

Jeffrey Gitomer coins

Send a good ‘ol fashioned handwritten note. At Letter Friend, they help people send real handwritten notes with a nice visual metaphor like some wildflower seeds (“grow loyalty”).

Awesome Idea No. 3

Ryan O’Hara, VP of Growth and Marketing at LeadIQ, says “when you do prospecting, you’re not just competing with other sales people for your prospect’s time. You’re competing with the marketing machines out there. Try and beat the machines by being more thoughtful than they can. Beat them by making your work personalized, creative, and entertaining.”

So what does Ryan decide to do? He records himself playing the piano and singing personalized songs for his prospects through the video tool Vidyard GoVideo. This has actually resulted in a 40% conversion from cold outreach into meetings!

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And remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. You can turn sales rejection and failure into an opportunity every time.

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