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Identify the companies already visiting your website and convert them into high-value leads.

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Credits are used for:
  • Contact details reveal
  • Idenified company on website
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Here’s how we uncover your hidden leads

See how Leadfeeder identifies companies visiting my site

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Identify Website Visitors

Leadfeeder identifies the names of the companies visiting your website.

  • Turn anonymous traffic into real company names
  • Reveal the exact behavior of the companies visiting your website
  • Identify remote workers with Leadfeeder’s unique database of static and dynamic IP’s
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Qualify High Potential Leads

Use Leadfeeder’s custom segmentation to score and qualify visitors.

  • Remove all ISP traffic, leaving you with real companies only.
  • Create behavioral and firmographic filters to segment the leads with the highest potential.
  • Score automatically based on their web activity
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Connect with Decision Makers

Use Leadfeeder Contacts™ to determine the best person to contact from a visiting company.

  • Search for decision makers in a robust global database
  • Filter contacts based on job role, seniority or location
  • Reveal and export email addresses, phone numbers and LinkedIn profiles
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Sync with your CRM

Leadfeeder empowers sales with the intel they need, in the tools they use most.

  • Integrate with all major CRM and marketing automation tools
  • Automatically sync visit data with your CRM
  • Create powerful reports using website visitor and CRM data
Send leads – main image Send leads to your team Hubspot Pipedrive Salesforce Zoho
Send leads
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Over 60,000 salespeople, marketers, and agencies use Leadfeeder to get better results

Explore how you can benefit from Leadfeeder

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Find ready-to-buy sales leads

The people who visit your website are much more likely to buy than someone who has never heard of you. Don’t let those ready-to-buy leads escape.

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Beat competitors to the sale

Studies* show that contacting leads quickly makes it much more likely you will close the deal. Contact your leads before your competitors are even aware of them.

* Source: Harvard Business Review, “The Short Life of Online Sales Leads”

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Build better sales pitches

See what content prospects are interested in and use that information in your pitches. Anticipate their needs before you ever speak to them.

* Source: Harvard Business Review, “The Short Life of Online Sales Leads”

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Make your sales team happy

Sales teams get instant access to a quality, prioritised lead list. All you need to do is install Leadfeeder on your site.

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True campaign measurement

At last, you can see what traffic sources bring target companies to your site. Close the measurement gap from click to sale.

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Optimize marketing content

See what companies engage with on your site. Use that data to optimize your content for the prospects you want to convert.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Leadfeeder integrations are native You don't need to go through a third-party to connect to your tools and two-way Send data in both directions. For example, send data from Leadfeeder to your CRM and from your CRM to Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder automatically matches companies in Leadfeeder with organizations in Pipedrive and enables you to create new deals direct from Leadfeeder


See how it works
You can can connect leads to Salesforce accounts or alternatively create new ones directly from the Leadfeeder interface


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Filter Leadfeeder leads based on their status in HubSpot and create new tasks and new deals to your HubSpot CRM from Leadfeeder


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Leadfeeder’s Google Analytics integration adds vital information (such as keyword and campaign data) to the leads we provide you

Google Analytics

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To connect a Leadfeeder lead to a Zoho CRM account you just need to 'click to connect' next to the orange label in the section 'CRM integration'


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Integrate Leadfeeder with 1000+ apps via Zapier


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See which website visitors are known to you and exist in your Dynamics already

Microsoft Dynamics

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Forward companies we've identified for you in Leadfeeder to Slack automatically


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Leadfeeder’s Mailchimp integration uncovers real people on your website so you know who’s interested in your company and what to say to them


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The Leadfeeder ActiveCampaign integration reveals the individuals visiting your website from email marketing campaigns. Providing sales teams with the intel they need to fuel successful outreach


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Send companies identified in Leadfeeder to G Suite's Hangouts Chat automatically

Google Hangouts Chat

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Pull info from Leadfeeder to your Data Studio reports

Google Data Studio

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Our users love the quality of our leads

9 out of 10 customers agree that the quality of Leadfeeder's data is superior to other providers

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Filtered for quality leads

Your lead list is automatically scrubbed of bots, ISP’s and other valueless traffic.

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Remove unwanted companies

Easily filter and hide companies yourself so you only see (and pay for) quality leads.

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A track record of quality

Our data quality team has been improving how we identify leads since 2012.


If you have any further questions you can chat to our team by using the chat icon in the bottom right of the screen. They typically reply within minutes.

Why is Leadfeeder ranked number #1 for data quality on G2 and Capterra?

Leadfeeder automatically removes bots, ISPs and other sources of traffic which won’t provide you with quality leads. Unlike other tools, you also have the option to remove leads yourself.

How does Leadfeeder compare to other options?

Because our tool has been around for 6 years and has been used by over 60,000 users it has a mature feature set built on top of a user-friendly interface. We offer all the functionality of more expensive tools at a fraction of the price.

I already have a marketing automation tool-why do I need Leadfeeder?

Most marketing automation tools capture only 2% of users who visit your website as the users need to identify themselves. Leadfeeder helps you identify the users that marketing automation tools miss.

Is it OK to use Leadfeeder now that GDPR has come into effect?

Yes. Leadfeeder is fully compliant with all GDPR requirements and we recommend that you state your use of Leadfeeder in the same places you state your use of Google Analytics and similar products. GDPR has made email list opt-ins more difficult but Leadfeeder is a great way to identify who is on your site.

What happens at the end of my free trial of Premium?

At the end of your trial your Leadfeeder will be automatically downgraded to the free version of Leadfeeder, called Leadfeeder Lite, and you won’t be charged anything. But if you have purchased a Premium subscription during your trial period you will automatically continue with Premium at the end of your free 14-day trial.

Is there a free version of Leadfeeder?

Yes. There is a basic version of Leadfeeder with limited functionality available for free called Leadfeeder Lite. Leadfeeder Lite shows the last 7 days worth of leads only, doesn’t show what companies do on your website and doesn’t include integrations and many other advanced features. Users who do not purchase a paid plan will be automatically downgraded to Leadfeeder Lite when their trial ends.

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