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26 Growth Marketing Tools to Drive Results in B2B

02 August 2022

Growth marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to increase your conversion rate and bottom line.

It's also challenging to juggle launching new strategies across your marketing channels, tracking data, and figuring out what is working — and what doesn't. 

Whether your marketing team is struggling to implement growth marketing strategies or already seeing amazing growth, the right growth marketing tools help your marketing campaigns go further.

 But, there are a lot of tools on the market—and not everyone is right for your business. For example, most companies should have an email marketing tool, but not all companies need a robust, paid tool.

To help your business grow while maintaining a great user experience, we created a massive list of the best growth hacking tools, including how they help and what you'll pay. These tools will also help optimize your inbound marketing efforts to achieve greater customer acquisition.

Since every business is different, we also included popular alternatives so you can select the price and features that fit your business needs. For example, Semrush and Ahrefs are similar—but one might better fit your budget or growth marketing goals. 

We've also covered the main features of each tool—you might be surprised to learn tools you've known for years do a whole lot more than they used to!

Note: Leadfeeder helps growth marketers track who visits their website and see what pages they view — and a lot more. Try us free for two weeks.

What are the 26 Growth Marketing Tools to Drive Results?

#1 Zapier to connect tools and automate your growth marketing

Best growth marketing tools Zapier

Zapier makes it easy to move data between platforms — even if you don't know how to code. It connects more than 3,000 different sales and marketing platforms, making it ideal for growth marketing. 

Want to automatically add a new account to your CRM, set up an email sequence for new subscribers, or add a new lead to your Google Sheet? You can do that with Zapier. 

The real power of this growth marketing software is the automation features. Growth marketing is about testing new strategies and gathering data — and Zapier makes that pain-free. 

Pricing: Free for up to 100 tasks a month; paid plans start at $19.99 a month. 

P.S. - Zapier has a great plugin.

#2 to supercharge LinkedIn outreach 

Growth marketing tool, Expandi

Is LinkedIn a key part of your B2B growth marketing plan? You need This smart software lets users connect with contacts by sending connection requests, personalized invites, messages, content likes, and more. 

Even better, it can work with your email platform to reach out to contacts through both LinkedIn and email simultaneously. 

Pricing: $99 per user per month, free 7-day trial.

#3 Dux-soup to automate engagement with the prospects on LinkedIn 

Growth marketing tool Dux Soup

Dux-soup is an alternative that automatically engages with prospects to get you on their radar. Tell the platform who you're targeting and the tool sends personalized DMs, and personalized connection requests, and endorses their skills.

If you're looking to scale your social selling strategy, this tool will be your new BFF. 

Pricing: $14.99 per month for paid plans. 

#4 Leadfeeder to see who visits your site — and what they view 

Leadfeeder is a website visitor identification and growth marketing tool that identifies companies that visit your site, including where they came from and what pages they view. 

All that data is then paired up with a database to provide information like company size, location, language, and the ideal point of contact. 

Here's a screenshot of the Leadfeeder dashboard:

Leadfeeder dashboard used for B2B advertising

There's quite a bit of data, including lead quality, number of visitors, and what pages they viewed. 

Leadfeeder also integrates with email platforms, CRMs, and automation platforms so data and leads can quickly be moved to wherever you need them most. 

Pricing: Free version shows up to 7 days of data; paid plans start at $139 per month. 

#5 HotJar to see how users navigate your website 

Hotjar demand generation tool

Growth marketing is all about making data-backed decisions. With Hotjar, you can see heatmaps of exactly how users view your site, including where they click, scroll, and move. They also provide recordings of site interactions, so you can understand how real users navigate your site. 

If you want more data about how B2B growth marketing strategies impact user behavior, Hotjar is a solid choice for your marketing team members. 

Pricing: Free for up to 35 daily sessions; paid plans start at $31 per month. 

#6 Google Data Studio to manage and present your data 

Google Data Studio marketing templates

Got more B2B marketing growth data than you know what to do with? 

Google Data Studio is a data reporting and visualization tool that makes it easy to read, analyze, and share data via fully customizable dashboards. 

Did I mention it's free? It is. And it comes with tons of fancy templates you can use to make your data shine. 

<insert growth-marketing-tools-google-data-studio>

Data Studio also connects with more than 800 platforms, so you can say goodbye to manually pulling data. 

Pricing: The platform is free. Some templates require payment, but those are generally ones created by other users, not Google. 

#7 Airtable to keep your growth marketing plans organized

Growth marketing tool, Airtable

If you're tired of using planning and organizational tools that don't work for your organization, consider Airtable. It lets you build a fully connected, fully customizable collaboration platform where you can share files and data. 

It also integrates with a ton of different tools and is pretty easy to set up, so don't get overwhelmed by all its features. 

Pricing: Free for up to five users, paid plans start at $10 per seat

#8 Leadpages to build and test landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and more 

Leadpages growth marketing tools

Growth marketing focuses on testing new strategies — and Leadpages makes testing designs, landing pages, and popups SO much easier. 

This is another no-code platform 🥳 so you don't need to work with a programmer or a designer to test out that new strategy. 

Features include the ability to build a wide range of assets from templates, conversion tools, integrations, file hosting, and more. 

Pricing: Standard plans start at $37 per month. 

#9 Optimizely to test and scale your growth marketing 

Growth marketing tools, Optimizely

If you want to know what works and what doesn't, you'll need to test. 

Optimizely makes A/B testing and personalization much easier. You can also create and tailor content to improve workflows, manage features, create email campaigns, manage recommendations, and a lot more. 

<insert growth-marketing-tools-optimizely> 

The one downside of Optimizely is that it's incredibly powerful, which can be overwhelming. If you're looking for a testing tool without all the bells and whistles, try Google's Optimize

Pricing: Contact for a quote or try their limited free plan. 

#10 Google's Optimize to A/B test growth marketing strategies 

Google optimize growth marketing tools

Is your new heading driving more traffic? Does your audience convert more with a popup at the top or the bottom? If you want to better understand how your changes are impacting traffic and conversions, you need a tool that makes testing easy. 

Optimize is Google's free testing tool that uses Google Analytics data to see your testing results in real-time. It also offers targeting options so you can deliver personalized experiences at just the right time. 

Pricing: Free

#11 Ahrefs to track SEO efforts and optimize your website 

Ahrefs growth marketing tool

If SEO is a top priority for your growth marketing strategy, you need a powerful tool to track and optimize your site. 

Ahrefs is one of the top SEO tools out there, offering: 

  • Site audit feature to optimize your site

  • Competitive analysis to see what your competition is doing 

  • Keyword research to find and target crucial key terms. 

  • Content exploration (see what your competitors are publishing) 

  • Rank tracker to see where your site ranks for core keywords

This is a data-heavy tool that provides tons of reports about ranking, keywords, and content. It's not the most user-friendly tool, but you won't find better data anywhere else. 

Pricing: Plans start at $99 per month 

#12 Semrush to bring more traffic and improve your website's health

best website analytics tools semrush

Semrush is an advanced SEO tool that helps increase site traffic and improve your overall website health. They offer a wealth of tools including analytics and reporting, backlink checker, SEO audit, competitor analysis, marketing research, social media channels, and a whole lot more. 

Top features from Semrush include: 

  • Keyword research 

  • On-page SEO

  • Competitive analysis

  • Content marketing strategy development 

  • Local SEO 

  • Link building 

  • Social media post management/insights

  • Rank tracking 

Pricing: Paid plans start at $99 per month, paid annually 

#13 Sendinblue for email marketing 

Sendinblue growth marketing tools

There are a lot of email platforms out there, so what makes Sendinblue better for marketing growth? 

Because it offers a lot more than just email delivery.  

Email features include a drag and drop editor, intelligent sending rules, content personalization, and the ability to create drip campaigns. 

Outside of email marketing, they also offer: 

  • SMS marketing 

  • Automation features 

  • Chat marketing 

  • Shared inbox to keep customer emails organized 

  • A CRM 

  • Landing page creation 

  • Sign up forms 

  • Facebook ads

This is an ideal platform for growth marketers because you can do so much, all in one place.

Pricing: Free for up to 300 emails a day; paid plans start at $25 per month. 

#14 Active Campaign for customer experience automation 

ActiveCampaign growth marketing tool

Scaling your growth marketing strategy? While it used to be mostly an email tool, today Active Campaign combines email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM into one easy-to-use platform. 

Popular features include: 

  • Sales automation 

  • Automatic lead nurturing 

  • Email marketing and scheduling 

  • Segmented outreach 

  • Lead scoring 

  • Lead capture forms  

Active Campaign also integrates with more than 800 apps, so you can pull all your data and activity into one platform. 

Pricing: Paid plans start at $29 per month for up to 1,000 contacts. 

#15 to build messaging workflows growth marketing tools

Sending manual messages is so 2010. 

With, you can send automated messages via mobile SMS, email, webhooks, and push notifications. But these aren't your standard automated messages. 

Each message can be customized and segmented based on user behavior, and you can build entire message workflows. 

Using complex logic algorithms, you can delay messages based on user behavior. For example, if your welcome sequence usually goes out every two days, you could delay it if the customer indicates they'll convert. 

Pricing: $150 per month for up to 12,000 profiles. 

#16 Intercom to improve the customer journey

Intercom growth marketing tool

Want to unify all your customer communications into one platform and improve the customer journey? Intercom has you covered with the ability to scale and automate customer interaction for customer service, sales, and engagement. 

Features of note include: 

  • Super smart chatbots 

  • Segmentation 

  • Conversion campaigns 

  • Reengagement campaigns 

  • Automate onboarding sequences 

  • Offer proactive support 

If you're looking for a better, simpler way to connect and talk with prospects and customers, Intercom is the growth marketing software you've been looking for.  Pricing: contact for pricing.

#17 Pardot — route leads to sales

Salesforce Pardot home page screenshot

Pardot is a Salesforce tool designed to fuel marketing automation and turn leads into customers. It's a marketing automation platform that helps sales teams generate higher-quality leads, track engagement, improve follow-up speed, and automate parts of the process. 

Features you'll love for growth marketing include: 

  • Sales campaign tracking (with alerts) 

  • Access to detailed data about how leads interact with you 

  • Detailed lead scoring system

  • Landing page building (and lead capture) 

  • Segmented email marketing 

  • Dynamic email and website content 

And, since it's owned by Salesforce, it seamlessly integrates with their CRM and other tools 

Pricing: € 1,250 for up to 10,000 contacts 

#18 Zendesk to improve customer relationships 

Zendesk the growth marketing tools

Zendesk is a customer service and sales CRM platform designed to help your customers be happy. You're probably familiar with their ticking system for customer service, but they also offer a sales CRM that can improve your growth marketing efforts. 

Zendesk's sales CRM features include: 

  • Contact and deal management 

  • Set triggers to automate sales activities 

  • Lead generation support 

  • Full sales pipeline visibility 

  • Detailed data capture 

  • Task and appointment setting 

  • Call tracking and recording 

Plus, because Zendesk combines both sales and service, both teams have a clear view of customer interactions. For example, sales can see a user has reached out to support because of a missing feature so they can follow up. 

Pricing: Zendesk Sell starts at $19 per user, per month. 

#19 Aircall to make phone support easy to manage

Aircall growth marketing tool

Tired of losing data from outbound sales calls and customer support? Aircall makes it easier to gather data on phone calls and better manage phone support with call queuing, tracking, and monitoring services. 

For support teams, Aircall offers features like: 

  • Automatically logging call information 

  • Call activity and performance dashboard 

  • CRM integration 

  • Call routing 

  • "Whisper" feature to allow teams to provide live advice to each other—without disrupting the call. 

  • Warm transfer 

  • Call tags to improve decision making 

  • Interactive voice responder that automatically guides callers to the right person 

Sales teams can save time on data entry, trigger automated workflows, manage all their calls, and import call data directly into their CRM of choice (including HubSpot and Salesforce.) 

Pricing: Plans start at $30 per user, per month, billed annually (minimum of 3 users.) 

#20 Nextiva to automate communication, busywork, and intelligence

Nextiva growth marketing tools

Here's another phone platform that does a whole lot more. Originally a VOIP company, Nextiva now offers a ton of tools teams can use to automate communication, reduce wasted time, and gather more data. 

They have a lot to offer, so we'll just cover the highlights: 

  • Call center management 

  • Deal tracking 

  • Visual sales pipeline tracking 

  • Lead tracking 

  • Customize sales pipelines 

  • Sales message automation (including email, SMS, etc.) 

  • Task management 

  • Detailed sales analytics 

If all you need is call tracking, Nextiva might be overkill. But if you want to eliminate busy work and gather crucial business data, Nextiva is worth its price tag. 

Pricing: Starts at $18.95 per user, per month. 

#21 Typeform to create forms that people enjoy answering

Typeform growth marketing tools

Why send boring forms when you can send cool forms? 😎 Typeform helps teams create interactive, fun, and incredibly detailed forms. 

Whether you're trying to decide what to order for an office lunch or want to qualify hot leads, Typeform makes it easy (and fun) to gather the information you need. 

Features you'll love include: 

  • Tons of templates for a wide range of forms, including orders, satisfaction, feedback, applications, and more. 

  • No-code chatbot 

  • Integration with your favorite platforms, including Airtable, Slack, and Zapier. 

  • Built-in photo and video library to bring your forms to life. 

  • Conditional logic to create forms that feel like a conversation. 

Pricing: Starts at $25 per month, billed yearly, for up to 100 responses. 

#22 SurveyMonkey to capture people’s voices through online surveys

Surveymonkey growth marketing tools

The best way to get to know customers and leads is to ask them. With SurveyMonkey, you no longer have to wonder if a new feature will be popular or if customers are happy—you can ask. 

SurveyMonkey features include: 

  • Form design and creation 

  • Send forms via ink, email, mobile chat, and more

  • Employee engagement 

  • Questions based on social science to improve data quality 

  • Detailed analytics to spot trends 

  • Data export to your favorite apps 

SurveyMonkey offers fewer features than Typeform, but it's also a lot more affordable. 

Pricing: Free for unlimited surveys, up to 10 questions with limited responses; paid plans start at $32 per month, billed annually. 

#23 Google Analytics to analyze data for SEO and marketing purposes

best website analytics tools google platform

Google Analytics is the OG of website data. The new Google Analytics 4 platform makes it easier to track the metrics that matter most to you, including creating custom events and deeper insights. 

Top GA features for growth  marketers include: 

  • Customized dashboard, so the data you need most is front and center. 

  • Predictive analytics to see what tomorrow might bring.  

  • Detailed event tracking so you can focus on the metrics that matter to your business.  

  • Easy audience segmentation to deliver hyper-personalized experiences. 

  • The ability to create customized reports. 

The newer version of GA4 also provides access to data exportation and other features that previously required a paid account. 

Pricing: Free

#24 Segment to collect, unify, and enrich customer data in one place

Segment growth marketing tools

You've got a lot of data—can you use it all? Segment is a customer data platform (aka CDP) that combines and enriches data from other web analytics tools so you can empower your team to make smarter business decisions. 

If you're drowning in data, Segment can help with features like: 

  • Gather data from multiple sources 

  • Cleans, sort, and enrich data 

  • Unify customer touch points across platforms 

  • Leverage that data to provide a better sales and marketing experience. 

Segment integrates with dozens of platforms to make leveraging data from the web, data warehouses, and mobile devices easier. 

Pricing: Free for 1,000 visitors/2 data sources; paid plans start at $120 per month

#25 Mixpanel to convert, engage, and retain more users.

Mixpanel growth marketing tool

Looking for a deeper understanding of how your users engage with you? Mixpanel can do just that. 

This powerful analytics platform helps you convert, engage, and retain customers. Features of note include: 

  • Simple workflow creation 

  • Funnel creation 

  • Access to deep insights, such as top user flows, retention, and segmentation 

  • Answer complex (or simple!) questions in seconds 

  • Integrations to make gathering data easier 

Mixpanel is a complex tool, so check out all the features for yourself. If you're struggling to make the most of your data, it's worth checking out. Plus, they offer robust free plans. 

Pricing: Free for up to 100K tracked users; paid plans start at $25 per month

#26 Amplitude to understand your users through self-service product data.

amplitude growth marketing tools

There are a lot of data tools for marketing. In fact, we included at least four data-focused tools just in this list. But we're going to add one more—that's because Amplitude is ideal for teams that want access to self-service data. 

What does that mean? Most data platforms limit data access because you don't want salespeople mucking around in your code. 

Plus, canned reports might not have access to the data you need. Maybe you only want access to 500 accounts, but the generated report has 5,000—and you're stuck sorting through mountains of data. 

Amplitude solves this challenge by allowing users (that's you!) to access detailed insights in just a few clicks. And better data = smarter growth marketing decisions. 

Pricing: Free for up to 10M events per month. Contact sales for larger accounts or access to additional features like custom event volume, collaboration tools, etc. 

Want explosive growth? You need better marketing tools for business growth 

Growth marketing means staying laser-focused on growth. What that growth looks like depends on your company goals and industry. Start by outlining one specific goal for the entire company — do you want to increase sign-ups, drive demos, or increase sales in a specific market? 

Then use the tools above to track, optimize, and improve your growth marketing strategies. I suggest starting with the free or more affordable versions of tools like Optimize, Leadfeeder, and Google Data Studio, then upgrading as your strategies gain traction. 

Note: Want to see if your growth marketing strategies are driving traffic to your site? Sign up for Leadfeeder and see what companies are visiting your website. 

Daire Summerville
By Daire Summerville

Head of Growth at Leadfeeder. Daire is a digital growth expert with expertise in Google Analytics, Google Ads, GTM & SEO.

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