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Leadfeeder Launches A New Feature in Pipedrive: Web Visitors

22 September 2020

We’re excited to announce our brand-new native feature within Pipedrive called Web Visitors. Web visitors take some of the features available within Leadfeeder, offering a powerful add-on to Pipedrive's lead management product set.

In this article, we’ll highlight what this means to our users and why we’re so excited about it. 

About the Web Visitors feature in Pipedrive

We’re going to be real with you — diving into your website's traffic to understand visitors’ behavior requires time, patience, and experience with the tools. And, trying to find your ideal customer to target is exhausting. Not all users who visit your website turn into customers. 

That’s completely normal. We have all been there, including me. 

To help, we combined forces with Pipedrive to help change your outreach game. 

We spoke to Pipedrive’s CTO, Sergei Anikin, to discover a number of studies that have shown that prospecting and finding good quality leads is the biggest pain point that sales professionals struggle with every day. “Web Visitors is a powerful lead generation tool born from more than a year of collaboration between top engineers in two companies. This advanced feature provides sales teams with valuable information, allowing them to approach prospects with targeted messages at the time when the lead is the hottest,” said Anikin. 

The new feature analyzes website traffic to pinpoint the best potential customers to target during the first stages of your lead funnel. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to.

Our CEO, Pekka Koskinen, shares, “having worked with Pipedrive as an integration partner for many years, we are proud to be a native feature within their lead management toolset. Web Visitors comes after close to ten years of development of the Leadfeeder product, offering users an easy-to-use way of identifying, qualifying, and connecting with the companies visiting their website. Our number one priority has always been to equip sales with intelligence that is easily visualized in the tools they use daily. Having a platform that meets the traditional CRM plus lead generation needs means that there will be no time lost in implementing new tech or making changes to existing sales processes. This is truly game-changing. This partnership enables sales teams to increase their effectiveness, with no time spared.”

Pipedrive users can now identify the companies who are most engaged with your website, and as a result, more likely to turn into customers, without ever leaving the Pipedrive platform. 

How to set up Web Visitors in Pipedrive

To set it up, simply implement the Leadfeeder Tracker script into the header of your website. It takes about 2 minutes — easy peasy. 

Once implemented, companies and their behavior appear within Pipedrive’s Web Visitors. 

For the last 60 days, Web Visitors was tested by 12,000 existing Pipedrive users and is now available to all Pipedrive users.

As you can see - Web Visitors is pretty simple. Almost everything you need to do in order to crush your sales goals and improve outreach by using real buyer intent data.

Are you ready for better results?

Well - you can find it with Web Visitors directly inside Pipedrive.

We’re waiting for you on the other side. ;)

To find out more, check out our press release.

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t’s time to turn your website traffic data into something more meaningful. Website visitor analytics enable you to identify and qualify the companies visiting your website, even when they don’t fill out a form.

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