3 Overlooked B2B Content Strategies That Can Help Generate Leads

Content is vital to any B2B lead generation strategy. But, the reality is that many B2B marketers are overlooking the importance of creating a diverse content strategy to supercharge their lead generation efforts.

After all, while 90 percent of B2B marketers are using content marketing to generate leads, just 29 percent say that their strategy is very effective.

Those with effective sales and marketing strategies also leverage a diverse set of content tactics. While the average content marketing strategy includes about eight different tactics, the most common tactics depend on new pieces of written content.


Too often, non-written content tactics like video and audio—via podcasts—are seen as vanity tactics that would be nice to have, but aren’t necessary.

Well, we’re here to tell you that these tactics aren’t just nice to have—they are absolutely necessary to creating a successful lead generation strategy through content marketing.

1. Attract Leads with a Diverse Video Strategy

Think about your common B2B video. You’re probably thinking about either a product or service video with someone standing in front of a wall or whiteboard explaining the service, or a customer testimonial where the customer is sitting at a desk.

Oh, and don’t forget the cheesy, stock music playing in the background.

We know that video is effective in generating leads for your business. According to Vidyard, 74 percent of B2B marketers say that video converts better than any other form of content, so much so that 37 percent of sales teams are now using video throughout the sales cycle.

The key is to create a diverse set of videos that focus on adding value to or delighting your target audience—rather than just churning out videos for testimonials or products.

As an example, watch this product video from Dissolve, a company that provides stock photos and videos. It is a clever example of showcasing exactly what the firm does, while also providing an entertaining video that people want to watch. The entire concept for the video is based on a short poem, and is one of the most creative product videos we’ve.

Just like your approach to blogging, think about your target audience and create videos that add value. If you’re making product focused videos like Dissolve, look for creative ways to make it delightful. Think outside of the box with your video strategy and watch the leads flow in as a result.

2. Find New Leads with B2B Podcasting

B2B buyers love podcasts. In fact, 44 percent of senior-level decision-makers on LinkedIn (i.e. department heads, VPs, owners, and c-suite executives) say that they make the time to listen to podcasts, especially when comparing products or services.

Best in class B2B content marketing strategies use podcasting as a way to generate new leads. With just 17 percent of B2B marketers using this tactic, now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor.

The real opportunity in B2B podcasting is a term called Guest Prospecting. Popularized by the B2B Growth podcast, the idea is to generate leads by inviting high-value prospects to be guests on your podcast. This engagement is non-salesy, and generates extremely warm sales leads.

Like content and video, you can use podcasts to accomplish a number of goals:

  • Improve brand awareness & engagement
  • Connect with key prospects via interviews
  • Build a contact list for email nurturing

Podcasts even act as additional blog content if you choose to transcribe the audio and publish that for reading. Let’s explore this further in the next section.

3. Repurpose Old Content

Too often with written content, time is spent on creating ‘net-new’ pieces. While these are effective pieces of content, it takes a long time to plan, write, launch, and review for performance.

If you’re trying to create some quick wins, look at repurposing content that has generated leads in the past. For example, your eBooks and whitepapers.

Sort through your content assets and choose pieces that are were effective but have since stopped pulling in new leads. You can tackle content repurposing in a few steps:

  1. Task an SEO specialist with cutting up a white paper into multiple new blogs that will be posted on your website. For example, a white paper with 5 large sections can quickly become five different blogs that begin pulling in new traffic.

  2. Once the content is divided up, task a copywriter with combing through each new blog, and quickly updating information where needed to ensure readability.

  3. Add new CTAs and link to current offers or campaigns. Even just linking back to the original white paper can bring in new leads to the original source.

With repurposed content, you also extend the life of content efforts you’ve made in the past.


The key to a successful B2B content marketing strategy is a diverse array of content. After all, if you stick to just one form of content, you’re limiting your effective reach and the number of leads you can acquire.

That’s the beauty of present-day content creation—you’re able to tap into multiple audiences and find leads that you otherwise would have missed.

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Zamir Javer is the CEO of Jumpfactor, A Lead Generating Agency for B2B Tech and Service Firms. Jumpfactor helps you drive increased sales and grow 5X faster through more leads at higher ROI.

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