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The holidays are fast-approaching, and our gift to you: Leadfeeder improvements and updates galore. These lead-generating bits of cheer may not fit in your stocking, but they’re snug in your Leadfeeder app, awaiting you. Happy Holidays!

So, let’s get to it.

Leadfeeder Update No. 1

Let’s talk about Slack for a minute. Sure, Slack may not be the tech-behemoth that Facebook and Twitter boast in terms of sheer numbers, but what Slack does better than a heck-of-a-lot of products in the collaborative-communication space: Engagement.

According to Abhinav Agrawal of Survey Monkey, “Slack’s audience not only engages with the app frequently, it also retains rather well. Slack’s customer retention from week-to-week is around 90 percent, which is higher than most apps in the category.”

Our Slack integration is popular with our users as well—and it just got a little more robust. Now, when you set-up your Slack notifications, the lead messages can be split into separate messages. The benefit: users can now comment on each lead separately which helps teams collaborate more effectively on which leads are better qualified and, overall, allows you to seamlessly send information about companies identified in Leadfeeder to your company’s Slack.


Leadfeeder Update No. 2

This past spring, we launched an exciting partnership with Zapier that affords you the ability to send new leads automatically to a CRM, Google Sheets, Trello, or any of the other hundreds of apps Zapier seamlessly connects with!

As we continue to enhance the integration, users can now also…

Deploy the new Recurring Lead Trigger and you can now track the visits from past leads and new leads—this gives you a lot more behavioral data to track and gain insights from.

Another new feature, is a field option to “Link Back to Leadfeeder” as a Trigger response.

View the entire record of a New Lead’s first visit to your site by utilizing the New Lead Trigger.

Also, with this integration, you can define which leads you’re interested in, or qualify leads via Zapier using Leadfeeder’s smart filtering features.

For example, you could send leads which match certain country criteria, filter by those who have visited your pricing page, or your contact page, and much more. Visit our Support article here to get connected with Zapier and turn your lead generation process into a well-oiled machine.


Leadfeeder Update No. 3

Hubspot afficianados rejoice. This September, we kicked off another partnership, this time with Hubspot, a CRM that pairs nicely with Leadfeeder and boosts your prospecting powers.

At FAIR consulting group, we are very happy with the HubSpot CRM integration. We have been building a lead generation funnel and trying to build a comprehensive tech stack to help us qualify potential B2B leads. We were struggling with how we could integrate our various products. We really liked Leadfeeder and how it summarized the data for us. Now that we can use it with HubSpot, we can pinpoint opportunities and really get the most out of our data. We really look forward to the continual growth of Leadfeeder and are hoping for a HubSoit marketing integration in the near future!

Lisa Laseter, Account Executive at Safety Pros

Once you connect and integrate the two platforms, you’ll be able to enjoy automatic reporting as Leadfeeder sends lead data directly to Hubspot, and your inbox, so you never miss a beat. One of our favorite features, is the filtering relationship between Leadfeeder and Hubspot.

For example, if you’re getting close to closing a deal with your lead, you’ll be notified when that lead was visits your site, giving you the behavioral data you need to follow-up like a boss and answer product or pricing questions based on their on-site actions.

Leadfeeder Update No. 4

We launched Leadfeeder Booster this year, and it was especially important for our customers that have high traffic to score this update. Before we updated Booster, Leadfeeder pushed new leads twice-a-day to your dashboard—but once you set up Booster, you’ll have more data added daily. The updated Booster allows users to gain 12 hourly updates from 7AM to 6PM.

Ready to get Boosted? Please visit the following Leadfeeder Support & Help Desk articles to get started:

Leadfeeder Update No. 5

For those Leadfeeder customers in certain countries, such as Netherlands, we now offer the KVK-number or Local Company ID for these localized leads. In addition, we also offer the phone number localized-per-lead location. Meaning, the phone number in Company Info now gets selected automatically based on the lead’s location, falling back to the first available phone number (old behavior) if none matches the location.

For example, if a company has an office in both Finland and Sweden and the lead comes from Helsinki, the Finnish phone will be displayed. The benefit here is undeniable for those prospecting as it takes second-guessing out of any cold-calling activity.

In terms of more localized leads, we have also added a new default sorting parameter for the Leadfeeder Contacts list. The contacts are sorted alphabetically by the lead’s location, by default. This means the contacts that match the lead’s location are shown first. If you apply a different sorting, then that customization is prioritized over the default one. We also added a count bubble inside the sort button that reflects the number of sort options selected by a user. This gives you the freedom to sort and customize as you need to based on your lead qualification processes.


Leadfeeder Update No. 6

Last, but certainly not least, we have launched an exciting integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator last month. When combined with Leadfeeder, these two platforms help marketing and sales teams identify the companies visiting their website and transform this traffic into qualified leads.

“Having LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrated within Leadfeeder reduces our workflow efforts and connects us with our prospects faster,” explains longtime Leadfeeder customer, Julie Huval, Head of Marketing at Beck-Technology.

“These combined tools offer greater transparency as to who is interacting with our online presence, what they are most interested in, and how to pinpoint our conversations so it is relevant to their needs,” Huval concludes.

Leadfeeder’s mission is to help both marketing and sales professionals identify which companies are visiting their website, transform what was once anonymous traffic into qualified leads, and then connect to key decision-makers.

As we now partner with LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, customers can use the two powers combined to turn their sales efforts into a lead-generating machine!

Review all the awesome key benefits of this exciting integration and how to get started here.

Do You Have an Idea for Leadfeeder?

Did you know we have a Public Portal where users like you can submit ideas and feature requests? Well, we do, you can access it here. We take customer feedback seriously, and it’s been the driver of many of the integrations we’ve launched, from Hubspot to Zapier, to updated Contacts improvements. So, be heard, and share your ideas!

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