Send Companies Identified in Leadfeeder to Slack

Now you can send companies identified in Leadfeeder to your company’s Slack. It’s vital for positive lead generation outcomes that our customers take action in real-time for companies identified as visiting their website. This is what makes the Slack integration so useful.

Slack is the communication tool of choice for more than 50,000 teams. With so many teams using Slack daily, it was clear that we needed to make this integration happen, so that customers can see powerful sales insights about companies visiting their website directly in the tools they spend so much time in.

Take action quickly on interesting companies identified

With the new Slack integration, not only can you automatically send interesting companies visiting your website directly to Slack, you can set up a custom Feed that is assigned to a user.

For instance, if you only want companies visiting that have an activity history in your CRM sent to Slack, you can do that. Or, if you are rolling out a mega-marketing campaign and want to see what companies are visiting your landing page, you can send those company details to Slack.

Custom Feeds are an important feature for Leadfeeder customers so we want you to be able to control what company details you see in Slack. In this sense, customers can maximize impact, and take immediate action on an interesting lead or prospect.

Easy management for Leadfeeder Power Users

If you were previously sending company details found in Leadfeeder to team members using email, this integration makes your job a heck-of-a-lot easier. As we know, mails can get overlooked and buried among other incoming emails.

Now with the Slack Integration, you can send company details to a Slack channel and communicate with team members about the company visiting and coordinate other activities for follow-up and lead generation efforts. This is especially important if your sales and marketing teams are communicating within Slack daily.

Hello sales and marketing alignment, opportunity is knocking!

To recap, Slack is our latest Integration and it’s for customers that are all about team communication, collaboration and taking action on HOT companies identified as visiting your website via Leadfeeder.

Join us for a webinar on April 18th, and learn how you can use Slack and Leadfeeder together to find more sales leads from website traffic, and push these leads to Slack! Click here to register.

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