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Christina Hall

Christina Hall

Marketing @ Leadfeeder


See how Leadfeeder can drive business growth. Here is what we’ll cover:

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Why account based sales & marketing is so important

Why waste time casting a net when you can throw a spear? The days of old school “boiler room” sales tactics are long gone. Get the insights you need to find your most ideal customers.


Arm yourself with the best sales prospecting tactics

Sales prospecting has certainly changed over the years. We’ll chat about what’s working and what’s not… and maybe throw in an interview with interesting sales folks that have been battle hardened, every now and again!


How to fuel your marketing campaign with account based insights

Move the needle in sales & marketing. Get insights into the performance of your marketing campaigns, effectiveness of sales development efforts, and much more!

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Learn what tools & tricks Leadfeeder uses to drive sales leads and customer success

Sales intelligence is on the rise and there’s no stopping it. We'll talk about how we do things at Leadfeeder to drive top-line sales growth.

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Come learn how Leadfeeder can fuel sales growth.

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