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How To Find a Company By Their IP Address Using Leadfeeder

11 August 2022

The average conversion rate for most websites is around 2 percent. 😬

This means for every 100 people who visit your site, 98 clicks away and never come back. 

You don't know their domain name, what they want, or how to contact them again. 

Businesses spend more than $79 billion a year on SEO services to drive traffic to their website—and most of that money goes to waste when you're only seeing 2% conversion rates. If that’s not a convincing use case, I don’t know what is.

That's the bad news. 

The good news is there is a way to identify the website visitors that slip away through IP addresses. But how do you find a company by their IP address

An IP lookup software like Leadfeeder. With Leadfeeder, you can turn these unknown visitors into IP addresses, and from there to company buyer intent data, and demand generation insights. Whew—did you follow th

Leadfeeder uses IP addresses to identify companies so B2B companies can find opportunities and drive ROI. Try us free for 14 days. 

What is an IP address? 

An IP (internet protocol) address is a unique set of numbers that identifies a device or network used to access the internet. It's equivalent to a house address, but for your computer. There are public IP addresses and private IP addresses.

“A public IP address identifies you to the wider internet so that all the information you're searching for can find you. A private IP address is used within a private network to connect securely to other devices within that same network. Each device within the same network has a unique private IP address.”

Just like you need to know someone's street address to send them a letter or phone number to call, networks need to know a computer's IP geolocation to send data. 

To find your own IP address, you can use a service like the aptly named 

Find a company by IP address example

You can also find your IP address on your computer, usually listed under settings. 

For residential users, the IP address doesn't tell you much besides the user's geolocation data and the name of the internet service provider (ISP.) 

For companies, however, you can learn a lot more. 

That's because, at companies, every user uses the same IP address. Large companies or those with several branches will have more than one IP address, but they can all be traced back to the company.

How to find a company's IP address

Every IP address is registered to the company or host that uses it. So, how do you find specific IP addresses for companies in real-time? There are a few ways. 

Use ping command 

On a Windows computer, go to your Window search bar and type "command prompt." On a Mac, click on the spotlight icon, type in "Terminal" and double-click on the Terminal icon. 

Once you pull up the command prompt or terminal, type in "ping" followed by the website address, including "www." for example: 


 Essentially, your computer reaches out to ping the website and converts the IP data to a company name. You'll get a response, which looks like this: 

Find a company by IP address ping

How to find a company by their IP address

If you already have an IP address, you can plug it into whoisthis to find out what company the IP address is from, then look them up on LinkedIn. 

You can see if they fit your ideal customer profile and go from there. 

You can also use a reverse DNS lookup, which is what Leadfeeder does. 

The problem is finding the IP address and then identifying the source can be a lot of work—and it doesn't tell you what specific actions that company took on your site.

Also, there isn't really a way to see what IP addresses visited your site using conventional tools. For example, Google Analytics tracks IP addresses but doesn't share them with site owners. 

You can capture IP addresses using Google Tag Manager, but it's complicated to set up and could break privacy laws, depending on where your traffic is from. 

If only there was an easier way to identify companies by their IP address—and turn that information into data you could use. 🤔

Well, there is. 

How Leadfeeder Identifies companies by IP address

Leadfeeder uses reverse IP address lookup to see what companies visit your website. 

Then, we pair that information with a database of company profiles (our proprietary API). This means you can easily see what companies visit your website and their IP location, industry, size, revenue, and onsite behavior like what pages they view. 

Essentially, lighting up the “dark funnel”.

Here's what you'll see when a lead visits your site. 

Find a company by IP address with Leadfeeder

In this example, the site has integrated Leadfeeder with its email marketing platform, which means you can see exactly who visited the website and what pages they clicked. 

If you don't use this integration, you'll still see the company name, the pages they viewed, and all the firmographic information (website, industries, location, size, etc.) 

We also include a "contact" section, which provides contact information of potential stakeholders from companies visiting your website. 

The contacts listed aren't necessarily your exact website traffic, but they’re likely to be involved in the buying process. We'll also supply their social accounts and email addresses if we can find them. 

It gets even better.🤯

With custom feeds, you can tell us exactly who your ideal customer is—their location, industry, revenue, even specific behaviors you want to track—and we'll notify you every time you get a visit from a company that fits your parameters. (Don't worry, you can customize these notifications!) 

Even better, custom feeds take less than a minute to set up. 

You can also automate the lead management process by connecting Leadfeeder to your sales and marketing platforms. 

Want to make sure John in sales sees leads for small businesses and Joan in marketing sees when someone downloads a whitepaper? You can do that. 

All of these features (and more) start by finding company IP addresses. 

Now you know how to find a company by their IP address—what's next? 

Finding a company by their IP address provides access to more information than you might think. And, it doesn't violate privacy laws, including GDPR. Think of all of the ABM possibilities — they’re endless.

The data we provide can be used to qualify leads more effectively, speed up sales response times, and ensure your marketing tracking is on point. Also, Leadfeeder sends data directly to your CRM.

What are you waiting for? 

Identify companies by IP address and learn where they are in the buying process with Leadfeeder. Our dashboard identifies companies on your site and tracks onsite behavior to help streamline marketing efforts and drive close rates. Try us free for two weeks.

Daire Summerville
By Daire Summerville

Head of Growth at Leadfeeder. Daire is a digital growth expert with expertise in Google Analytics, Google Ads, GTM & SEO.

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