Leadfeeder shows you who's visiting your site

  • Identify traffic

    Turn numbers into company names.

    • Website traffic is converted into a contactable list of companies interested in you.
    • Leads are scored on their activity so you know which to contact first.
    • See exactly what each one does on your site including page visits and session length.
Leadfeeder interface showing identifying website traffic
Leadfeeder interface showing qualifying leeds
  • Qualify leads

    Focus on high-value prospects.

    • Identify your ideal prospects based on their industry and site activity.
    • Create feeds that match a sales rep's target industry or region.
    • Follow specific companies or industry types to get timely notifications.
    • Focus only on companies that you're interested in.
Leadfeeder interface showing visitor company
  • Find prospects

    Convert prospects into opportunities.

    • Automatically populate your CRM with actionable lead lists for SDRs and reps to work through.
    • Get contact information for individuals that work at the prospective companies.
    • Follow specific companies or industry types to get timely notifications.
    • Match companies with Mailchimp contacts and discover contacts with Sales Navigator.
Leadfeeder interface showing prospects
Leadfeeder interface showing monitoring customers
  • Monitor

    Close them and keep them.

    • Keep tabs on what customers are doing on your site.
    • Identify upsell and upgrade opportunities by seeing when a customer visits relevant pages.
    • Get early warning on potential refund or unsubscribe requests allowing you to reach out proactively.
Leadfeeder interface showing monitoring customers

Zero installation. Seriously.

No scripts or coding. Leadfeeder just requires a Google Analytics account so you can get started instantly. We also support native integration with the most popular CRMs and tools.

  • By connecting Leadfeeder with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, users can research and reach out to qualified prospects without having to toggle between two screens
  • Leadfeeder automatically matches companies in Leadfeeder with organizations in Pipedrive and enables you to create new deals direct from Leadfeeder
  • Leadfeeder’s Mailchimp integration uncovers real people on your website so you know who’s interested in your company and what to say to them
  • You can can connect leads to Salesforce accounts or alternatively create new ones directly from the Leadfeeder interface
  • Filter Leadfeeder leads based on their status in HubSpot and create new tasks and new deals to your HubSpot CRM from Leadfeeder
  • To connect a Leadfeeder lead to a Zoho CRM account you just need to 'click to connect' next to the orange label in the section 'CRM integration'
  • Integrate Leadfeeder with 1000+ apps via Zapier
  • See which website visitors are known to you and exist in your Dynamics already
  • Forward companies we've identified for you in Leadfeeder to Slack automatically
  • Easily send leads from Leadfeeder to your webCRM and create activities on them automatically from the Leadfeeder app
  • Send companies identified in Leadfeeder to G Suite's Hangouts Chat automatically
  • Pull info from Leadfeeder to your Data Studio reports

Full feature listing

Traffic Identification Traffic Identification

Convert anonymous traffic into company names.

Zero Installation Zero Installation

Just connect your Google Analytics account.

Intelligent Scoring Intelligent Scoring

Leads automatically scored based on site activity.

Company details Company details

Company name, size, region, industry, and website.

Contact Info Contact Info

Company contact details like email and address.

Lead Lists Lead Lists

List of contact details for known company employees.

Custom Feeds Custom Feeds

Create feeds of leads that match your criteria.

Smart Filters Smart Filters

Filter by URLs visited, UTM tags, and search terms.

Imported Lists Imported Lists

Know when target companies visit your website.

CRM Automation CRM Automation

Native integration with all top CRMs in the market.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Integration with LinkedIn for fast contact outreach.

Mailchimp Integration Mailchimp Integration

Uncover real people and match them to companies.

Search Search

View a company’s complete browsing history.

Unlimited users Unlimited users

Add as many users from your team as you need.

Personal alerts Personal alerts

Get notified as soon as a company of interest visits.

Dedicated support

Benefit from an expert support and success team

2-minute average response time during EU and US business hours2-minute average response time during EU and US business hours.

Onboarding help you get started with setting up LeadfeederOnboarding help you get started with setting up Leadfeeder.

Regional success managers who understand your businessRegional success managers who understand your business.

Best practice advice on setting up marketing and sales processesBest practice advice on setting up marketing and sales processes.

Leadfeeder team

Leadfeeder knows who’s visiting your website

Free leads from Google Analytics. No extra script installation needed.

See for yourself

Free trial. No credit card required.

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