Product Improvements—Here’s What’s New With Leadfeeder!

27 April 2018 by

April showers bring May flowers, but at Leadfeeder, we celebrate springtime with new features our customers and users ask for. From social media updates, to enriched MailChimp contact details as well as Activity Data, to a new integration with the ever-popular communications tool, Slack — Leadfeeder is excited to share what’s new with you. Here you’ll find the nitty-gritty on all these improvements:

LinkedIn and Twitter Profile Information

Your social media profiles in Leadfeeder Contacts just got a little more visual! Now you can hover on your Twitter or LinkedIn icons in Leadfeeder and it opens up a window that shows you the details about the contact. This will help you know better whom to contact at the companies that visit your website, making lead generation efforts less complex and more intuitive.

As you can see, with just one click, you can view more details about your contact on LinkedIn. And with the same functionality as your LinkedIn icon, your Twitter icon will also surface more details about your contact.

Persons Page Now Supports Enriched Data

If you are using the Leadfeeder and MailChimp Integration, you’ll be happy to know that you can now see enriched contact details for contacts visiting your website from a MailChimp campaign. This helps you pinpoint engagement, improve your top-of-funnel campaign effectiveness, while also give you the insights you need to see much more about how to contact a lead visiting your site.

See MailChimp Activity Data

MailChimp activity data from your email campaigns—such as whether a email subscriber opened your MailChimp campaign, and also which links in the email they clicked on—is now visible in Leadfeeder. This gives you more ease when evaluating the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts, without having to toggle between two products. Instead, you can now see the activity of your campaign in one, easy-to-read dashboard.

Leadfeeder Slack Integration Launches

When it comes to organizing sales and marketing lead generation funnels, communication is key. Across the world, more than 50,000 teams utilize Slack to chat internally, and even with external partners — making this integration a ‘must’ for many marketers and/or sales teams who need to push leads directly to a specific channel for lead qualification.

A few weeks ago we released the Slack Integration, and just in case you missed our webinar, click here to check out the replay. If you’d like to see how it works step-by-step, check out this integrations post on how the Slack integration works from start to finish here and here.

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