Leadfeeder Offers API Access to Its Customers, and Beyond...

Leadfeeder, as robust as it is in its ability help manage website visitor data, also offers more to its users: Access to its equally robust API.

Oftentimes, the use case for such a need to tap into our API, is driven by need for customization of certain processes—whether those be sales efforts, marketing functions, or lead generation operations. Our openness to integrate with other apps and tools has made Leadfeeder more functional and convenient for teams all over the world, but, that being said, sometimes our product alone is unable to address ultra-specific problems our users are facing.

Our solution — open up and allow other product creators to integrate with our API.

Our hope — is to not only retain our customers who are loving what we do with data, and in turn, create more Leadfeeder evangelists! But we also hope to attract other product creators who are interested in using Leadfeeder to power their efforts, as well.

Here are three of the most common use cases we’ve noticed that are helpful to our customers’ success, and perhaps these cases will inspire you to join the Leadfeeder API movement:

1. Custom CRMs

Certain customers in our database have built their own custom CRMs, for example, Taimer. In this case, these customers want to take certain Leadfeeder data to their clients and present as part of their product’s functionality.

For instance, the aforementioned Taimer, a Finland-based Invoicing, Sales and Productivity Platform, uses the Leadfeeder API to present its clients with insights regarding website visitor data that can only be uncovered using our unique API. With Taimer clients can manage all sales efforts in one, easy-to-use platform.

Using Leadfeeder’s API strengthens this experience for its end users, and best of all, offers Leadfeeder customers, such as Taimer, the opportunity to capitalize further from their subscription, and become evangelists and partners with us. A win:win!

2. Advanced CRM Integrations

Certain Leadfeeder customers have their own CRM that they want to integrate with Leadfeeder, for their own purposes. For example webveistamo.fi is using this data to build an integration for Odoo, an open-source ERP and CRM.

3. Build a Better Lead Qualification and/or Analytics Process

Oftentimes, we have users that are just ultra data-driven. They truly understand the power of data, and want more of it. So, these users—who are eager to build a lead qualification process, for instance, that aligns with their unique business’ needs—pull our Leadfeeder API data to their own database whereupon they combine this data with their own sources, and other sources, and then process it even further.

Conversely, we have equally data-savvy customers that do the same thing as our prior example, but they capture the Leadfeeder API data, and send it to their own database to analyze it over a business intelligence too, also known as B.I. For instance, Accobat.dk, who has built a separate solution to analyze Leadfeeder data inside its PowerBI tool. We actually launched a webinar with them recently about this, and you can view the Replay here by selecting Access Webinar.

Kristoffer Engmann Sisseck, Business Consultant, at Accobat, explains, “We use Leadfeeder API in Power BI because it gives us the means and opportunities to filter data much more in-depth. When doing so, we can create a detailed customer journey.”

Sisseck went on to note, “We can also calculate our own custom KPI’s, and then track how we are performing compared to different periods. Lastly, we have connected Leadfeeder data to other sources, such as our CRM system — and Leadfeeder itself does that. When doing so, we can track the customer after Leadfeeder, all the way from lead to a Closed customer.”

Integrate seamlessly in your journey!

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please send us an email at Team@Leadfeeder.com and we’d be happy to help!

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