Driving qualified leads with personalized campaigns (Q&A)

Driving Qualified Leads with Personalized Campaigns (Q&A)

10 March 2022

Getting personal is not always a good thing. When it comes to lead generation, however, getting personal is a very good thing. 

Personalization helps you find more qualified leads — and gives you a heads up on the sales process. 

In fact, 99 percent of marketers say personalization helps advance customer relationships, with 52 percent claiming it has a “strong” impact and 26 percent saying it has an “extremely strong” impact.

Even better, customers that leverage personalization across the customer lifecycle see 300 percent higher ROI.

To get the low down on driving qualified leads using personalization, I recently sat down with Hadrien, Director of Product Marketing operations at Dolead

In the webinar, Hadrien covered: 

  • Different types of lead generation 

  • How to make the most out of Facebook ads

  • Getting personal with Google Ads

  • What metrics to track (and why)

  • How to stay compliant with GDPR 

  • Measuring success and ROI 

Here's the video if you want to watch it!

After the webinar, we had a fantastic Q&A session. Below, we'll cover the answers provided by both myself and Hadrian and link to a ton of fantastic resources. 

Note: Leadfeeder identifies companies that visit your website so you can build more effective personalized campaigns. Sign up for free and see who's visiting your site.  

How can I target the list of companies I see in Leadfeeder who visited our website on Facebook and Google? 

This is possible using Leadfeeder's Google Analytics integration. You can create audiences in your GA account for the companies that visit your website (and segment by industry or company size). Then, easily import the audiences to Google ads and use them as audiences in your remarketing campaigns. Boom, done. 

To add this, head to your Leadfeeder dashboard, select your name, then choose "Setting" or "Personal Settings" from the drop-down menu under your name. 

Then click "Google Account" and "Authenticate Google Analytics." 

Driving qualified leads - Leadfeeder Q&A

What is the best tool to track metrics?

You want us to pick one tool? It's not going to happen. 🙅‍♀️ 

We love data and we love tools that give us more data. 

Pick your poison:

When it comes to lead generation, how effective is email marketing?

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful marketing strategies. Whether you're qualifying leads, delivering demos, or launching a new feature, email lets you reach your prospects at any time — and there are no algorithms to deal with or ads to pay for. 

Add personalization to that mix, and you've got a powerhouse that can drive leads and conversions. 

What ABM approach should I use when advertising for small niches with a target KPI of just two to three leads per month? 

Using Facebook and Google Ads, etc. can be a lot more difficult when you're using personalized targeting. I strongly recommend using LinkedIn. 

Here's the checklist the Leadfeeder team uses to get ABM retargeting right: 

  • Identify the accounts visiting your website (That's where Leadfeeder comes in.) 

  • Qualify accounts to match your ICP (and buyer intent)

  • Alert your sales team when accounts revisit.

  • Analyze which companies are engaging by paying attention to site visits, time on page, and number of visitors. (All that info is in Leadfeeder!) 

  • Target your account list and buyer personas. 

  • Create a LinkedIn Campaign. 

  • Upload your list to LinkedIn Matched Audiences.

  • Launch your ads using the list. 

We also offer a full guide to ABM here. 

Are there any other tools you suggest for driving qualified leads? 

You’re lookin’ at it; Leadfeeder. 😏

Kidding. There are legitimately hundreds of tools for finding and driving qualified leads. It's a little overwhelming. 

Here's a list of the ones we love the most:

What challenges did Dolead overcome with the integration of Leadfeeder? Was it easy to use? Are there any downsides? 

Leadfeeder is simple and effective, and it doesn't overcomplicate the process of tracking companies coming to our website. It has a ton of out-of-the-box connections, like Slack and Hubspot, which make things a million times easier. 

Honestly, adoption was a breeze right out of the box. The workflows never fail, the notifications are fantastic and the email reports are incredibly easy to follow. My only complaint is that the industry fields are not always accurate. I wish they would use the LinkedIn industry label. 

Dolead chose Leadfeeder because we wanted to track the companies that we are currently having conversations with who are visiting our website. 

We also wanted to expand to other zones and run different ABM campaigns. As a result, we needed a tool that would provide regular alerts when these companies visit our site. 

Leadfeeder was exactly what we were looking for! 

What is the best metric to measure an ad or creative's performance? 

As we discussed in the webinar, CTR is not always the most accurate metric to track personalized campaigns. Instead, look for the creative with the lowest Cost per Acquisition (CPA). 

It's about the creatives that lead to the desired conversions for your ads. There isn't much benefit to a creative that drives a lot of people to click on your ad (meaning a good CTR) and then none of these customers convert. 

Lowest cost per acquisition provides a better holistic view of your entire campaign. 

Ready to drive more qualified leads? Leadfeeder can help. 

Leadfeeder is a sales and marketing tool designed to help your team find and identify companies that visit your website. Leverage company names, buyer intent data, and onsite actions to develop hyper-personalized campaigns that drive real results. 

Note: The best part? You can try us free for 14 days. 

Jessie Taylor
By Jessie Taylor

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