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How Leadfeeder identifies new sales leads

Shine a light on your anonymous website traffic and get the insights you need to make the right decision—from when to reach out to how to frame your pitch. Your prospects don't have to be a mystery anymore.

Accounts are generated from your Google Analytics

Leads are generated from our Leadfeeder Tracker script

Automatically identify companies visiting your website.

Then scored and filtered by their activity on your website

Then scored and filtered by their activity on your website

Prioritize companies based on how they engage with your content.

And enriched with company and contact data

And enriched with company and contact data

Send qualified companies to your CRM and connect your sales team with decision-makers.

Spend less time researching and more time selling

  • Identify leads that are interested in you

    Uncover your anonymous website visitors.

    • Turn anonymous website traffic into real company names.
    • View enriched, up-to-date company information.
    • Build lists based on parameters including industry, employee count, location, and more.
Leadfeeder interface: Identify leads that are interested in you
Leadfeeder interface: Understand your prospect's pain points
  • Understand your prospect's pain points

    Get the information you need to craft a winning pitch.

    • Explore your target's journey through your website.
    • See what website content your prospects are viewing.
    • Score leads based on their website engagement.
Leadfeeder interface: Understand your prospect's pain points
  • Find the email of your ideal contact

    View enriched contact information.

    • Search a robust database of company employees.
    • Filter contacts based on job role, seniority or location.
    • Find emails and social profiles of decision-makers.
Leadfeeder interface: Find the email of your ideal contact
Leadfeeder interface: Enhance ad campaigns
  • Reach out at the right time

    Alert your team when accounts show intent.

    • Build lists of leads based on high-intent website pages.
    • Set up notifications via Slack or email.
    • Assign tasks and deals in your CRM.
Leadfeeder interface: Reach out at the right time
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Knowing what potential leads have been looking for makes it easier for cold callers to strike up a conversation with the potential client and discover how they can help. I think that is the secret of a good cold caller; it needs to be someone who wants to help instead of pushing their product.

Rene Looper,
Founder at Tuminds

Integrate with the tools you already use

Automatically send accounts to your CRM or marketing automation system

  • Leadfeeder automatically matches companies in Leadfeeder with organizations in Pipedrive and enables you to create new deals direct from Leadfeeder
  • Leadfeeder’s Mailchimp integration uncovers real people on your website so you know who’s interested in your company and what to say to them
  • You can can connect leads to Salesforce accounts or alternatively create new ones directly from the Leadfeeder interface
  • Filter Leadfeeder leads based on their status in HubSpot and create new tasks and new deals to your HubSpot CRM from Leadfeeder
  • To connect a Leadfeeder lead to a Zoho CRM account you just need to 'click to connect' next to the orange label in the section 'CRM integration'
  • Integrate Leadfeeder with 1000+ apps via Zapier
  • See which website visitors are known to you and exist in your Dynamics already
  • Forward companies we've identified for you in Leadfeeder to Slack automatically
  • Easily send leads from Leadfeeder to your webCRM and create activities on them automatically from the Leadfeeder app
  • Send companies identified in Leadfeeder to G Suite's Hangouts Chat automatically
  • Pull info from Leadfeeder to your Data Studio reports
  • Leadfeeder’s Google Analytics integration adds vital information (such as keyword and campaign data) to the leads we provide you

Leadfeeder knows the companies visiting your website

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