Top Inbound Marketing Tools

Top Inbound Marketing Tools

04 September 2020

If you’re like most marketers, you know there are a ton of inbound marketing software options built specifically to help with certain aspects of inbound marketing. But which ones are right for you?

We’ve put together a list of some of the top inbound marketing tools to help you in the following areas:

  • Inbound Lead Generation

  • SEO and Paid Advertising

  • A/B Testing and Site Design

  • Content Creation and Social Sharing

  • Productivity

Read on to see how these tools will help you score more (and better quality) leads.

Inbound Lead Generation Tools

Want to turn your hard-won web visitors into leads? These tools help you do just that.

1. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder home page

Pricing: 14-day free trial, paid plans start at $199/month

Rating: 4.3 stars on G2

Leadfeeder tells you what companies visit your website, even if they never fill out a form or contact you. This allows you to follow up with visits which never inquired about your product or time your outreach to potential leads in your sales pipeline.

To try out Leadeeder, all you need to do is install the Leadfeeder Tracker (it takes less than 5 minutes!).

14-day free trial is available with paid plans starting at $139/month.

To sign up for Leadfeeder, follow these steps. We can start sending you leads in minutes.

2. Drift

Inbound Marketing Tools: Drift

Pricing: Free with plans starting at $50/month.

Drift takes on-site customer interactions to the next level by using live chat boxes and intelligent bots to prequalify leads and prospects before they’re sent to your sales team. Pricing is free for individual users, $50/month for a standard plan, and $500/month for an enterprise account.

3. HubSpot

Inbound Marketing Tools HubSpot

Pricing: Free with plans starting at $50/month.

HubSpot is one of the leaders of inbound marketing tools. Their all-in-one suite of inbound marketing software will enable a single person to perform the work of an entire marketing team.

Custom landing pages, lead magnets, and nurturing emails can all be created and optimized. Everything works in tandem and offers a one-size-fits-all solution for b2b lead generation and inbound marketing.

4. ClickMeeting

Inbound Marketing Tools: ClickMeeting

Pricing: Plans starting at $25/month.

There’s no better way to connect to your audience than through video. ClickMeeting allows you to host webinars, perform live on-boarding, and interact with people on a one-to-one basis.

Plans vary on the number of attendees you need to accommodate.

5. ProProfs Survey Maker

Inbound Marketing Tools: ProProfs Survey Maker

Pricing: 15 day free trial with paid plans starting at $7/month.

ProProfs Survey Maker is a great tool to compliment your inbound marketing strategy. This tool allows you to create customizable popup forms to turn website visitors into leads and surveys to gather specific information about your potential customers.

The in-depth reports help you understand which pop-ups help you grab more visitor attention on the basis of which you can further enhance your inbound marketing strategies. A free trial is available for 15 days.

The paid plans start at $7/month for a basic plan and $19/month for a professional plan.

6. Survey Monkey

Inbound Marketing Tools: Survey Monkey

Pricing: Plans starting at $37/month.

Surveying your customers is a great way to get data that can be used to make business decisions. Survey Monkey enables you to gather intelligence and then analyze it using built-in powerful data analysis tools. The data you gather can then be used to create a content marketing strategy.

7. Typeform

Inbound Marketing Tools: Typeform

Pricing: Free with plans starting at $69/month (billed annually).

Many businesses use Typeform as a content generator to attract and qualify inbound leads before they’re passed off to a sales rep. Surveys and questionnaires can easily be created and uploaded to your website without any coding knowledge required.

SEO and Paid Advertising Tools (To Drive Inbound Traffic)

The tools listed in this category can help you drive organic traffic to your website, uncover competitive intelligence, and manage ad retargeting efforts.

8. Ahrefs

Inbound Marketing Tools Ahrefs

Pricing: Plans starting at $99/month.

One of the best ways to increase the inbound traffic to your website is to start optimizing for SEO. By using such tools as Ahrefs, you can find hidden business and linking opportunities. You can also perform an analysis on the backlinks coming into your competitor’s website and get an idea of what it’s going to take to outrank them.

9. SEMRush

Inbound Marketing Tools: SEMRush

Pricing: Plans starting at $99/month.

SEMrush allows you to view backlinks, track keyword rankings, and view historical data that they’ve collected over the years. One of the more powerful features is the ability to view new backlinks. This can give you a clue as to how your organic SEO efforts are faring.

10. Moz

Inbound Marketing Tools: Moz

Pricing: Free 30-day trial, with plans starting at $199/month.

The Link Explorer tool from Moz SEO gives you the ability to view current and new inbound links, see which ones have dropped off, and create an organic SEO gameplan. Moz SEO offers a 30-day free trial that automatically converts to the lowest plan at $199/month once it’s over.

11. Majestic

Inbound Marketing Tools Majestic

Pricing: Plans starting at $49.99/month.

Majestic SEO claims to have the largest link index database. This means a bigger data set to pull from and a more accurate picture of your backlinks. Knowing the strength or weakness of your backlink profile can help you get an idea on how well your SEO efforts are taking hold.

One of the best features about Majestic is their Trust and Citation Flow metrics which can be used to gauge the power of a website when you’re actively trying to build new inbound links into yours. It will show you if the website that you’re trying to get to link back to you is worth your time and effort.

You also can view the overall health of your backlink profile and see where you might need to build more links. This can help you come up with a link building gameplan.

12. Rebrandly

Inbound Marketing Tools: Rebrandly

Pricing: Free with plans starting at $29/month.

Giving out links to a particular page on your website can result in a very long and unsightly URL. Rebrandly fixes that problem by giving you a personalized URL shortener that uses your brand name. End result is a much shorter, "prettier" link that not only looks good, but is easy to remember.

13. AdRoll

Inbound Marketing Tools: AdRoll

Pricing: Pricing is based on ad spend.

AdRoll simplifies retargeting and gives you a powerful suite of tools and services to make sure you’re getting the right ad in front of the right person. While AdRoll is targeted for eCommerce stores, it can be used by any business, in any industry.

14. Google Analytics

Inbound Marketing Tools: Google Analytics

Pricing: Free.

Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most widely used website analytics platforms out there. When used in conjunction with countless other SaaS products, you can find hidden data and gems that can help guide you to make more intelligent business decisions.

15. Facebook Groups

Inbound Marketing Tools Facebook Groups

Pricing: Free.

Creating a community and nurturing leads via curated content is a great way to jumpstart your inbound marketing. Facebook Groups gives you a platform and set of tools to do just that. Pricing is free, and Facebook is currently testing "subscription groups" wherein the Admin can charge a set monthly fee for admission.

A/B Testing & Site Design Tools

An optimized landing page and/or website is critical from both a Google algorithm perspective (SEO) and a human conversion one. Google takes note of your bounce rate and some SEO specialists think it plays an important factor in how your website is ranked organically.

A properly dialed-in landing page or website is also essential for increasing conversions. Something as simple as changing the color of a button can lead to a noticeable increase in conversions.

16. Hotjar

Inbound Marketing Tools: Hotjar

Pricing: Plans starting at $89/month.

Hotjar gives you the ability to perform in-depth A/B tests on any page of your website. You can also create heatmaps, perform live visitor recordings (to get insights on why a particular page in the funnel has such a high bounce rate), create conversion funnels, perform form analysis, run feedback polls, and launch surveys.

17. Optimizely

Inbound Marketing Tools: Optimizely

Pricing: Plans starting at $89/month.

Optimizely is another A/B testing program that focuses on uncovering hidden customer insights and improving the UX of any website. The real benefit of Optimizely is that no coding knowledge is required to create and perform real-time A/B experiments. Its website even has a free educational section that has documentation and courses on how to perform experiments for best results.

18. Beaver Builder

Inbound Marketing Tools: Beaver Builder

Pricing: Plans starting at $99/month.

Is your website one of the 75,000,000 sites on the internet that run Wordpress as their primary content management system? Beaver Builder offers an intuitive drag-and-drop system so you can create beautiful Wordpress websites without having to hire a website coder.

Another benefit to Beaver Builder is that it’s built with on-site SEO in mind. Clean code makes it easy for the search engine bots to crawl your Beaver Builder website.

19. Unbounce

Inbound Marketing Tools Unbounce

Pricing: Plans starting at $79/month.

Running paid ads to a landing page without first optimizing said landing page is like throwing money into a fire. Unbounce focuses on landing page, pop-up, and sticky bar optimization.

The tool is user-friendly, and no coding knowledge is required to set up and run A/B tests. A robust set of built-in conversion tools ensures that your landing page will convert better than it did before.

20. VWO – Visual Website Optimizer

Inbound Marketing Tools VWO

Pricing: Plans starting at $299/month.

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is another all-in-one conversion optimization tool. It features heatmaps, live user video recording, conversion optimization tools, and robust reporting.

The user recording feature is especially helpful for determining the cause of high bounce rates on a landing page. It allows you to view your visitors’ actions in a real-time recorded video.

Content Creation and Social Marketing Tools

When it comes to inbound marketing, content is king. Social media, email, and content marketing all require content that is unique and engaging — something that adds value to the conversation.

These tools that help you create content and share it around the internet (while saving you time on executing plans and coming up with ideas).

21. Xtensio

Inbound Marketing Tools Xtensio

Pricing: Free; business plans for $20/month.

A key component of any successful inbound marketing campaign is continually putting out valuable content that is both persuasive and engaging.[ Xtensio]( gives you the ability to create highly customized living documents, or folios (as Xtensio calls them) that will result in a much higher user engagement than standard print and image content.

22. Buffer

Inbound Marketing Tools Buffer

Pricing: Free with various plans available up to $399/month.

Buffer lets you schedule your social media posts in advance. By doing so, you’re able to get a jump on your social media efforts without having to worry about what you’re going to post today. By scheduling ahead, you can stick to a consist schedule so followers know when to expect your posts.

23. Quora

Inbound Marketing Tools Quora

Pricing: Free.

Quora is a questions-and-answer website. Think "Yahoo! Answers," but without the trolls, fake experts, and spam. While there is a [minor SEO benefit]( to using Quora, most people find value in establishing themselves as thought leaders in their particular field or niche. This outcome can drive traffic when someone views your Quora profile and sees a link back to your website.

24. CoSchedule

Inbound Marketing Tools CoSchedule

Pricing: Plans starting at $60/month.

Inbound marketing software, CoSchedule, enables you and your team to get on the same page when it comes time to manage various social media accounts. The strongest feature is the calendar functionality which enables you to get a bird’s-eye-view of what’s in the social media pipeline.

It also comes with a suite of software tools, such as email marketing, analytics, and project workflow management. For those who are struggling with posting valuable content to social media on a regular basis, CoSchedule allows you to get all of your social marketing organized under one roof.

25. TalkWalker

Inbound Marketing Tools TalkWalker

Pricing: Plans starting at $9,600/year.

An important part of inbound marketing is managing your online reputation. Just a few negative reviews or angry customers can leave a serious negative impact that can take time and money to overcome.

TalkWalker monitors the internet (social media and websites) for mentions of your brand name and gives you powerful analytic tools to proactively manage your reputation and discover new potential business opportunities.

26. Hemingway

Inbound Marketing Tools Hemingway

Pricing: Free and paid versions available.

The Hemingway Editor allows anyone to create easy-to-understand content. Simply copy and paste your content into the app and it will make suggestions on how to improve the quality and clarity. Much like its namesake, Hemingway will help you become a much better writer (1950’s mechanical typewriter sold separately).

27. Grammarly

Inbound Marketing Tools Grammarly

Pricing: Free and paid versions available.

Even the best writers need a second set of eyes to help with the editing process. If you don’t have an editor at your disposal, Grammarly is the next best thing. Cut and paste your content into the editor and it will flag spelling and grammar errors. It even makes suggestions regarding word usage.

28. Hootsuite

Inbound Marketing Tools Hootsuite

Pricing: Free and paid versions available.

One of the biggest challenges of social media and content marketing is curating, creating, and sharing engaging content. Hootsuite not only allows you to manage all of your social media in one place, but it also has a content curation tool that can help you find and share compelling content in a matter of minutes. Both the free and paid versions of this tool offer and excellent set of reporting and analytics tools.

29. SnapApp

Inbound Marketing Tools SnapApp

Pricing: Plans starting at $499/month.

Interactive content helps generate leads and interest. SnapApp gives you the ability to quickly and easily create content that can fit anywhere into your funnel. You won’t need to hire an expensive graphic designer to create visually stunning content with SnapApp.


Inbound Marketing Tools

Pricing: Free to try; paid plans starting at $49/month. gives you the powerful drag-and-drop editors that can be used to create effective and impactful lead generation magnets.[ ]( completely eliminates the need to hire a graphic designer and can even take an existing blog post and automatically turn it into a lead magnet. Professional-looking eBooks, checklists, workbooks, resource guides, and video lookbooks can all be created with

31. BuzzSumo

Inbound Marketing Tools BuzzSumo

Pricing: Plans starting at $99/monthly, or $79/month if paid annually.

Take your content game to the next level with BuzzSumo. Consumers are bored with the standard "Top 10 List" that’s been overdone to death. BuzzSumo gives you fresh new ideas that can help you create engaging content that will serve as the engine of your inbound marketing efforts.

32. JotForm

Inbound Marketing Tools JotForm

Pricing: Free to try; paid plans starting at $19/month.

JotForm gives you the ability to quickly create custom forms from their website interface. Using the drag-and-drop editor, you can create visually-pleasing forms and integrate them in a wide variety of applications without ever writing a single line of code!

33. MailChimp

Inbound Marketing Tools MailChimp

Pricing: Free to try; paid plans starting at $10/month.

MailChimp is the go-to email platform for many businesses. Over the years, it has evolved into an all-in-one marketing platform that gives you the ability to not only design and send email campaigns, but create Facebook, Instagram, and Google retargeting ads.

34. Wistia

Inbound Marketing Tools Wistia

Pricing: Free to try; paid plans start at $99/month.

Wistia gives you the ability to use your computer webcam to create professional-looking videos with powerful editing software. It also seamlessly integrates with HubSpot, Google Analytics, and many more productivity tools.

Productivity Tools

Inbound marketing is a lot of work. Unless you have a dedicated team with specific job roles, it can seem overwhelming for the average person. Using tools for productivity and connectivity will decrease your workload.

35. Zapier

Inbound Marketing Tools: Zapier

Pricing: Free to try; paid plans starting at $20/month.

Having an efficient workflow is essential to getting more done. Zapier allows you to create more functionality by connecting two different web services. For example, you can use Zapier to trigger when a lead matching your criteria visits your website again.

36. Slack

Inbound Marketing Tools Slack

Pricing: Free to try; paid plans starting at $6.67/month per person.

Whether it’s used as an internal or external communication platform, Slack is one of the most powerful chat applications out there. It can even be connected to CRM products such as Salesforce.

37. GrowthHub

Inbound Marketing Tools GrowthHub

Pricing: Free.

Marketing evolves at the speed of light and there’s no better way to stay on top of the latest and greatest than GrowthHub (formerly known as It curates popular content across many different industries such as growth hacking, SEO, and content marketing.

38. Speechpad

Inbound Marketing Tools Speechpad

Pricing: Transcription starts at $1 per minute.

Speechpad is much more than a transcription service. It can be used to create content from videos that can be repurposed via email or other marketing campaigns. A wide range of transcription services are offered including standard and premium captions as well as foreign language services.


When you have everything dialed in, using inbound marketing software is one of the most powerful ways to drive new leads, sales, and conversions. By using some of the tools above, you can increase productivity, drive more traffic through engaging content, and capture data points via analytics that can be used to make intelligent business decisions.

Anna Crowe
By Anna Crowe

Anna works as a SEO Consultant and writer for Search Engine Land. Over the last decade, Anna has successfully developed and implemented online marketing strategies, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 100+ businesses of all sizes; from the Fortune 500, to startups, and nonprofits. She enjoys burritos and puppies (in that order).

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