Product Improvement News: Leadfeeder's Hottest Updates, Explained!

Spring is in the air! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming—and the Leadfeeder team is releasing hot, new product enhancements that’ll put an extra spring in your step.

This quarter, we’re going to break out your improvements by category. Just hop around the post, uncover what’s most exciting to you—no matter which way you slice it — you’ll love it, or lead it.

Data Quality

1. Connecting With Your Leads Just Got Even Easier

Now the listed phone number in your Company Information area is selected automatically based on your lead’s location.


For example, if a company has an office in both Finland and Sweden, and the lead comes from Helsinki—the Finnish phone number will be displayed.

2. Newly Incorporated Crunchbase Company Data

Recently, we added Crunchbase as an additional data provider, and the improvement is now live. The benefit to this new improvement, is besides using Crunchbase for enhancing various company attributes—such as, social media profiles, and the like—we now provide a link to Crunchbase as an attribution for that particular company profile.

Here’s an example of the new “CB” icon highlighted on a Company Detail that’s attributed to Crunchbase:


3. Company Description Information Added

We have added a new field of information, Description, to a lead’s Company Info. This offers you and your team greater insight into the lead’s company category and industry focus, and other details about the type of company it is, so you don’t have to dig around the Web to uncover whether this lead matches your sales goals.

Here’s an example shown here:



4. The Holy Grail: Automation

One of our biggest user requests we receive is regarding Automation. So, this last quarter has been all about improving that experience. With our new Automation Features’ launch, when you create a Custom Feed, you can set up an Automation for it. And to do so, you define which Trigger should kick-off an Automation, and which Action should be automated. For example, you can define that New Leads will automatically be assigned to a selected user.

Specifically for Pipedrive users, now you can: Define what type of Filters would qualify a visiting company as a sales qualified lead. In addition, you can have new Organizations, Deals and Activities automatically created in your Pipedrive pipeline with relevant context and information to be acted upon, based on filters you define.

We here at Kuulu, a Finland-based marketing agency, have been using both Pipedrive and Leadfeeder actively for three years, and during that time these two solutions have helped Kuulu grow its sales by almost 500 percent.

Ville Pohjonen, Creative Director @ Kuulu

Before this new feature, Leadfeeder could only connect website visit information to existing Pipedrive Organizations and Deals, which would add this detailed website visitor information as Notes in Pipedrive. This new Automation Feature benefits Pipedrive users in several ways:

For new customer acquisition, it helps you discover new interesting prospects. The feature automatically fills-in your sales pipeline according to the preferences you would use qualifying the leads themselves. Conversely, for upselling opportunities, Pipedrive users can receive upsell and/or follow-up activity automatically—which works well when there’s no scheduled follow-up for that deal.

5. Google Data Studio Add-On

This past holiday season, we added a hot new add-on. Now, Leadfeeder customers can unite data in one place by utilizing our new integration with Google Data Studio. You can now easily connect data from your spreadsheets, Analytics, Google Ads, Google BigQuery and most importantly: Leadfeeder.


If you’re already a customer, log in and you can add on a 14-day free trial. All you need is a Google account to utilize Google Data Studio. For more details, check out our announcement here which also links to helpful support articles as well.

6. Your In-App ‘Tour Guide’ & Help Menu

A crowd-favorite: Our new user experience upgrade, the Leadfeeder Onboarding Checklist, coined Account Status. This checklist is now visible on a new user’s second visit day.

This onboarding checklist sequence is essentially a guided tour of the app to help you to create the perfect custom setup, with a little gentle ‘hand-holding.’ We know many of our users are snappy and time-constrained, so customers can re-open the checklist anytime they want, as well as utilize the Help Center for everything and anything in-between.


Regarding the new Help Center addition, located in the topbar indicated in the image shown here, there’s a new icon that will open a menu with some useful links inside for those interested in the Help Center, and/or continuing with the Onboarding experience.


7. Zapier Searcher Launch

Lead generation just got a little smoother for those of you that are taking advantage of our Zapier integration. Our latest feature, Searcher, allows you to capture behavioral information and then act upon it to convert your site visitors from a lead to a customer.

How does Searcher work? Imagine a scenario where a site visitor submits their email address to your contact form or gated content download form… With Leadfeeder Searcher, you can quickly find out if the submitter’s company has visited your site before and what other content they’ve been viewing, and much more. Visit this Support article here and for more details, or for more information on powering your efforts with Zapier, visit our Zapier Marketplace here.


8. More Real-Time Slack Notifications

Users can now select whether they want Slack Custom Feed notifications sent daily or as soon as Leadfeeder fetches new data from Google Analytics every business hour between 7AM and 5PM. For this feature to work its best, we recommend setting up our free Booster script to improve and increase data updates.


9. Expand-Collapse All Visits At Once

This new improvement may not seem huge, but customers showed us the value by recommending it to save time to quickly review behavioral data, and increase productivity. Simple solution to a simple problem. See the user experience below in this GIF.

Expand-Collapse All Visits At Once

10. Hide Related Leads At Once Another improvement users will appreciate for sure: You can now hide all leads coming from the same Global Organization with 1-click. To explain, Global Organization means the same company but different locations. Now, you no longer need to open each lead separately and hide one by one anymore.


11. New Custom Feed Quick Filter:

Quick Filters just landed! Now, when adding and/or editing Custom Feeds, there’s a new feature called Quick Filters. For now, for our first launch of this new feature, we have one filter: `Leads from [user_country], but we plan to extend it over time—stay tuned! This filter will aid in region-based sales.

Here’s a demo-GIF to explain how it works.

New Custom Feed Quick Filter

12. New CRM Deal and Task Filters

Within your Filters settings for CRM Activity and Deal Status, the drop-down now supports all are and none is which will help to streamline your pipeline management process.


13. Deal Shows in Red If Overdue

Small improvement in Opportunities just landed. From now on, if an opportunity/deal is overdue, it will be marked in red just like Activities. The benefit to sales’ teams, is that they’ll be able to quickly know which accounts to prioritize first for prospecting, etc.


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