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How is the price calculated?

Your price tier is based on how many companies we identify monthly. If the same company visits your site multiple times they still count as one. We filter out ISPs and low-quality traffic.

How is the price calculated
Pricing tiers

A plan to fit your website traffic

Your price tier is based on how many companies we identify monthly. If the same company visits your site multiple times they still count as one. We automatically filter out ISPs and low-quality traffic, ensuring that only visits originating from companies are included.

Steve Jackson
By using Leadfeeder we’ve increased the amount of qualified sales leads by 34%
Steve Jackson CEO Quru
Monthly Annual save 40%
up to 50 $ 99
51 - 100 $ 119
101 - 200 $ 143
201 - 400 $ 215
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25 free credits
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Marketing integrations
assess marketing channel performance
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Monitor target accounts
track activity per target account list
Website form tracking
identify leads based on form-fills
Video & download tracking
comprehensive engagement metrics
User management
manage access & user permissions

Frequently asked questions

What happens after the end of my 14-day free trial?

At the end of your trial Leadfeeder will be automatically downgraded to the Free version, and you won’t be charged anything. But if you have purchased a Paid subscription during your trial period you will automatically continue with it at the end of your free trial.

Can I track all my websites with one login ID?

You can have a free Leadfeeder trial for as many websites as you wish – provided those websites have not had a free trial in the past. With Leadfeeder you have one login ID and with that one login ID you can monitor as many websites as you like. Websites are kept separate in Leadfeeder and in the interface you just hop between them. Subscriptions are priced per website.

Can we identify remote workers?

Leadfeeder can identify the companies visiting your website, even if the employees work remotely. Our IP database receives a constant stream of updates from multiple data sources to stay up to date when ownership of IP addresses changes. This allows us to identify the company and the geographic location of the companies visitors, even if the employees work remotely.

Is Leadfeeder compliant with GDPR/CCA requirements?

Yes. Leadfeeder is fully compliant with all GDPR requirements and we recommend that you state your use of Leadfeeder in the same places you state your use of Google Analytics and similar products. GDPR has made email list opt-ins more difficult but Leadfeeder is a great way to identify who is on your site.

What customers say about Leadfeeder?

Jennifer McKeon

Leadfeeder has helped us identify the companies that have been visiting our site. That, along with the possibility to filter those companies based on their intent is incredibly powerful.

Jennifer McKeon
Sr Business Development Director, JMJ

Melissa Perry

Leadfeeder is a great product to give you 360 insights on your traffic, ideal for lead generation, audience profiling and sales integration. Oh, and the client servicing is better than any saas company I’ve come across.

Rene Kaliniewicz
Digital Marketing Leader, BGF

Melissa Perry

We've been able to enrich over 700 companies in Hubspot with Leadfeeder data, many of which were already in our database but we didn't know that they were coming to our site.

Melissa Perry
Senior Marketing Manager, Cooleaf

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