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27 May 2021

Gridoc founder Ravel Lindeman is used to getting the most out of limited resources. He started Gridoc as an Indiehacker — a term popularised by the website Indiehackers.com and that refers to a new breed of one-person companies that build and scale software companies.

In practice, this usually means doing everything yourself, including sales & marketing until you scale or gain revenue to hire reinforcements.

What does Ravel Lindeman have to say?

“Initially it was just a side project with a handful of users. This was a passion project for me in the beginning, however, as I grew my customer base I started to understand what features mattered most to different users and understand where to focus my efforts”.

While the company has since grown, in the early days, a large part of deciding where to focus his time was driven by revenue. Relatively early on, Ravel was amazed to see large corporate customers sign up and use the tool to merge and batch their excel sheets.

“I started seeing email addresses from large enterprises sign up and use Gridoc - combining excel sheets with 1000’s of rows of data from different sources as part of a CRM migration effort. Often this would require CSV extracts from different systems to be combined and migrated into a new CRM. Gridoc became the trusted partner.”

Ravel Lindeman + Leadfeeder

Ravel installed Leadfeeder to help him identify companies that visit their website, like other corporate companies, that were not converting so he could follow up directly.

Note: Try Leadfeeder free for 14-days.

This was a bit of a light bulb moment for Ravel:

“I realized there was a real need and opportunity from larger enterprise customers and was able to see which companies were visiting my website, what pages they were on, and clear buyer intent when they went on to the pricing page!”

This was confirmed by Leadfeeder which regularly showed him over 1000 companies visiting his site and allowed him to segment based on the largest companies such as Oracle.com, amongst others.

Leadfeeder all leads view

At this stage, Ravel found himself in a challenging position. He needed to build enterprise features with the difficulty of then finding the time to accurately prospect and manage sales. What a double-edged sword, right?

Even with additional sales resources, Ravel and his 2 person sales team were spending (on average) 6-10 hours each just on prospecting to website visitors; meaning manually identifying the ideal buyers at a company (based on their job title), then messaging them on Linkedin or email.

For any sales rep who wears multiple hats, finding time for manual prospecting, amongst all the other demos, information requests, and reporting needs of the business, it's inevitable that some leads fall between the cracks.

For Ravel himself, there were repercussions. He was getting diverted from the core product, specifically, the enterprise features his customers wanted and were critical for growth. He needed a way to automate this initial sales outreach to corporate customers to efficiently qualify interested prospects and spend more time on valuable sales calls or focusing on building out features.

Leadfeeder's Salesloop integration

That’s when Ravel found the Salesloop integration.

Salesloop is a Linkedin outreach tool that takes the company name provided by Leadfeeder and executes a search on Linkedin to find the ideal customer target (by job title). The best part? Salesloop automates a message to them.

All Ravel had to do was add in his Leadfeeder API key, then specify the job title of his go-to person. Salesloop would take new company names daily from Leadfeeder, find the ideal customer target on Linkedin, and send them an automated Connection Request. Brilliant.

Salesloop and Leadfeeder integration

“The “How To” articles and video were easy to follow and it was actually simple to set up! All I did was add in my Leadfeeder API key and input my ideal job title and Connection message. Salesloop does the rest on auto-pilot!”

While “the rest” was effortless for Ravel, the impact was significant. He went from spending 6+ hours per week on prospecting to website visitors, to less than 1 hour per week. Most of the remaining hour was spent responding to actual interest and booking demo meetings.

The beauty of this approach is that Ravel is building on the intent data that Leadfeeder provides. He's also automatically qualifying that the buyer he wants to sell to is the person who’s interested and visiting www.gridoc.com.

The results stand out for themselves. With 612 Linkedin messages sent in the first month, Ravel connected with 284 target buyers (46% connection rate!) resulting in 62 responses and requests for more information. At the end of the month (and with an average of less than 1 hour prospecting each week), Ravel had 7 sales demo’s booked via his automated Salesloop campaign.

Gridoc outreach campaign

As he continues to grow his business, he sees Leadfeeder & Salesloop as a valuable combination for him, one that has helped him unveil new customer segments. 

For example, Ravel explains:

“I started seeing lots of University domains pop up and when they signed up, it was regularly Admissions Officers, using Gridoc to combine excel sheets of new student data. This opened up a whole new target audience for us”.

Ravel is now deploying a strategy to scale new market segments as he finds them, creating landing pages for each segment he identifies, that sync to Custom Feeds in Leadfeeder to segment them correctly, before integrating these Custom Feeds to Salesloop to create relevant, customized outreach to his ideal buyers in those segments.

Prospect with Leadfeeder


By using this approach, Gridoc can continually test new segments almost effortlessly, investing his time only when the combination of Leadfeeder (intent) & Salesloop (qualification) delivers him engaged prospect responses (qualified intent).

Note: Want to try Leadfeeder for yourself? Sign up for our free 14-day trial.

John Fennessy
By John Fennessy

Growth Lead at Salesloop.io & lover of automation. Helping sales reps minimize the manual work of prospecting while maximizing the relevance of their sales messages, through smart, data-driven sales automation. Sign up and get 25% with code: LF2021.

Twitter: @finesse_ay

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