New Feature Announcement! Leadfeeder Just Got a Major Boost.

28 May 2018 by

That’s right: Leadfeeder just scored a major boost — straight from our amazing product development team! Coined Leadfeeder Booster, our latest product improvement will allow users like you to not only see more leads, but score more leads throughout the day with this latest update, plus several other great benefits.

Best of all, setting up your Leadfeeder Booster is quite simple. Booster is, in a nutshell, a new complementary tracking script for your Google Analytics. Once you’re logged in and inside your Leadfeeder Dashboard, merely go into your Company Settings and select Leadfeeder Booster and follow the four prompts—easy-peasy.

What Leadfeeder Booster Can Do For You.

As you can see below, there are four benefits to enabling this feature. All you have to do is go through the wizard in Company Settings under Booster, and start benefiting from the new script.

Booster Benefits:

  • Currently, Leadfeeder pushes new leads twice-a-day to your dashboard—but once you set up Booster, you’ll have more data added daily—at 12 times per-day! This gives you leads more frequently to work with than ever before.

  • You can now also identify how many unique visitors from the same company are visiting and they are now tagged with a specific name/color in your Lead Visit List. This allows you greater insights into how many unique individuals from a particular company have visited your site—so you’ll know who exactly to contact, and their role. Plus, if you use Leadfeeder Contacts and the LinkedIn integration, you’ll have even more contact information at your fingertips to make the most out of this major Boost.

  • Time travel with Booster! And we mean it. If you identify someone in your MailChimp campaign clicks, you’ll also be able to view other visits from that specific visitor in the history—and in the future. Much like a retroactive view, you’ll be able to see more historical data to glean a better understanding of your campaign engagement.

  • Enterprise clients, rejoice! Some of our mega users have more than 100K in site visitors daily—that’s a massive amount of data traffic. Now, with Leadfeeder Booster, we can handle that traffic with ease as we can now load that data faster than ever.

What Current Users Are Saying About Leadfeeder Booster…

“Leadfeeder Booster helps us to measure account engagement more accurately. We are able to see the number of visitors from an account, how often they’ve visited, and which pages they’ve visited. This information helps us evaluate which of our target accounts could be ready for further discussions with us.”

Juuso Kykkänen

Juuso Kykkänen Digital Marketing Manager at RELEX Solutions

Curious On How To Get Started?

Please visit the following Leadfeeder Support & Help Desk articles to get you going:

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Or better yet, please view the short video below for a quick tutorial on how to get Booster locked-and-loaded:

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