11 tools to generate more b2b sales

11 Tools to Help Generate More B2B Sales for Small Businesses

30 September 2020 by

The most successful small businesses share the same mindset.

They have to move fast. They have to improvise. They have to stay hungry.

It’s especially true for small businesses that plan on making B2B sales.

Such companies can’t rely on the infrastructure and budget of a corporation. They need to make each decision count. So, it’s not an option to go into B2B sales without extra help.

There are dozens of sales and lead generation tools aimed at B2B small business. But building your workflow on the wrong toolset can have ramifications. You don’t want to find that you’re paying for a tool you don’t need. Losing money on something that’s supposed to help you earn more is never a great feeling.

We decided to highlight our favorite picks in the space of B2B tools tailored to the needs of a small business.

These won’t wreck your budget, and they will help you build a robust sales pipeline. Let’s dive in!

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1) Reply

Pricing: 14-day free trial; $200/month for the Business plan

Email remains an essential part of the sales puzzle. An average sales rep sends dozens (if not hundreds) of emails per day. It takes a lot of time!

Reply helps small businesses get that time back. It automates huge chunks of sales outreach: follow-ups, drip campaigns, and email analytics. Templates, schedules, and rules make sure that Reply is easy to set up the way you want to. The tool even checks your writing to ensure that your message is on point.


2) LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Pricing: 30-day free trial; $79.99/month for the Sales plan

If your budget allows for a single B2B sales tools, there’s an argument to make for Sales Navigator.

Here’s the thing: with more than 562-million accounts, LinkedIn is a great source of prospects. Sales Navigator makes it easy to find leads who suit your ideal customer profile, but it doesn’t stop there. You can track market opportunities, growing companies, and careers of your most prized customers. The data you find improve your outreach and makes it easier to connect with the right people.

It’s possible to structure your entire sales workflow around Sales Navigator. The tool is a powerhouse for prospecting.

linkedin sales navigator

3) Leadfeeder

Pricing: 14-day free trial; paid plans start at $55/month.

Leadfeeder helps you discover companies that visit your website. The insights help you discover opportunities, prepare a sales pitch, or secure a referral beforehand. After all, make the B2B world spin ‘round.

Small businesses have to move fast, and Leadfeeder is great at helping you strike the iron while it’s hot. It’s a bit like reading the thoughts of your potential customers. See what your leads are looking for, and engage them with a message aimed at solving their needs. We integrate with Google Analytics data too — simply install the Leadfeeder Tracker script and connect your Google Analytics account, and you’re good to go.


Try Leadfeeder for free with these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up for the free trial HERE.

leadfeeder signup step one

Step 2: Connect your Google Analytics account.

leadfeeder signup step two

Step 3: Choose and connect your Google Analytics account.

leadfeeder signup step three

Step 4: Select your Google Analytics view.

leadfeeder signup step four

Step 5: Create account.

leadfeeder signup step five

Step 6: Fill out your company profile.

leadfeeder signup step six

Step 7: Install the Leadfeeder Tracker script.

leadfeeder signup step seven

Step 8: And it's done!

leadfeeder signup step eight


4) Close.io

Pricing: 14-day free trial; paid plans start at $65/month

Imagine a CRM built from the ground up for the needs of a modern SaaS company. Basically, that’s Close.io, a streamlined platform for sales professionals.

The developers of Close.io paid a lot of attention to making sure that you don’t waste your time. The tool shows your calls, emails, and tasks under a single dashboard, and it integrates with other platforms you might be using (like Zendesk or HipChat). The tool also has a lot of features aimed at tracking your team performance, ensuring maximum sales productivity.

close crm product

5) FollowUp.cc

Pricing: 14-day free trial; paid plans start at $23/month

The majority of prospects need to receive up to five follow-ups before making a decision. Most sales reps stop after a single one. It opens up a huge opportunity for salespeople who pay attention to their follow-ups, even though persistence is unnatural.

FollowUp.cc is a Gmail extension that takes out the pain of following up. It can schedule your emails, set up reminders, and import your contacts from a CRM. What’s most important is that it can automatically follow-up on your emails until you get a reply. The extension is lightweight, but it’s a great way to minimize lost opportunities.

followup gmail extension

6) LeadGibbon

Pricing: 7-day free trial; paid plans start at $99/month

LeadGibbon helps you save time by combining Sales Navigator prospecting with email verification. It integrates into LinkedIn, so you can immediately validate business emails of your leads after you find them. You can even send them an email directly from the LinkedIn page.

The tool can also export a prospect’s data to a spreadsheet on Google Drive. Adding LeadGibbon to your workflow is a great way to make prospecting faster.

leadgibbon chrome extension

7) Crystal

Pricing: basic features are free; paid plans start at $29/month

Sales emails should be persuasive. But different people respond to different things. Some like direct and to-the-point communication, while others prefer to sound informal.

Crystal helps you find what kind of person you are trying to reach. It automatically analyzes your prospect to help you understand their character. The tool recommends how to change your email to remove weak language and ensure a response.

Researching each lead isn’t always an option. Crystal makes sure that you sound persuasive each time you write a new message.

crystal personality ai

8) Pipedrive

Pricing: 14-day free trial; paid plans start at $15/month

Pipedrive is another CRM that was built specifically with small business in mind. The team behind Pipedrive tried to simplify each step of a sales rep’s workflow. The resulting toolset is intuitive and highly customizable.

The CRM features a clean interface that allows you to take a bird’s eye view of your sales pipeline. It tracks all your tasks and notifies you when it’s time to take action. Pipedrive also forecasts your revenue and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Most of Pipedrive’s customers swear by the product, highlighting its security, customer support, and overall efficiency.

pipedrive crm feature

9) MailTrack

Pricing: basic features are free; paid plans start at $5/month

Timing is important in B2B sales. But the process of tracking your emails remains frustratingly ambivalent. You can never be sure that your message was read!

MailTrack is a streamlined extension that adds read receipts to Gmail. Simple as that. The extension notifies you when your emails were opened, tracks clicks, and integrates into your CRM. This way you will be able to continue the conversation when it most makes sense.


10) Growbots

Pricing: No free trial; schedule a demo

Growbots is a modern sales automation platform. It has tools for customer identification, drip campaigns, and lead generation.

The platform lets you access over 200 million potential customers. It automatically identifies decision-makers and helps you keep in touch with them. You can schedule email campaigns, perform A/B tests (the importance of which we already discussed), track your results and more.


11) Salesmate CRM

Pricing: Free 15-day Trial, $12 per month per user after free trial expires.

Small businesses revel in the opportunity to score powerful CRM software at a great price. That’s where Salesmate comes in to play.

This sales-focused CRM software can help grow your sales, because as its website notes, “With Salesmate CRM, sales teams can eliminate the busywork and use modern sales techniques to engage more prospects. With more time and the right insights, they can sell faster and deliver a personalized experience to each customer.”

With features built to satisfy the needs of swift-moving sales teams, Salesmate offers contact management, a visual Pipeline, customization options, a mobile-experience, and much more. With a 15-day free trial, why not give ‘em a shot?



Today, there are more tools aimed at small businesses than ever before. Picking up the right ones is a decision which can help you grow your sales pipeline for years.

We hope that our today’s list will help you make that decision. B2B sales are hard, but with the right toolset, it’s more than possible to outsmart your competition and secure the deal of your dreams.

Note: Want to know what businesses are already visiting your website? Sign up for free Leadfeeder's 14-day trial and we'll show you who visited your website and which pages they visited.

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