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Leadfeeder New Features

We have couple of new features available at Leadfeeder:

Easier lead management with tabs

To make managing your leads easier, we've added tabs to view your new and handled leads separately. When you assign or email a company, it simply goes under the 'handled' tab.

Screenshot showing the Leadfeeder interface with companies visible with statuses of Assigned to you and Emailed

More options for your email notifications

Many of our users have regular visitors on their website and might get notified of their visits often. Now you can choose a minimum time between notifications of the same company. In addition you can now configure how many leads are included in one email.

Screenshot from email notifications preferences for All Leads feed

Updated billing settings and receipts

We've also added updated billing settings and a possibility to view all your receipts online. There's also a handy new view for overview of all your accounts, their subscription statuses, etc.

So go ahead and check out the new features. If don't have a Leadfeeder account already, signup for one. It takes only couple of minutes, doesn't cost anything and you get these and all the other Premium features free for a month.

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