Leadfeeder, the Hubspot Alternative

Leadfeeder is a Hubspot Sales alternative that identifies anonymous website visitors. Simply install the Leadfeeder Tracker and get started.

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HubSpot sales tools vs Leadfeeder

Unlike HubSpot for Sales, Leadfeeder is built entirely to help sales and marketing teams identify their most interesting prospects from website traffic.

Leadfeeder vs. Hubspot Leadfeeder logo Hubspot
Google Analytics integration
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Contact Identification
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LinkedIn Contacts
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Automatically filter out ISPs from lead lists
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Free plan for visitor identification
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Do they give you employee contact information?

In addition to identifying anonymous website visitors, we’ll provide you with contact information for your target personas so that you can reach out and make a warm sales connection.

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Do they integrate with your favorite CRM?

Send visit and activity details of companies visiting your website directly to Salesforce and Pipedrive. Enable sales to work within the tool they are already accustomed to.

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Is sales intelligence at the core of their platform?

Leadfeeder was built to make B2B sales more intelligent. Sales and marketing teams are using Leadfeeder to improve connect rates, and fuel sales growth.

Steve Jackson

By using Leadfeeder for online lead generation we’ve increased the amount of qualified sales leads by 34%. We send website leads directly to our Pipedrive using Leadfeeder’s Pipedrive integration.

Steve Jackson

CEO, Quru
Samu Hällfors

We thought we were on the right track using Google Analytics to generate online leads, but it wasn’t cutting it. With Leadfeeder we gather accurate website visitor info and pass onto relevant sellers.

Samu Hällfors

VP, Framery

Leadfeeder knows the companies visiting your website

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