61 B2B Lead Generation Strategies and Tactics for 2020

61 B2B Lead Generation Tactics and Strategies For 2021

09 August 2021 by

B2B lead generation is easy.” 

Said no one ever, right? 

Even sales reps teeming with elite-level sarcasm wouldn’t dare to utter such a statement. 

Because if you’ve ever tried to increase B2B sales by generating more leads, you know it’s tough 💆. 

Like swimming without using your hands or feet—aka Navy SEAL “drown-proof” training—tough.

Like being jolted awake after a burrito and Bordeaux-wine filled night and being asked to crack the DaVinci Code, tough. 

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Not only are you navigating a minefield of shrewd buyers, and battling hordes of hungry competitors, you’re also bombarded with a maelstrom of misinformation that includes: 

👉 Conflicting research about the best ways to generate leads.  

👉 Overhyped case studies that worked for XYZ corp—who with thousands of established buyers, would’ve increased sales regardless of the tactic they used.

And it doesn’t help that every expert or authority is adamant that their lead generation tactic or strategy is the “bee’s knees” way to increase B2B sales. The “ugly” truth is: 

You’ll have to tailor your approach to the DNA of your organization, industry, product/service, and buyer. 

Often, this means ignoring self-tooting horns and trialing a new way to generate leads. 

That’s why I’ve listed 61 powerful lead generation strategies and tactics B2B businesses use to increase sales. These include: 

  • Website Optimization

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Paid Advertising

  • Social Media

  • And 5 essential lead generation tools to support you with all the above

But, before we dive into the “meat” of this post, let’s clarify the basics of increasing B2B sales...

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First, what is B2B lead generation? 

b2b lead generation definition

B2B lead generation is short for business-to-business lead generation. Which describes businesses that primarily sell to (*drumroll please*)...other businesses. 

This is parallel to business-to-consumer (B2C) lead generation, where products and services are sold directly to consumers.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And in a typical marketing funnel or sales process, B2B lead generation is that step.

It involves collecting a potential customer’s information—such as name, email, company name, and job title—that will be used to personalize communication and make sales.

b2b lead generation customer information

After this information is collected, these leads are then typically nurtured via marketing automation and passed to sales once they are qualified. 

The end goal of B2B lead generation is to create a consistent pipeline of high-intent prospects that turn into customers.

Increasing B2B sales: The steps inside the lead generation process

If you’re serious about increasing B2B sales, you’ll need a strong lead generation process. This aligns marketing and sales teams and gives reps a proven framework to follow. 

We know that B2B lead generation describes the process used by sales/marketing teams to turn prospects into paying customers. But what do these steps entail? 

b2b lead generation sales pipeline

Step 1: Finding B2B leads 

The first step towards generating B2B leads is finding the contact information of potential buyers. 

This information is often sourced in-house, generated by a third-party “lead gen” company, or bought from a lead database (not advisable for B2B lead generation). 

Step 2: Reaching out to leads

With a list of (hopefully) high-quality leads, reps reach out to leads through cold outreach, social media, or by replying back to inquiries. 

Step 3: Qualifying & prospecting high-quality leads

While interacting with leads, reps measure how likely leads are to buy. 

They’ll do this by gauging the stage leads are at during the buying process. These stages include: 

lead generation buying process

1. Research & awareness: The customer is aware of a solution they need, or problem they face, and they begin to learn more about it. 

This is the stage where they’ll consume content like blogs, whitepapers, and case studies.

2. Consideration: The lead knows the exact service/product that is needed. He/she will now detail their specific needs before researching and “opening up” to vendors. 

3. Decision: Filtering through vendors that best suit their needs, the buyer will have multiple meetings and check-in with other decision-makers to complete a purchase. 

Depending on what stage a lead is at, reps will initiate nurturing campaigns or focus on getting the prospect to book a call or demo. 

Step 4: Closing leads

Success! After multiple meetings with different vendors, the prospect picks you and the deal is done. They’ll now be transferred to customer success for onboarding

But what’s the best way to get B2B leads? 

Most reps and marketers search for the silver bullet that’ll increase B2B leads. Unfortunately, such a thing doesn’t exist. 

Even the experts can’t agree on what the best B2B lead generation strategy, tactic or channel is... 

Hubspot created the chart below to shed light on where leads come from. At first glance, it’s what you’d expect. 

lead generation lead source

Starting from the left, you have the typical channels and strategies we’re all aware of — direct mail, trade shows, email marketing, etc,.

But to the far right, towering above all other channels, the biggest source of B2B leads is apparently “Other.”


What on earth does “other” mean? 

I mean, if the experts can’t figure it out, who else knows?  

This data might not reveal the exact source of B2B leads, but, it does show that even the industry authorities with tons of data struggle to pinpoint the best way to generate leads.  

To conclude with a powerful quote from our CRO, Jaakko, “The best way to generate more sales is to tailor your B2B strategy around your industry, product, and buyer.”

With that in mind, let’s get to the 61 ways you can generate more B2B leads and increase sales.

61 Ways To Generate Leads: The Best Tactics and Strategies For 2021

Optimize your site to generate B2B leads

Even an outrageously effective lead generation campaign can crash if your website is plagued with poor user experience, slow speed, and mediocre messaging. 

Here’s how to optimize your website so it converts more visitors into high-quality

1. Use Leadfeeder to get B2B leads without email forms

b2b lead generation leadfeeder

Generating a list of leads is one of the early hurdles of any lead generation campaign. 

By showing you which companies visit your website, even if they never fill out a form or contact you, Leadfeeder speeds up the prospecting process. 

Wouter Dieleman, for example, was failing to capture the majority of his website visitors because they didn't share their contact information on a form.

After using Leadfeeder, he was able to see what landing pages a company was looking at on his site. 

This allowed him to find the decision-makers on LinkedIn and add their information to Salesforce so his team could follow them up.

2. Run an A/B test on your key pages 

With thousands of visitors browsing their site for office wallpapers, WallMonkeys were confident they could increase B2B sales by tweaking their homepage. 

Putting their theory to the test, they split tested a new background image and search bar, and boosted conversions by 550 percent

And when WorkZone, a project management software, changed their testimonial bar from black to white, they got 34 percent more sign ups on their submission form. 

B2B lead generation workzone control


b2b lead generation workzone variation


Will changing your landing page image increase conversions?

Will a homepage redesign convert more visitors into leads?

A/B split testing is the only way to find out. 

3. Stop sending B2B leads to broken pages

b2b lead generation screaming frog

404 pages, broken links, and slow loading speed sabotage your site’s ability to generate leads. 

They’ll get you penalized by Google, cost you organic traffic, and even worse, cause visitors to bounce. Fortunately, they’re easy enough to fix. 

Tools like Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, and SEMrush will audit your site for broken links that are costing you leads, and show you how to fix them. 

4. Cater to new B2B buyers on mobile 

b2b lead generation mobile

With a younger generation of buyers entering the workforce, optimizing for mobile is becoming an increasingly important part of an effective B2B lead generation strategy. 

Researching the impact of mobile on B2B sales, BCG found that:

  • 80 percent of B2B buyers are now using mobile at work

  • And more than 60 percent of these buyers report that mobile plays a critical role in their purchases. 

They also found that B2B marketers already optimizing for mobile are experiencing “reduced purchasing time and higher customer loyalty.”

Given that it takes seconds to check your site’s compatibility with mobile devices, there’s no excuse for not being mobile-friendly. 

5. Optimize for long-tail keywords to get more qualified leads

b2b lead generation longtail keyword

A long-tail keyword is one that is three or more words long and is very specific. And yes, it usually gets very low search volume. 

But target the right long-tail keyword, and you trade off search volume for extremely high purchase intent that increases sales with very little SEO effort.  

6. Run campaigns based on competitor keywords

b2b lead generation competitor keywords

If your competitors flock to certain sites for backlinks, or seem to favor optimizing a noticeable group of keywords, that’s a pretty big deal...

It means they’ve found winning keywords that generate leads. 

Using SEO research tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, you can take advantage of this by targeting the same sites and keywords to drive more sales-ready traffic to your site. 

Quick tip: Before you spend time and money optimizing for a particular keyword, run a small paid ads campaign to see if it actually attracts and converts your ideal B2B leads.  

7. Improve your messaging with stronger microcopy

After swapping the word “quote” with the word that their customers were using, “price”, Veeam generated 161.66 percent more clicks to their pricing page. 

b2b lead generation veeam quote


b2b lead generation veeam after

Designed to nudge B2B leads further along the sales funnel, this type of suggestive, short text is called microcopy. 

If you want to increase site-wide conversions without making exhaustive changes, start by adjusting (and testing) the microcopy on your pricing, product, and landing pages. 

8. Observe how B2B buyers browse your site

b2b lead generation hotjar

Some leads land on your site and rush right through your sales funnel

Others move a lot slower. They’ll complete a micro-conversion—like downloading your whitepaper—and, after a long nurturing process, become customers

Regardless of how “warm” your leads are when arriving on your site, they’ll all hit barriers that interrupt the lead generation process.  

Luckily, with heatmaps, scroll maps, and mouse tracking tools you can fix these barriers to dramatically increase B2B sales. 

This is exactly how Leadfeeder generated $11,000 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR). 

9. Generate quick wins from landing page tweaks 

Everybody loves a good low-hanging fruit. 

And when it comes to increasing B2B sales, your landing pages—the most transformative points in the buyer journey— are bountiful trees to pluck fruit from. 

Get quick lead generation wins on your landing page by following these steps:  

  1. Back up your copy with social proof.

  2. Make your call-to-action (CTA) copy more relevant. 

  3. Upgrade your headline to catch the attention of buyers.

10. Use Leadbots to get more B2B leads (without hiring support staff)

b2b lead generation leadbot

Like most companies, RewardStream was working hard to generate more B2B leads. But their efforts didn’t match their results. 

Leads simply weren’t converting into customers. 

To increase sales, they tested out a LeadBot and it accounted for 30 percent of their converted leads in the first 45 days.

Your Leads won’t always find the answers they’re searching for on your site. 

And if they have an urgent question or objection that requires a lengthy email exchange to be answered, you’ve lost them. 

Using a Leadbot, you bypass frustratingly lengthy exchanges and cut straight to decision-making conversations. 

11. Score leads to instantly increase sales

More than 70 percent of leads are not ready to buy. 

To increase B2B sales without wasting time on lower quality leads, score leads that land on your website. 

This lets you focus on the few leads who are prepared to buy versus the many who won’t. 

12. Give B2B leads a frictionless experience

In his article about a $300 million dollar button change, designer Jared Spool explains how removing a login requirement generated  $15 million. So why did his company get such a massive result from one tweak? 


As Spool explains, removing the login requirement reduced friction. This made it easier for visitors to buy. 

Friction is the bumps, barriers, and jarring experiences that visitors encounter on your site.

It’s the broken search button, clunky menu, or image that’s way too small to see. 

Make friction your enemy, and your site becomes more lead-friendly. 

13. Earn your buyers trust with social proof 

Social proof is a powerful tool for B2B lead generation.

Because buyers may doubt claims about your product/service, but they’ll look for social proof to make a smarter purchase decision

The more social proof you can gather on your site, the easier it becomes to build trust and increase sales. 

14. Personalize your website with dynamic web pages 

Personalization is no longer a plus in B2B lead generation. It’s a must. 

To personalize the buying experience on your site, use dynamic pages and content that adapt to your visitor’s:

  • Name

  • Location

  • Industry

  • Company 

This adds an intimate touch to the buyer journey that creates a powerfully personal experience. 

Reach more high-quality leads with content marketing

B2B lead generation is no longer a linear process. 

Purchase decisions are now “interrogated” by multiple decision-makers, and budgets are often scrutinized under an ROI-focused microscope. 

This means you’ll be hard-pressed to find a buyer who doesn’t do his/her homework. 

On average, buyers encounter 13 content pieces —such as information on a vendor’s website, analyst reports, and reviews—before purchasing. 

So it is really surprising that  69 percent of successful B2B marketers have a documented content strategy to increase sales? 

Producing timely content has a huge role to play too. At Digital 22, we spend lots of time researching search terms and popular trends before we plan out email campaigns and put them into practice.We have a client who provides live events and training courses to help public, third and private sector workers with their professional development. After undertaking extensive keyword research and building highly segmented lists in HubSpot, we sent out an email launching a guide about improving writing skills. The launch email alone generated 83 new leads for our client. Since then, we’ve continued promoting the guide using different marketing methods alongside email and the guide has generated 307 new leads for the client in just over six months. Will Troup, Lead Generation Specialist, Digital 22

15. Cast a wider B2B lead generation “net” with guest posts

There’s a reason why Inbound lead generation pros like Hubspot and Neil Patel still use guest posting to increase B2B sales to this day:

It’s an underused (and misunderstood) strategy that works. 

I’ve tried many different inbound marketing strategies, but guest blogging has remained my most treasured tool. QuickSprout wouldn’t have been as successful as it’s become if I’d neglected guest blogging.” — Neil Patel, QuickSprout Founder

Even though it has a controversial past, guest posting is still the number one link building strategy that SEOs recommend.  

b2b lead generation guest posting

As a way to enhance your overall SEO, and present you as an authority to a fresh audience of new B2B leads, guest posting is far from “dead.” 

16. Create hard-hitting lead magnets and incentives

Lead magnets are the bread to your B2B lead generating butter. 

Richard Wood, Managing Director at Six & Flow, describes it as, "A lead magnet is anything that you can offer a prospect that has enough perceived value in exchange for their contact information, like an email address. If you want to create an effective lead magnet, you need to focus on your buyer personas and a specific challenge that they have and that you can address."

But most companies get the whole lead magnet thing wrong. They offer surface-level content that’s already available on a typical blog post. That’s not exactly “magnetic”, is it? 

Don’t make the same mistake. 

So unless you’re confident it’s valuable, scrap the “mini-ebook” and instead offer heavy resources like:

  • In-depth guides.

  • Comprehensive how-tos. 

  • And detailed case studies.

17. “Upsell” on your popular content

Inbound lead generation isn’t a popularity contest. It’s about generating highly qualified leads that turn into more sales. 

So if that viral article you spent countless hours writing (and even more hours optimizing) fails to attract leads? 

It was a waste of time. 

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, offer upgrades on your popular content to convert curious visitors into high-quality leads. 

Brain Dean, for example, is a master of this. 

After writing massive guides, he’ll offer a complimentary content upgrade that’s a PDF or checklist version of the post to get more leads on his email list. 

b2b lead generation brain dean

18. Revive “limp” lead generation with creative content campaigns

b2b lead generation content campaigns

Ad agency Cummins & Partners wanted to sell out their first live conference, but they had a tiny budget, and even less clout. 

Undeterred, they made a (hilariously accurate) YouTube video titled:

The World’s First Crowd-Sourced 3D-Printed QR Code Live Streamed Via GoPro To A Smartphone Or Tablet Device Drone Delivery Ticket System Project.”

And just as intended, the agency’s satirical “memefication” of their industry got coverage from a slew of top marketing blogs and publications. 

The lead generating lesson: If your lead generation feels like it’s going limp, stop. Take a creative leap of faith and create something different to stand out. 

19. Publish original research that brings buyers to you

B2B buyers are serious about their research. 

To skyrocket your inbound lead generation, be the company they get their research from. 

Interview subject experts, survey your buyers, and collaborate on content with industry influencers. 

You’ll improve your credibility, generate hordes of backlinks, and naturally become the go-to source of industry information. 

20. Treat each piece of content like a B2B lead gen campaign

b2b lead generation snack nation

SnackNation’s mega article on “employee wellness” dominates the no.1 spot on Google for a competitive keyword. 

What’s impressive is that the piece was published a few years ago, and continues to drive high-quality B2B leads to this day.

Their (not so well hidden, but hard-to-execute) secret is this

Find your “money” keyword terms that buyers are bound to use, then, create a killer article around it. Most importantly, treat it like a content campaign. This means:

  1. Outdoing competitors by featuring more points. 

  2. Sharing a large number of contributions from other authorities in your industry. 

  3. And using an aggressive outreach strategy to get influencers to share your post.

21. Build a valuable tool that’s free to use

It might be expensive to create, but offering a free tool is worth it. Free tools are great for B2B lead generation because:

  1. They let leads try out and benefit from your product before buying. 

  2. They act as a unique strong opt-in offer that your competitors (probably) don’t offer. 

22. Co-host a webinar

 73 percent of marketers and sales leaders report webinars as a top lead generation tactic.

When marketing agency Impactbnd, co-hosted a webinar with Wipster (a product they frequently use) they generated 900 leads and got 225 attendees. 

Not bad for one event, right? 

Webinars kill multiple birds with a single stone. They not only pre-qualify, but also provide a platform to upsell and interact with leads to generate sales “on-demand.”

23. Cater to a visual B2B audience with YouTube 

If you aren’t using videos in your lead generation campaigns, here are two reasons why you should: 

  1. 90 percent of marketers agree that video is the best way to repurpose B2B content

  2. YouTube is also the second-largest search engine on the web.  

The math is both easy and appealing:

You don’t need blockbuster videos. You can simply turn your existing content into informative videos that generate leads, just like Ahrefs.

b2b lead generation ahrefs

As humans we are all drawn to video because of the connections that video allows us to make with buyers.  And when we can do that we win more business. - Robert Weiss President at MultiVision Digital 

24. Create “The Ebook” in your industry

Creating lead magnets is one thing. Carving out your spot as a subject matter authority is another. 

Pick one main topic in your industry that’s related to your product or service, then write an extensive guide on it and promote it everywhere. 

25. Lure in curious leads with cheat codes 

During their research phase, B2B buyers are aware of, and actively seeking solutions to, a specific bottleneck or potential opportunity. 

This is where—especially on complex topics or problems—swipeable templates and instantly usable checklists can bring them into your sales funnel. 

b2b lead generation cheat codes

Leadfeeder, for example, offers a sales plan template to help sales leaders manage teams and create realistic revenue goals. 

26. Use podcasts to fill your pipeline  

Not only are podcasts rising in popularity, but they also boast audiences with high purchase intent

Does this mean you should start one?

Not necessarily. 

Aside from starting your own, you can B2B generate leads from podcasts by finding shows that your buyers listen to and:

  1. Speaking on them as a guest

  2. Sponsoring them to promote your product/service

27. Generate backlinks from sparkling infographics

From infographics alone, Neil Patel reports that he’s generated 2,512,596 visitors and 41,142 backlinks for the (discontinued) Kissmetrics blog.  

Infographics work because they “spoon-feed” us information that’s easy to understand and shareable. 

And with tools like Canva, you don’t need to hire a designer to create them for you. 

The best way to use infographics is to spare them for heavy-hitting content. This increases your chances of people linking to and citing your content. 

Databox, for example, uses infographics to support its data-driven surveys and research. 

b2b lead generation databox

Not only does this make their content easier to consume, but it also earns them a ton of extra backlinks from other sites who are using their research and graphics (case in point). 

28. Tailor content to the needs of B2B leads 

Deeper, long-form content isn’t always the best way to increase B2B sales. This is something agency owner Zach Balby found out the hard way. 

Zach’s long-form content appealed to other agency owners, like him. 

After he switched his content to “non-technical” tips that were relevant to decision-makers, he saw an instant increase in leads

Don’t mistake long-form content for lead-generating content. Instead, work backward from the solutions your buyers are searching for. 

29. Get extra exposure with HARO

b2b lead generation haro

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) connects journalists to expert interviewees. 

Once you’re signed up and have stated your expertise, you’ll receive regular emails from reporters who are looking to interview people.

If you’re selected, you’ll be featured as a source, and you’ll most likely get a link back to your website from a news site.

This will bolster lead generation in two ways: 

1. It will establish you as a thought leader in your industry. You were published on a credible news site, after all.  

2. It’ll improve SEO. News sites have high domain authority. A few backlinks from them will improve your site’s ability to rank for profitable keywords. 

30. Begin outreach by backtracking content that buyers consume 

Before using Leadfeeder, Alert Ops failed to identify the company profiles visiting their website. 

They were getting traffic. But most visitors were leaving with providing any contact information—making it hard for them to scale their lead generation. 

After using Leadfeeder on their site, however, they identified which companies those warm leads were coming, and what content they viewed. This set the foundation for their LinkedIn outreach campaign, which boosted sales demo rates by 700 percent

Using Leadfeeder, you can do the same. Figure out what content buyers are consuming on your site, then use this material to personalize B2B lead generation and outreach. 

  • Increase B2B sales with an effective email marketing strategy

b2b lead generation email marketing

Every $1 spent on email marketing generates an average return of $42

A strong email marketing strategy is the backbone of B2B lead generation. 

Because unlike other lead generation channels, you control how you interact with leads.

And once subscribed, you’re also better equipped to track how leads respond to different sales content and cadences. 

Done right, a solid email marketing strategy will help you increase B2B leads “at will.” 

Here’s how to apply it to both outbound and inbound lead generation to increase sales: 

31. Actually send B2B cold emails

b2b lead generation cold emails

You’ll often hear that “cold emailing is no longer capable of increasing B2B sales.”

Don’t listen. 

Using cold email: 

Cold emailing does work. 

It just has to be done right. 

See our “nuts and bolts” B2B cold email guide to write cold emails that get read and generate B2B leads. 

32. Pepper opt-in CTAs throughout your content 

Calls-to-actions (CTAs) are critical to getting leads to subscribe to your email list. 

Get them to generate more leads for you by blending them with your content. Starting with content that gets the most traffic, add a

  • Bottom of the post-CTA. 

  • Built-in CTA. (A CTA that appears mid-content) 

  • Or sidebar CTA. 

This will help you turn hard-earned traffic into permanent leads on your email list. 

33. Harness the lead-generating power of videos to increase subscribers 

Pitted against other forms of content, video boasts 66 percent more lead-generating power

To stretch the lead-generating potential of your videos, add opt-in forms to them. 

It doesn’t have to be fancy. For example, check out this “plain” video opt-in form used by a B2B retailer in the restaurant and catering industry: 

b2b lead generation video

Aside from their strong offer (you’re not human if you can say no to free FREE chicken!), it’s a pretty simple form, isn’t it? 

Well, guess what? 

It increased email list growth by 800 percent.

34. Follow up with B2B leads religiously 

Reviewing over 20m+ outbound sales emails, the Woodpecker team found that cold email campaigns with 4-7 follow-ups had a reply rate of 27 percent.

A rate that was 3x higher than those with only 1-3 follow-ups.

If you want to generate more leads from your outbound emails, internalize the follow-up. 

35. Experiment with creative outreach 

Ash Amibirge, a copywriter at The Middle Finger Project, got a 100 percent response rate by mailing physical roofing shingles to her prospects.

Sales rep Jeremy Leveille, rapped a B2B song his emails to get replies from his leads. 

b2b lead generation creative outreach

With your competitors sticking to bog-standard email scripts, a little bit of creativity in your emails will go a long way to generate B2B leads. 

36. Create sparkling subject lines

Fail to convince leads to click on your email, and your chances of closing them drop down to zero. To create compelling subject lines that leads will click: 

  1. Make them short. 

  2. Trigger curiosity.

  3. Personalize whenever possible. 

37. Use power words in your emails for persuasive copy

A single word can have a drastic impact on perception

Choose your words carefully. Once you’ve written your email, inject vigor into your writing with these evocative 801+  power words

38. Give detailed value upfront

After receiving the email below, Kyle Racki not only became a customer, he was also so impressed that he declared it the “best cold email he received.

b2b lead generation customer value

The reason why it blew Racki away is simple:

He received a free video of issues and opportunities to increase sales on his site. 

In short, he received free value upfront. 

Generate more leads from your emails by doing the same for your leads. 

39. Use more emojis and gifs to emotionally engage buyers 

According to Campaign Monitor, businesses using emojis in their emails can see up to a  56 percent increase in their unique open rates. This goes to show: 

With so many companies taking a “tight upper-lipped” tone in their messaging, a dash of humor (via gifs and emojis) can covey authenticity and fun that gets leads to paying attention. 

40. Build your B2B email list organically 

Increasing the effectiveness of B2B lead generation means increasing the quality of your leads.

With purchased lists or contact information, you’re getting a higher number of leads that are of lower quality. Save your time and money, focus on organically building your email list by:

  • Adding CTAs to all your content.

  • Split testing different lead magnets across your website.

  • Creating gated content like whitepapers, reports, and case studies for popular topics.

Fill up your pipeline with a powerful paid advertising strategy

SEO is popular for inbound lead generation because organic traffic is free.

But attracting traffic through SEO demands an upfront investment of time and money; two luxuries you might not have.

This makes paid advertising a smart and aggressive solution to generating new B2B leads. 

To quickly generate leads without waiting for the “Google gods” to work their magic, try these tactics below: 

41. Don’t neglect Facebook for high-quality B2B leads

b2b lead generation facebook

Facebook is one of the most powerful lead generation platforms out there. 

  • It boasts 2.6 billion monthly active users.

  • It is the third most-visited website on the planet

  • And more importantly, more than 70 percent of American adults use it

But for paid ads, most B2B marketers don’t take it seriously. 

This is costing them leads, as the B2B marketers currently advertising on Facebook are generating high-quality leads with relatively lower costs. 

Adam Goyette, for example, turned Facebook into the top-performing paid lead generation channel for his agency and secured leads from companies like IBM and Salesforce. 

42. Target high-value leads on LinkedIn

b2b lead generation linkedin

LinkedIn is the place to be for “big deal,” high-value B2B lead generation. Advertising on the platform: 

While competition is rife and cost-per-click is higher compared to other platforms, the tradeoff is the ability to hyper-target your audience.  

If you’re going to advertise on the platform, make sure you offer: 

  • A premium B2B product or service. Larger lifetime value (LTV) usually allows for the large budget you need to play on LinkedIn

  • Unique, high-level education. LinkedIn members are known for being career and skill-minded. If you’re offering content that will help them, you’re likely to see better returns from your ads. 

43. Eat your competitor’s lunch on Gmail 

There are over a billion users on Gmail. Yet few B2B marketers are using Gmail ads to generate more leads. 

With Gmail ads, you can:

  • Target leads who visit a specific website.

  • Target leads who interact with certain domains.

  • And target your existing leads to amplify and improve remarketing.

Above all, the main advantage is that you’ll show up where your competitors aren’t. 

44. Get free exposure by scratching a non-competitor’s back

Look for local or national businesses that sell complementary services, but aren’t a direct competitor. Then reach out and offer to exchange exposure.

This could be via: 

  • Banner ads. 

  • Email list broadcasts. You promote them to your list, and they promote you to theirs.

  • Content features. You appear as guests on each other's blogs or podcasts. 

Do your homework before you decide to collaborate. Check their traffic stats, audience type, and subscriber numbers to make sure you can actually generate leads by working together.  

45. Reach B2B buyers with well-placed ads on niche sites

Depending on the channel, audience, and time of day, single ad placement on a site like the Wall Street Journal can cost more than a house. 

And for most B2B businesses, getting featured there “organically” is like my dream of winning America’s got talent with my ear-twitching routine...so not gonna happen. 

Luckily, most of the authoritative sites in your industry probably offer the option to buy media ads (like banners,) or pay to get your content in front of buyers. 

Take authority SEO site SearchEngineJournal, for example. if you’re offering SEO services, it’s a promising site for paid ads because of its executive, qualified audience. 

b2b lead generation sej

46. Amplify your lead generation with affiliate marketing

b2b lead generation affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when someone else promotes your products or services in exchange for a commission. You set the commission and terms to be paid out. 

Before you start an affiliate program to generate leads: 

  1. Make sure you have the budget to support an affiliate program. 

  2. Create a strong incentive that’ll motivate affiliates to promote your product or service. 

  3. Ensure that affiliates align with your brand.

  4. Double-check that potential affiliates actually have access to your buyers.

47. Remarket to recapture lost leads

Have you ever visited a website and later got an ad from that same company on Google or YouTube? 

Well, you’ve experienced remarketing firsthand. Here’s how it works:

  1. A visitor lands on your website.

  2. That visitor is then “tagged” by your site with a tracking code. 

  3. When that person browses elsewhere, ads to your site appear because you’ve tagged them.

  4. And, because they’ve already interacted with you, they’re now more likely to revisit your website and buy from you. 

Remarketing is a great way to generate B2B leads because buyers will consider multiple vendors. They’ll hop in and out of your funnel in parallel with your competitors. 

By reaching back out to leads who’ve drifted away, you create multiple “touchpoints” and inspire them to interact with you again.

48. Filter out low-quality leads with negative keywords

Homing in on keywords that generate leads is pivotal to profitable paid advertising. But, if you fail to disqualify searchers who aren’t your ideal buyers, you’ll burn through your budget. 

Using the Search Terms report, trim “fluff” keywords by noting your negative keywords. 

Look out for: 

  1. Irrelevant searches. 

  2. Non-buyers like students, job-seekers, etc.,

  3. Extremely high-cost and broad searches with low click-throughs. 

49. Forum Sponsorships

On Google, you pay to get in front of someone who is researching or looking for a specific service/product. 

Advertising on forums, however, means you have access to qualified leads. This is because most forums are niche. They center around a specific subject and attract passionate members who are eager to learn and teach others.

If you find that the leads you generate from paid search are too broad, experiment with niche forums to access leads with higher purchase intent. 

50. Design Ad specific landing pages 

If your ad offers:

  • A free software trial 

  • A free quote or analysis

  • A specific piece of information

Then your landing page must deliver on that promise. 

This is a simple way to improve your ad relevance, reduce cost-per-click, and convert more visitors into leads conversions. 

51. Advertise on Bing to get paid search leads at a lower cost

While Google is the most popular paid search platform, it’s not the only one. If you’re not advertising on Bing, here are a few reasons why you should start:

  • More control -  Bing offers more control over which search partners send traffic to your site.

  • Granular mobile & device targeting - Unlike Google Ads, you can target users based on the devices they use. For example, you could target a search from android devices only. 

  • A cheaper alternative to Google Ads - Bing has less competition and a cheaper cost per click. 

52. Match PPC landing pages to the buying stage of your leads 

Your PPC campaign is generating a ton of visitors, but they aren’t converting. What gives?

You might be “asking for a kiss on the first date.” 

B2B buying cycles are notoriously long, and if your ad leads to a landing page that doesn’t match where buyers are in their journey, it’ll turn them off. 

This is where dialing back “hard” selling can actually improve lead generation. SecureAuth, for example, doubled their conversion rates after replacing their trial offer with a live demo. 

  • Boost “social selling” with an effective social media strategy

Can social media actually increase B2B sales?

Yes. But generating leads from social media is much more than making a few self-serving 

Tweets a week. Here’s how to make it work for you: 

53. Use Quora to amass an audience of B2B buyers

b2b lead generation quora

Using content to educate buyers and answer burning questions is nothing new. 

But the challenge that most B2B marketers face is:

  1. Getting content in front of buyers.

  2. And finding questions that buyers are asking. 

Quora solves both of these problems. 

You get the exact questions that buyers are searching for, and can give as insightful of a response as you want. 

If it sounds simple, it is. 

This is exactly how Marketer Jenny Weeden used Quora to generate 44 high-quality B2B leads at a cost of $31 per lead. 

54. Connect with buyers through Facebook groups

Facebook Groups are ideal for long-term social selling campaigns. 

They’re best suited to establishing thought leadership and building relationships. 

b2b lead generation facebook groups

The key to driving leads from Facebook groups is to add value first. Answer and ask questions, offer insights, and support members. 

When it’s time to sell, don’t pitch the group. Instead, share a case study or tell a story about how you delivered the result you’re selling. 

55. Use Twitter to personalize account-based lead generation

Let’s face it, most decision-makers aren’t going to proclaim their love of all things Batman on LinkedIn.  

When it comes to finding personal “nuggets” that build a connection with prospects, Twitter is a valuable social research tool. 

Use it to find opportunities to personalize your lead generation. 

Gary Vaynerchuk used this technique to land a $4 million deal in 17 minutes. Ben Plomion, CMO of GumGum, used it to kickstart an impressive account-based marketing campaign that got them a deal with T-mobile

If they can win with Twitter, so can you.

56. Publish experience-driven articles/stories on LinkedIn 

Peep Laja’s post about “advice to his 30-year-old self” has hundreds of comments. 

b2b lead generation peep laja

And after just 6 hours, Asim Qureshi’s short post about his first job has garnered thousands of shares.

b2b lead generation asim qureshi

Notice what both of these posts have in common? 

They speak from experience or tell a story. 

With so many career and skill-focused users, experience-driven posts are extremely well-received on LinkedIn. 

Don’t hesitate to share aspects of your company's journey or learning experiences that’ll motivate or educate potential leads. 

57. Experiment with alternative social media platforms 

Directing their lead generation towards platforms where B2B leads are tougher to find, Robin took a risk that had a high reward. 

Instead of doubling down on conventional channels like LinkedIn or Twitter, they posted user-generated content on Instagram and Pinterest.

To Robin’s surprise, it paid off. The company’s web traffic increased by 50 percent and brought 20 percent more leads to their door. 

As Robin’s story shows, even if you’re B2B, that doesn’t you can generate sales from B2C social channels. 

58. Offer gated content on LinkedIn 

b2b lead generation adam goyette

Adam Goyette, VP of Marketing at G2, got over 200 likes and 700 comments requesting access to his content using this technique. And it’s simple to implement. 

Offer existing content that’s valuable to your leads, and share it with your network in exchange for their email addresses. 

To make this work, you need the right content, first. Something your buyers would love to hear more about. Case studies and personal insights work really well. 

59. Funnel Twitter followers into your email list 

Social media followers are way more valuable as permanent leads. But how do you make that conversion happen? 

Nudge them along your sales funnel and into your email list with content that is triggered by users following you. 

Using this strategy, Kaseya’s Twitter followers grew from 18,800 to over 29,000 followers, it also generated over 2,000 targeted B2B leads for marketing. 

b2b lead generation twitter

60. Promote high-level content campaigns on LinkedIn 

To generate more leads and connect with high-level investors, Blackrock, a financial services company, created technical content on LinkedIn.

After crafting investing personas to target based on interests, income levels, and education profiles, they shared LinkedIn posts on advanced “niche” topics relevant to investors. 

This boosted BlackRock’s LinkedIn follower count by 222,000, added 1.25x value to their deals, and drove more engagement than brands like Forbes and Harvard Business Review. 

Sometimes, all it takes is a little promotion to make your content shine and attract leads. 

61. Use social listening to create better content 

90% of customers admit to using social media to communicate with a brand or business, but only 8% of them agree to receiving exceptional customer service. 

Using social listening, you can generate more leads by exceeding customer service expectations and keeping your finger on the pulse of B2B buyer conversations. 

Companies like Pandora, a streaming platform, are already using it to create and promote B2B content that generates leads and strengthens their social media presence.

Lead generation tools to increase B2B sales

As any mismatched-sock-wearing sales rep will tell you, the more time that can be devoted to making sales, the more sales they’ll be able to make. 

Unfortunately, reps usually find themselves sinking in a quicksand of increasingly time-consuming manual tasks. 

In fact, research shows that they only spend a third of their day making sales

Emails, prospecting leads, data entry, and meetings eat up most of their working hours. 

With the right B2B lead generation tools, however, reps can automate manual tasks and spend more time closing leads. 

While there are a ton of sales tools on the market, listed below are the bare-bones essentials to beef up the entire B2B lead generation process:

Lead generation tool #1: Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder shows you what companies visit your website, even if they never interact with your page, or contact you.

This information is also enriched with contact information of employees from the visiting company. This means you can follow up with buyers during the research phase, kickstart social selling campaigns, or time your outreach perfectly. 

Lead generation tool #2: Hubspot Sales Hub

From email templates, follow up automation and scheduling, to automated data entry, Sales Hub is designed with salesforce productivity in mind. 

Lead generation tool #3: Reply.io

Reply.io helps you find prospect emails on LinkedIn in a few seconds. You can also automate LinkedIn email searches, personal email outreach, calls, and tasks. 

Lead generation tool #4: Hunter.io

Hunter.io lets you find emails by typing in a lead’s name and the company they work at. You can also browse all emails at a specific company. The first 100 email searches are free. 

Lead generation tool #5: Bombora

Bombara analyzes content consumption by millions of companies to show the topics your leads are searching for. 

It’s a great lead generation tool to help you catch B2B leads during their research phase. 

I’ll repeat: This is a bare-bones list that will help you increase B2B sales, regardless of the lead generation strategy or tactics you use. Check out Anna’s post if you’re looking for a list of lead generation tools with advanced recommendations. 

B2B lead generation: Everything works. Empathy, however, works wonders

Generating leads and increasing B2B sales is challenging, but it’s not impossible. 

In fact, it’s a lot like being a chef in a bustling restaurant. 

There’s a host of complex ingredients that make up a successful recipe, or sales strategy. All of which have a distinct “flavor” that works. 

The trick is to use the right amount, at the right time, and for the right audience.  

So don’t overly rely on one “magic ingredient” to increase sales. Instead, use empathy to discover:

👉Where your buyers hang out.

👉Who they turn to for research.

👉How they make purchase decisions.

👉What their biggest concerns and aims are. 

This way, finding your best way to generate leads isn’t the “Da Vinci Code” level confusing. And more importantly, you’ll blaze your own trail to more B2B sales. 

lead generation guide

B2B Lead Generation Guide

Marketers — need some fresh ideas to hit your MQL targets? Download this guide and fill up your pipeline now!


Note: Generate more leads by identifying your anonymous website traffic with Leadfeeder, sign up, and try for free for 14 days.

Hassan Ud-deen
By Hassan Ud-deen

Hassan Ud-deen is a content marketer who is on a mission to help B2B/SaaS founders, executives, and teams develop powerful brand personalities through captivating content.

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