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The Ultimate Albacross Alternative for 2022

07 October 2021

Tired of wasting time cold calling and cold emailing? Finding better leads is one of the biggest challenges sales and marketing teams face. 

Been there, done that. 

This is why a lot of businesses turn to lead generation and website visitor software tools like Albacross. But which one is right for your business? 🤔

Comparing all the lead gen tools on the market is enough to make your head spin. To make your life easier, we're breaking down the differences between Albacross and Leadfeeder in one easy-to-use guide. 

No fluff, no spin, just straightforward info so you can make the right decision for your business. (And a few memes, because they make everything better.) 

Note: Looking for an Albacross alternative? Try Leadfeeder free for 14 days. 

What is Albacross? 

Albacross is a "revenue acceleration platform" that collects website user intent data to help businesses identify higher-quality leads. Their tool tracks website visitors offers advanced filters and tagging tools, generates automated email reports, and can help power ABM campaigns.

Albacross sortware screenshot

Like most website tracking tools, Albacross offers on-site activity tracking and provides detailed information about the companies that visit your site. However, there are a few places where they fall short. 

For starters, their data isn't refreshed all that often, which means you could get outdated contact information for leads. (Or no data at all.) They also focus mostly on the European market, so if most of your traffic comes from the US, you might not see those leads, or the contact information could be inaccurate. 

Bummer. 😕

What is Leadfeeder? 

Leadfeeder is a B2B website visitor tracking platform that shows you which companies visit your website and what they do when they get there — even if they don't fill out a form or log in. That information is then paired with IP data and a contact database to provide sales and marketing with a list of qualified leads. 

Our feed and filter tools allow businesses to sort leads, assign them to specific people, and even follow leads as they move through your funnel. 

Leadfeeder feed view

So, Leadfeeder and Albacross are pretty similar. But how do they stack up when it comes to features, integrations, pricing, ratings, and customer service? 

Let's take a look. 

Albacross features vs Leadfeeder features 

How do Leadfeeder and Albacross compare on the features front? Here's a quick rundown of the features for each platform. 

Leadfeeder vs Albacross comparison chart Leadfeeder vs Albacross comparison chart

Features winner: Leadfeeder 😁

As you can see from the chart, Albacross and Leadfeeder both offer similar features. However, there are a few areas where Leadfeeder stands out: the data is updated more often, there are more feeds and filters, and we offer video tracking. 

Albacross integrations vs Leadfeeder integrations 

Leadfeeder integrates with many of the web apps you use every day, including:

  • Pipedrive

  • Salesforce3

  • Zoho CRM

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • HubSpot CRM

  • WebCRM 

  • Slack

  • Mailchimp

  • Active Campaign 

  • Linkedin

  • Zapier

  • Google Data Studio

  • Google Analytics 

Albacross also integrates with most web apps, including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Pardot, Google Sheets, Zapier, and Webhooks. 

However, Albacross does not integrate directly with Google Analytics; you'll need a third-party tool to connect the two. 

There's one other area where Leadfeeder stands out: we offer two-way CRM integrations, which means we talk to your CRM, and your CRM talks to us. Allowing data to flow both ways lets you do more with your data. 

Integration winner: Leadfeeder 🎉

Both Leadfeeder and Albacross integrate with several CRMs, email marketing tools, and communication apps. Both integrate with Zapier for automation. 

However, Leadfeeder integrates directly with Google Analytics, while Albacross does not. Leadfeeder also offers two-way CRM integrations, which Albacross does not. 

Albacross pricing vs Leadfeeder pricing and plans 

It might not be all about the cash, but pricing definitely matters. So who comes out on top? Here's what you get at different price plans for both Leadfeeder and Albacross. 

Albacross pricing: 

Pricing changes sometimes, so I’m not going to note Albacross’s pricing here. However, when comparing the two, Leadfeeder is the better deal.

Note: Albacross appears to have a freemium version, but we can't find much info on it. Also, they require a credit card just to try their platform.

Leadfeeder pricing: 

  • Freemium: An always free version with limited features and the last 7 days of data

  • 100 leads: $139 per month (annually)

  • 3,000 leads: $447 per month (annually)

  • 5,000+ leads: $599 per month (annually) 

Pricing winner: Leadfeeder 💸

Leadfeeder offers a limited, always-free version and lower pricing for higher-tiered plans.

Albacross customer support vs Leadfeeder customer support 

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. How do Albacross and Leadfeeder provide support? 

According to their site, Albacross provides support via: 

  • Email 

  • FAQs and forum 

  • Phone, live 24/7  

  • Live Chat

  • CSM (only for enterprise) 

Leadfeeder provides support via: 

Currently, Leadfeeder does not offer live support by phone, while Albacross does. However, each Leadfeeder customer is assigned a customer support manager to help each step of the way and jump on a call with current customers when necessary. 

Customer support winner: Tie 👔

Albacross offers 24/7 phone support, while Leadfeeder does not. Both offer FAQ, knowledge base, live chat, and email support. However, each Leadfeeder customer gets their own CSM, Albacross only offers CSM to Enterprise customers. 

Albacross vs Leadfeeder: What are the differences? 

Choosing the right website visitor tracking software doesn't have to be a hassle. Our platform is easy to set up (it takes just a few minutes!), and we'll even let you try it free for 14 days, no questions asked. 

With Leadfeeder, you'll also get: 

  • High-quality data from a team of data scientists — our data is updated every five minutes! 

  • Freemium version that is always free and a 14-day trial of our full version (no credit card required) 

  • Excellent support, with a dedicated customer support manager (CSM)

  • The ability to filter out known ISPs from a lead list so you can get rid of competitors, currency customers, etc. (Alabcross doesn't offer this feature.)

  • Traffic filer feature to remove irrelevant countries so you don't have to pay for leads in markets you don't sell to (another feature Albacross doesn't offer.) 

  • Comprehensive knowledge base to help you make the most out of our tool 

Note: Sign up for a free 14-day trial of Leadfeeder and start finding better leads. 

Jessie Taylor
By Jessie Taylor

Jessie is the content marketing manager at Leadfeeder. If you want to talk content, copywriting, organic social media, or sustainability, hit her up on LinkedIn.

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