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Why You Should Use This ZoomInfo Alternative in 2024

19 February 2024

Looking for more data about your website visits? You might be considering ZoomInfo. But is it right for your business?

There are a ton of software options to gather and sort B2B buyer intent data, and comparing all the options can be a hassle. We decided to make it easy to figure out if Leadfeeder is the right ZoomInfo alternative for your business. 

Below we'll compare ZoomInfo and Leadfeeder based on features, integrations, pricing, and customer support

Note: Leadfeeder is the B2B business data platform you've been waiting for. Sign up for a free, 14-day trial and start tracking your website visits today.

What is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a business intelligence platform designed to help B2B businesses accelerate their sales pipeline. They actually offer a suite of tools for sales, marketing, and recruiting teams.

ZoomInfo helps businesses identify website visitors, track and score leads, streamline recruiting, and analyze customer calls, meetings, and emails.

ZoomInfo is a powerful solution with tons of features. Unfortunately, if you're just looking for website visitor and buyer intent data, you'll end up paying for a ton of tools you won't use. 

Overall, ZoomInfo is pretty pricey (in our opinion) and they don't offer the same support or integration options you'll find with Leadfeeder.

What is Leadfeeder?

Leadfeeder is a B2B buyer intent data tool designed to show marketers who visits their website, what type of content they’re interested in, and where they are in the funnel. Unlike most analytics tools, like Google Analytics, our tool actually identifies companies so marketers can create more effective marketing campaigns

But, we don't just dump a bunch of data in your lap. Our feeds and filters make it easy to sort through leads and zero in on the exact lead you want and see where they came from. 

Leadfeeder also integrates with tons of tools you already use, like Slack, CRMs, and email marketing tools. 

ZoomInfo features vs Leadfeeder

How do ZoomInfo and Leadfeeder stack up when it comes to features? Here's a breakdown of the main buyer intent features for both platforms:

Leadfeeder vs ZoomInfo comparison chart

Features winner: Leadfeeder 🚀

Leadfeeder data is updated more often and we provide more features at the base plan than ZoomInfo. Set up an onboarding can be completed in less than a day, while ZoomInfo can take weeks. Oh, and our support is better, too. 💅

ZoomInfo may be a good fit if you're looking for a much broader solution for sales, marketing, and recruiting. If you're looking specifically for website visitor and buyer intent data, Leadfeeder comes out on top. 

ZoomInfo integrations vs Leadfeeder

Both ZoomInfo and Leadfeeder integrate with a number of platforms. But how do those integrations compare? ZoomInfo integrations include: 

  • Salesforce 

  • Bullhorn

  • Windows

  • Google Drive

  • Zoho CRM

  • Pipedrive

  • Marketo

  • Outreach

  • Shift

  • Sugar Sell

  • Sales Robot

ZoomInfo offers bi-directional integration with Salesforce, which allows information to flow both ways between the two platforms. 

Leadfeeder integrates with many of your favorite sales and marketing platforms, including: 

  • Salesforce

  • Pipedrive

  • Google Analytics

  • Zoho

  • Hubspot

  • Active Campaign

  • Microsoft Dynamics 

  • Slack

  • Active Campaign

  • Google Data Studio 

  • MailChimp 

Leadfeeder also integrates with Zapier, allowing teams to automate their workflows and connect to even more apps and platforms. We are also the only tool that offers two-way integration with CRMs so you can make the most of your data.

Integration Winner: Tie 👔

Leadfeeder gets a slight edge by integrating with Zapier, which ZoomInfo does not. Leadfeeder offers two-way integrations with several CSMs, while ZoomInfo only has two-directional integration with Salesforce.

ZoomInfo pricing vs Leadfeeder

Let's talk money. Which option costs more?

ZoomInfo offers three plans: Professional, Advanced, and Elite.

ZoomInfo doesn't list pricing on their website (you'll have to contact them for a quote), however, the average price appears to be between $15,000 and $40,000 per year, depending on plan, features, and seats.

It's also worth noting that their lower-tiered plans don't offer features like purchase intent data and email addresses; you'll have to pay more to get access to data that Leadfeeder offers to all users. ZoomInfo does offer a free trial of their professional plan. 

Leadfeeder pricing is based on the number of captured leads. You can also filter out specific types of leads based on location, company size, etc., so you only pay for the leads that fit your target audience.

Here's a breakdown of Leadfeeder pricing

  • Free: Limited version with seven days of data, always free version 

  • Starting price for paid plan, $ 99

Leadfeeder also offers a free 14-day trial.

Pricing winner: Leadfeeder 💸

Leadfeeder is far more affordable and offers a limited, always free version. 

ZoomInfo customer support vs Leadfeeder

If there's something strange in your dashboard, who you gonna call?

The Ghostbusters probably can't help. But, hopefully, customer support can. Here's how ZoomInfo and Leadfeeder compare. 

ZoomInfo offers support via: 

  • Phone (guaranteed response in one business day)

  • Help Center

  • Ticket center

Leadfeeder offers support via several channels, including; 

Oh, and Leadfeeder provides every customer with a Customer Service Manager to help with onboarding, getting setup, and customizing Leadfeeder to fit your needs. ZoomInfo only provides a CSM for their highest-tier customers. 

Customer service winner: Leadfeeder 🙌

Leadfeeder offers more support options, including live support via chat and a CSM for every customer. We're here whenever you need us.

Not convinced yet? Read more what our customers say about Leadfeeder.

Leadfeeder: an ideal ZoomInfo alternative

There's a lot of options when it comes to B2B buyer intent software. If you're not sure if ZoomInfo is the right choice, give Leadfeeder a try. Our tool is super easy to set up, and we'll even let you try it free for 14 days; no credit card required.

With Leadfeeder, you get:

  • High-quality, real-time data so you can follow up with leads fast.

  • An always free version with three days of data.

  • A free, 14-day trial of our full version (no credit card required.)

  • Live support via chat, phone, and a dedicated CSM.

  • ABM capabilities so you can target ideal customers (a feature ZoomInfo doesn't offer!)

  • A fully updated knowledge base to help answer questions and make the most out of Leadfeeder.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of Leadfeeder and start finding better leads.

Sanjana Murali
By Sanjana Murali

Sanjana Murali is the Product Marketing Manager at Leadfeeder. Connect with Sanjana on LinkedIn.

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