Top ABM Solutions for SaaS Companies

Top ABM Solutions for SaaS Companies

09 March 2023

If you’re a B2B SaaS company, or even if you’re not, you likely use account-based marketing (ABM) as part of your marketing strategy.

It’s what all of the cool B2B marketing teams are doing. 😄

But with so many ABM platforms on the market, how can you find the right one for your individual needs? Sorting through a mountain of ABM software companies can seem like an impossible task. That's why we've put together this handy guide to help you find the right ABM solution for your SaaS company. 

How can Leadfeeder assist in your ABM efforts?

Leadfeeder isn’t just for sales teams. We don’t necessarily advertise our platform as an ABM platform, but we can offer up a hell of an assist. Think Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. The Leadfeeder platform has features and customer data that make working with an ABM platform a breeze.

With Leadfeeder, you can: 

  • Create target account lists

  • See what they're interested in

  • Push customer info to your CRM or marketing automation tool to target them via email

  • Target with ads

Best account-based marketing software

Here’s a compilation of the most notable ABM platforms on the market right now. Of course, some are better than others, but if you include any of these solutions in your account-based marketing strategy, you’ll be set up for success.

Let’s talk ABM tools.

1. HubSpot ABM software

Hubspot ABM software

HubSpot has built a glistening reputation for itself in the world of SEO. Its ABM software system does not disappoint. With this system, you'll gain access to a comprehensive range of features. Its intuitive and mobile-friendly interface makes it a good choice if you're always on the go.

HubSpot provides customized workflow templates to help you identify your ideal customer profile (ICP). You can also take advantage of AI-powered account recommendations to help you build out your prospect list. Collaborative tools let your marketing and sales team talk to each other.

You'll get access to detailed metrics and third-party integrations. One common complaint about HubSpot ABM is its workflow templates' lack of customization features.   

2. Terminus

Terminus ABM software

Terminus offers a broad set of services. You'll get your own onboarding team to help you get set up in 30 days or less. It also offers access to an in-house creative team and a data services team. Users praise Terminus for its intuitive interface system and stellar customer service.

However, many customers report inconsistent updates on their metric tracking dashboards. That may pose a problem for numbers-driven teams. On the upside, Terminus has a range of fun integration options like gifs and rotating banner ads.  

3. RollWorks

RollWorks ABM software

RollWorks wins points for providing a simple and intuitive ABM software solution. With RollWorks, you'll gain access to AI-powered tools to help with key functions like lead generation. Its collaborative interface makes interactions between sales and marketing a cinch. You can take advantage of tools like retargeting campaigns, digital ad features, email automation, and KPI reporting.

Users praised the platform for its customer segmentation tools and third-party integrations. Other customers had positive things to say about its data integrity. RollWorks doesn't allow you to target individuals. Instead, you'll have to go after entire companies.

4. Triblio

Triblio ABM software

The Triblio website claims that it's the only ABM platform to use proprietary, human-verified data alongside AI scoring to prospect new accounts. It also allows for cross-channel campaigns and social media integrations that let you centralize your marketing data. You can use its automated buyer's journey function to drive conversions.

Triblio users had positive things to say about its Hubspot integration capabilities. It also allows for granular customer targeting and personalized pop-up ad features.

Triblio doesn't offer the most intuitive ABM platform on the market. Some of the most common complaints about the platform had to do with its difficult-to-navigate user interface (UI) system and steep learning curve. Still, if you're willing to put in the time necessary to learn how to operate its extensive array of features, you may find it worthwhile.

5. 6Sense

6Sense ABM software

6Sense powers its ABM platform with a proprietary AI technology system that interacts with every stage of the buyer's journey. This has led to impressive performance metrics, such as a doubling of deal sizes and a 40 percent decrease in opportunity-related costs. You can integrate 6Sense with a variety of third-party platforms, including industry giants like Salesforce.

One of the highlights of the system is its intent data reports for prospective accounts. You'll also gain access to targeted outreach tools. Other tools make it easy for sales and marketing to work together on outreach methods. 6Sense provides detailed analytics and a fantastic customer support staff.

Most of the negative comments relate to its at-times clunky UI. Users report having to sift through irrelevant data and poor navigability. 6Sense could benefit from a more streamlined and personalized system. 

6. Demandbase

Demandbase ABM software

Demandbase offers enterprise-level ABM solutions. It comes equipped with a range of standard features. These include AI-powered lead generation tools and specialized B2B ad tech features. You'll gain access to advanced segmentation features and reliable account identification tools. The latter can help you suss out otherwise anonymous site users.

Customer reviews suggest Demandbase has a solid UI system. Positive reviews also noted a strong set of third-party integrations. You can also segment accounts according to the various stages of the customer journey. Demandbase offers key insights into your prospects which can be especially helpful if you're running paid ads.

Many of the complaints centered around the data reporting features. Some users had a difficult time accessing and analyzing their data. They also mentioned difficulties with data manipulation and setting custom metrics. 

7. LeanData

Leandata ABM software

LeanData has attained a solid reputation with a 30 percent conversion rate boost. The service offers no-code, drag-and-drop integration capabilities. Its smart algorithms have a track record of creating 95 percent lead-to-account matching accuracy. You can take advantage of a number of marketing strategies, and LeanData fosters a range of collaborative functions.

Users enjoy the platform's seamless integrations and helpful customer support. Other positives include the ability to quickly and accurately audit errors. Other users noted that the analytics features provided a range of useful advice. LeanData also makes it easy to set up and maintain lead workflows.

One of its newer features, Bookit, still has some kinks to be straightened out. These include an inability to change the scheduling page and a lack of dedicated permissions, which makes some aspects of managing the software unwieldy. Other users have noted that the service's complexity can lead to needless time wasting.

8. Bound

Bound ABM software

Bound excels in its range of customizable features. Their easy-to-manage onboarding process allows for basic personalization features. At the same time, you'll gain access to a team of experts who will walk you through a full range of managed services. You'll receive training and strategy guidance that will help you make the most of the platform.

You can integrate with a range of third-party vendors and apps. Because it's an open-source software system, you have quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to managing your experience. Users of the service note the large community of Bound customers as a selling point. If you come across a problem, finding an answer shouldn't take long.

Some of the negatives as reported by Bound users included a lack of useful metrics. Some users claimed the site did little to uncover "hot" leads. Also, the platform doesn't offer intra-departmental segmentation. That means you won't be able to target individuals with particular roles or titles. The service also doesn't provide comprehensive insights into its data.

9. Zymplify

Zymplify ABM software

Zymplify promotes itself as a revenue operations platform. What does this mean? Zymplify goes beyond building cross-departmental collaboration between marketing and sales teams. It's focused on key functions like revenue alignment, operations, and intelligence solutions. This manifests in a metrics-heavy system.

You'll have access to many standard ABM features, such as multi-channel marketing, lead conversion, and intent data. Customer reviews praised the Zymplify support staff for being helpful and knowledgeable. Other reviews noted the platform's versatility and strong UI navigability.

More negative comments centered on lead generation. Rather than focusing on companies, Zymplify is geared toward contacts. That locks it into a niche market with limited applicability for many potential clients.

10. MadisonLogic

Madison Logic ABM software

The MadisonLogic website boasts a range of industry awards. It claims to deliver twice the sales conversion rate and three times the conversion to marketing-qualified accounts compared to traditional marketing methods. Its centerpiece is the Journey Acceleration strategy. This comprehensive ABM strategy promises to speed up the sales cycle through optimizations to core processes.

Customer reviews for this service are generally positive. Users praised the platform for its solid range of integrations and easily available metrics. Complaints centered on the platform's UI and lack of social media integrations. While it boasts a unique LinkedIn integration, MadisonLogic does not currently support Facebook and Instagram.

11. ActiveDemand

ActiveDemand ABM software

ActiveDemand offers a range of marketing features. You can take advantage of cross-team collaborations, customizable email marketing campaigns, simple social media scheduling, and more. ActiveDemand makes it easy to automate your key marketing sequences. You'll also gain access to granular performance metrics and a host of popular third-party integrations.

Users enjoyed the automated email and text messaging setup. Many users praised the platform's data collection and storage features. However, some found the automation builder clunky compared to its competitors. Other complaints centered on poor customer service and the product's steep learning curve.

12. Vainu

Vainu ABM software

Vainu provides its customers access to more than 75 million company profiles, over 300 company attributes, more than 900 industry categories, and 14,000-plus web-based technology integrations. If you'd like to try it before you buy it, Vainu offers a free plan tier. Its ABM software helps you identify and target the most valuable prospects for your business.

Customers praise the platform for its dynamic data collection capabilities. Other positive reviews called out its segmentation and automation tools. More negative user reviews centered on an overabundance of useless data. 

13. DemandScience

DemandScience ABM software

DemandScience helps connect businesses across the globe. This is a breath of fresh air in a field that's saturated with anglophone-centric prospect targeting. You can schedule a free consultation to learn how DemandScience can help your marketing team. However, its ABM offerings are fairly standard.

Customers had largely positive things to say about DemandScience's account management staff. They also praised the company for its results-oriented outlook. However, some users found it to be less expansive in its offerings compared to the competition.

14. AdDaptive Intelligence

AdDaptive ABM software

AdDaptive Intelligence offers a clean UI and a range of custom integrations. Its proprietary technology helps digital marketers access offline data that wouldn't otherwise be readily available through conventional research channels. You can access detailed analytics, data reports, retargeting campaigns, and more. 

At present, AdDaptive Intelligence does not have enough online customer reviews to draw any meaningful conclusions.

What works for us?

Leadfeeder makes ABM easy. Our intuitive system generates account leads from the traffic you're already receiving. We monitor your target accounts in real time. When our data suggests they're most likely to convert, we strike.

Our high-intent account lists are segmented based on key factors like geography, industry, custom properties, and more. We create custom retargeting campaigns to connect with the accounts you've already interacted with over LinkedIn.

Use ABM software systems to drive growth

It’s important to have a solid account-based marketing platform as the base of your ABM strategy. Keeping track of target accounts, decision-makers, ideal customer profiles, messaging, marketing campaigns, and (finally) ABM campaigns is possible with the tools mentioned above.

Ready to get started? Sign up for a 14-day free trial, and discover which companies visiting your website.

Ana Aleksejeva
By Ana Aleksejeva

Ana is the Paid Marketing Manager at Leadfeeder.

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