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Why go with Leadfeeder vs Lead Forensics?

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Leadfeeder vs Lead Forensics, what’s the big difference?

We're not here to trash our competitors. We don't do that. But if you're looking for Lead Forensics alternatives, you probably want to know how Leadfeeder is different.

Sure, we've got different product features, integrations, and pricing models. But what makes us different is what lies at the heart of Leadfeeder.

Our CEO, Pekka Koskinen, helped establish this industry over a decade ago.

His dad's B2B company was struggling to get people to fill out forms. So Pekka found a way to generate leads anyway. Website visitor identification was born.

In short, Leadfeeder was founded to help B2B businesses grow. We understand that battle, we're living it too. And helping companies overcome it drives everything we do.

If, like us, you're running a B2B business, then you're the person we built Leadfeeder for.

Website visitor identification

Pekka Koskinen invented website visitor identification ten years ago to help his dad's B2B business.

Why do companies choose Leadfeeder vs Lead Forensics?

1. You know how much you’ll pay

We believe you should only pay for what you get. That's why you only pay for the leads that we identify.

That means whether you're a small business or an enterprise, you'll get value for money.

You know how much you’ll pay

2. No long-term contracts

Sometimes things don't work out or situations change. That's why we don't force you into long-term contracts.

You can pay annually if you want to but that's not mandatory and you can cancel anytime.

No long term contracts

3. Integrations, lots of them

Marketing and sales teams already have huge tech stacks nowadays. We do too.

So we've got direct integrations with the major CRMs and marketing tools. For everything else, there's Zapier.

Integrations, lots of them

4. Notifications that work for you

Set up notifications via email or Slack so that you're not tied into a new dashboard.

Send your team daily or weekly lead summaries, automated alerts for target accounts, or manually if one catches your eye.

Notifications that work for you

5. We’re here to support you

We offer live support to all our customers via chat and email.

Leadfeeder customer service is like the best friend you can rely on come hell or high water. Any questions, any concerns, they are there in seconds to give you or find you the answer.

Deborah R., Webmaster
We’re here to support you

And much, much more

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of every feature we’ve got, you can start by checking out our product page. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Then just ask us, we’re happy to chat.

Leadfeeder is the #1 Lead Forensics alternative

Don't take it from us. Leadfeeder is the top-rated alternative to Lead Forensics in G2 — based on real and independent user reviews.

Leadfeeder interface: Generate accounts from your current traffic

We created Leadfeeder to help companies like yours grow

We don’t want to get all corny or teary-eyed, so we’ll just come out and say it. We exist because of you. We know the struggle of growing a B2B business and helping our customers solve this is what gets us out of bed every morning, with a smile on our face. We’re happy to say, they think we’re doing a pretty good job so far.

Kelly Campbell

Leadfeeder has a lot of offer for my needs, like the integration with LinkedIn which is super helpful, the company name, how many visits—that quality indicator. Leadfeeder does that better than any of the competition I’ve tried in the past.

Kelly Campbell,
Agency Growth Consultant, Digital Web Consulting
Marc Albani

I was looking at what other tools are out there but found them too expensive for what we got out of them, which is why we opted for Leadfeeder. The value and what it delivers is far better than what we’ve tried.

Marc Albani,
Marketing and Communication Director, TecSurge


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