New Feature Announcement: Leadfeeder Launches New Trigger For Zapier

19 September 2018 by

Zapier is a unique tool that gives our users, as well as hundreds of thousands of Zapier customers, the power to connect marketing and sales tools for peak productivity and usability.

It’s genius, really.

That being said, as our relationship with Zapier moved out of Beta this summer, and into more robust usage by our Leadfeeder users, because we’re intent on making the experience even more powerful with the two powerhouse solutions working together, in tandem. That’s why we’re excited to share news about a new Trigger we’re launching with Zapier. Read on to discover more, understand how to use it—and why you’ll love it.


New Zapier Feature: Recurring Lead Trigger


Leadfeeder’s Recurring Lead Trigger is a new feature, and a powerful way to trigger your Zaps to notify you each time a recurring lead visits your website.


Well, Leadfeeder’s new “Recurring Lead” triggers every time a lead— matching your criteria—visits your company’s website. You may then utilize this data in your automated Zaps.

Once Zapier sees your recurring lead visiting your site again (and again), Zapier and Leadfeeder combined will automatically deliver information about which pages on your site the lead visited and when they did so.

One of our long-time customers Jon Lee explains, We have a couple Zaps setup already and get the Leadfeeder information into our ‘Sales Channel’ on Slack after looking up additional information in for new companies that visit. It works great as a way for us to focus our outbound marketing and email campaigns.

Jon Lee Jon Lee, President and CTO at Atomized.


The reason this trigger is important, is that now you can send this behavioral information to the right salesperson, or to your favorite business tool or CRM. Recurring lead visits show compounding interest in your company.

Let’s play out this scenario. Let’s say you’re utilizing an Account-Based Marketing Strategy (AMB), and you notice a targeted account downloading your case studies, hanging around your Pricing and Product pages, or engaging in your blog content… Now you’ve now got some serious behavioral data to play with.

“Many users want to go further than just getting info on new lead’s first visit,” explains Leadfeeder’s Product Manager, Kosti Lepojarvi. “They want to tap into the information that interesting leads leave every time they visit the site. This new trigger enables that use case.”

For instances, if a prospect downloaded a piece of gated content or read particular pieces of content on your blog, now ABM strategists can give sales teams targeted information so they can reach out and understand what their pain points might be.


I’ve been using Leadfeeder’s new Zapier integration to manage leads for several months with great success. I’m also very excited about this new Recurring Lead Zap, now we are notified about even more hot leads—at the right time,” says Leadfeeder customer, Mikko Tuominen, Head of Sales with Montel Intergalactic.

And when the timing is right, you can offer them more educational content on the power of your company’s solution, whatever that may be, and build a relationship of trust, and also a relationship guided by data-driven, behavioral knowledge.



If you’re a big fan of Zapier, here, Leadfeeder users can uncover 20 different ways to utilize Zapier to automate Leadfeeder. Many of these options pair nicely with the new Leadfeeder Recurring Lead Trigger for lead management, process enhancements and scoring new business! In conjunction with the options Zapier offers, Leadfeeder integrates with other popular CRMs, such as Pipedrive, Hubspot and Salesforce (and many more!), as well as collaboration tools, like Slack and Google Hangouts Chat, which can also be used with Zapier to increase productivity.

Check out also these ready-made templates to make most out of Leadfeeder & Zapier.

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