Leadfeeder Contacts provides email addresses of decision-makers at visiting companies

Leadfeeder contacts is a major product update that shows you the email addresses and job titles of people who work at companies that visit your website. You can click on a person’s email address and send them an email.

Leadfeeder app displaying new contacts feature

Shows real people and makes prospecting easier

The new contacts feature displays email addresses associated with key decision-makers at visiting companies in a new section called “Leadfeeder contacts” which is situated below company information and it will ensure that it’s much quicker and smoother to contact a lead than it is at the moment.

Leadfeeder contacts doesn’t replace the LinkedIn contacts feature but it represents an upgrade to the way users currently operate because it reduces the number of steps needed to reach out to a prospect.

Leadfeeder app displaying LinkedIn contacts section

At the moment Leadfeeder users typically click through from Leadfeeder to LinkedIn to check out prospects and then grab their email address with a tool like Hunter. But now Leadfeeder contacts removes the need to find an email address elsewhere because it delivers them on a plate inside the Leadfeeder tool.

Available for the majority of tracked companies

Over 50% of companies showing as website visitors in Leadfeeder will display email contact details and job titles and for the Top leads feed this will be a lot higher. When it’s publicly available a person’s photo will also be shown.

Leadfeeder app displaying contact with photo

Click through to contacts’ social profiles and your CRM

Besides email addresses, certain contacts will also display clickable labels for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter next to their name so you can click through and approach or research target buyers on social media. If a contact is in one of your company’s MailChimp email lists then their profile will be tagged MailChimp.

Leadfeeder app displaying MailChimp label for a contact

In addition if a contact is already in your integrated CRM (Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, web CRM) they will display a CRM label and you will be able to click through to view that person’s details in your CRM.

When you click on a company in your lead feed on the left side of the Leadfeeder app initial contact information will be displayed. When you decide you want to know more about the key people at the visiting company Leadfeeder will load more contact info. Leadfeeder will automatically update contacts once every 24 hours.

How has Leadfeeder contacts helped companies already?

Jan Lambæk Hansen, Marketing Lead, Accobat - Business Intelligence and Consulting “The time spent on researching who has visited our site has been reduced significantly with Leadfeeder. Finding and identifying key decision-makers and/or influencers is easy and effective. Also, Leadfeeder often provides email addresses on leads, which makes it convenient for our Sales team to engage in personal contact with those leads. Leadfeeder is the best top-of-funnel software I have ever used – not least because Sales love it and their colleagues in the lead-focused marketing department.”

Maria Belen Eglez, Growth Strategist, Unbabel “Leadfeeder contacts helps us to see if we already have a related contact or lead in our database (Salesforce) and the LinkedIn recommendations allows saving some time when looking for the right person to talk to.”

Mats Gustafsson, VP of Growth, BrightCom “The Leadfeeder contacts feature streamlines BrightCom’s lead and sales process in an excellent way. The feature helps us to prioritize and qualify leads before using Leadfeeder to send them to Pipedrive. We aim to only have qualified leads in our CRM.”

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