Introducing Imported Lists: Account-Based Marketing Made Easy

Having a process-driven lead generation strategy plays a key role in your ability to succeed as a salesperson or marketer. But what would life look like if you could track the activity of target accounts as they visit your website?

Sales and marketing could start conversations sooner, placing you top of mind above your competitors who have no idea when Fortune 500 companies (for example) express deep interest in their products and services.

After all, just because they didn’t sign up doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

With Leadfeeder’s Imported Lists feature, you can upload a list of target accounts (company names and website addresses) you want to track whilst monitoring their activity in one place.

In fact, due to popular demand, we prioritized this improvement so whether you’re managing your targeted lists via MS Excel or a fancy CRM, Imported Lists is the perfect feature to help you get the job done.

One of our customers, Melanie Leung, Marketing Operations Manager at, had this to say about utilizing the new feature:

“We are currently revving up our ABM tactics and Leadfeeder has truly been a great help. We are able to upload a list of prospects from each sales rep’s list and organize them so that the rep gets notified every time that prospect visits our website,” Leung explains.

“This has given us additional intelligence around when and where these prospects are visiting, even when they are not filling out our lead capture forms. Our sales team has been able to reach out to these prospects and have in-depth conversations about the content they have consumed from our website. Everyone on the team is very impressed with this feature,” she also notes.

Here’s How Imported Lists Works:

First, you can now import a list(s) of your targeted Companies via a CSV file. As a best practice for utilizing this feature, you should upload Companies and their website addresses—using this format improves the accuracy of the leads matching. So, the more information, the better the outcome.


This new Imported Lists feature allows you to:

  • Track your imported, targeted companies, and see if they’re visiting your website—when and how often.
  • Understand their behavior on your site—see what site pages they visit, what content they view and engage with.
  • Create multiple ABM lists within your account so that multiple users can qualify and connect with their targeted accounts.
  • Upload a list of closed/lost sales opportunities and get notified when they visit again in the future, so sales teams can re-engage.


The basic goal of the Imported Lists feature, is that you can now upload lists of company names and web addresses which will be matched against leads.

What’s the Inside Scoop?

See what Leadfeeder’s lead developer on the project has to say…

“Imported Lists is a feature which really makes you look at Leadfeeder from a ground-up perspective: You don’t need to browse through ready-made filters to manually define your custom feed,” explains Leadfeeder’s developer on the project, Mariusz Hausenplas.

“Instead, you can import a list which would then serve as a personalized, tailor-made filter. This required a completely different approach to development than the one we’re used to. Still, we were able to leverage our search engine capabilities and our signature company database to create something flexible, yet predictable and precise,” he went on to note regarding Imported Lists development.

This enables you to utilize the “Imported List” custom feed filter in which you can craft Imported Lists to be used for filtering, such as, “Fortune 500 companies” or “Prospective clients,” and the like. In short, this feature allows you to track these targeted companies by defining your Custom Feed Filters, where you can also match against leads.


Check out this Support Article for step-by-step directions on how to get started with Imported Lists.

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