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4 Advanced B2B Retargeting Strategies to Test on Your Site

24 September 2021

Tried retargeting and didn't get results? Most of the retargeting software and tips I see are for B2C products, so a lot of B2B organizations assume it won't work as well for them. 

That's fair. 

It's incorrect, but I get it. 

I probably don't have to tell you how effective retargeting can be, but I will because data makes me happy. (Also it's easier to convince your boss to try something new when you've got those sweet stats to back you up.) 

If you're on the fence about retargeting, here's what you need to know: (If you're just here for the advanced tips, feel free to skip ahead. I won't judge.) 

Remarketing works — and it works well. But to drive B2B conversions, you need to do a little more than launch a retargeting campaign on LinkedIn and call it a day. 

So today, I am going to share some advanced retargeting tactics I've figured out in the last few years — including some our own marketing team uses. 

Note: Looking for better retargeting data? Leadfeeder is a buyer intent data tool that delivers real-time data about your website visitors. Sign up for a free 14-day trial. 

1. Making the most of your AdWords competitor targeting

We all target the brand names of our competitors; so why not do it well?

The problem with competitor targeting is that people end up on your website/landing page instead of your competitor (which they were expecting), which creates a disconnect that can lead to lower direct inbound conversions or/and lots of bounces. 

Nonetheless, the buyer intent signal is crystal clear.

So, what’s the solution to the kink in the campaign? Nurturing those leads. 

With Leadfeeder, you can sort for your specific AdWords competitor targeting campaign and use that list of companies to do ABM retargeting on Linkedin. 

The Leadfeeder marketing team experimented with this exact retargeting strategy. After a few weeks, this campaign earned one of the highest bottom-of-funnel conversions we've ever seen. 

The lag time could be because website visitors still needed some convincing of our brand. Maybe Leadfeeder needed to build trust, or maybe the potential customers had a current contract running with our competitors and weren't quite ready to pull the trigger. 

The end result, however, was definitely worth it.

Don’t want to leave it to Linkedin to make the most of these leads? Account-based selling (ABS) is a perfect answer, but in an ideal world, we'd combine both efforts.

2. Ungated content or full ebooks on the website

We all love making content and racking up those new sweet, sweet email sign-ups, don’t we?

The problem is, people are holding on to their email these days as we’re getting pulled into a marketing machine with lots of different messaging.

But, here's what you might not know: B2B content consumption is actually up 50 percent. People want your content. So, how do you make sure your content actually drives leads? 

It might sound counter-intuitive but try un-gating your content. 

I know, I know. But hear me out. 🔊

Leadfeeder has a couple of good examples of ebooks gone ungated: The Lead Generation Guide and Your Complete Guide to Website Visitor Tracking.

By creating an easily accessible URL, people can bookmark your site and get everything right from your website! This builds trust and will do wonders for your SEO if done correctly. 

On the page itself, you can include lots of different CTAs to still get those email sign-ups. In fact, we've seen even higher conversion rates for clients of ours doing indirect CTAs like this (almost 10 percent for some!)

If you're using Leadfeeder, you can identify the companies coming to the page and so you can take appropriate action to nurture those leads. 

For example, you can create a custom feed filter that tracks users who view that page three times and fit your target audience in terms of industry, size, etc. 

3. Make the most of gated content bounces

Still not convinced that un-gating your valuable content for everyone is the right path, but want to gain more value from driving that traffic to the page? 

Here's what you can do:

Head to your Leadfeeder dashboard and create a custom feed that tracks visitors that bounce off a page. 

Leadfeeder create a new feed screenshot

Decide where you want those leads to go — you can get an email notification, Slack message, or even have it uploaded to your CRM. 

Use the contact info provided in Leadfeeder to find out who is the best point of contact. 

Then, send the PDF directly to the target persona within those companies through a quick email or social message. You already know they are interested, so it's not an ice-cold email. 🌤

You might be surprised by the great conversations that can flow out of those. Not rocket science, but being at the right place at the right time — with the correct message — is what we all want, isn't it? 

4. Keep your focus on the right deals and the right time

I just mentioned timing, didn’t I? Well here’s another tip on being in the right place at the right time! Leadfeeder has tons of CRM integrations, and those integrations can create powerful automations. 

For example, you can set parameters and automatically assign leads to sales. Say you have B2B and B2C sales teams, you can automatically send leads to the right team or even to a specific salesperson. 

It's all about working smarter, right? 

Another way to use this is by tracking your current prospects and creating meaningful touchpoints at the perfect time. A good example of this is my own custom feed: 

Leadfeeder edit custom feed

Here I keep track of my prospect visiting pages that indicate buyer intent. I want to know when people are going to the ‘buy now’ page or want more information about the subscription packages because that (usually) means they are ready to ‘buy now.’ 

Or they might need a last nudge or question answered. Since I’m tracking them, I can follow up when they’re ready to buy. 

Sure beats cold calling, right? 

You can do the same for your lost deals. Instead of reconnecting with them at random intervals, you can see when they are showing buyer intent again by visiting the payment page and reach out. 

You can also use this data to power your LinkedIn retargeting efforts

Leadfeeder makes advanced retargeting easier  

Effective retargeting needs good data. 📈 Leadfeeder lets you use buyer intent data to drive your remarketing campaigns — so you're not wasting time (and $$) retargeting users who aren't ready to buy. 

Note: Leadfeeder is the buyer intent tool you've been dreaming about. We identify companies that visit your website and track their behavior so you can focus on marketing strategies that work. Sign up for your free 14-day trial. 

Thijs Schutyser
By Thijs Schutyser

Thijs Schutyser is a Business Development Manager at Leadfeeder. Connect with him on Linkedin.

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