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The 5 Best Ways To See ROI from Website Visitor Tracking Software

26 August 2022

Whether it’s working out, making sourdough bread, or converting leads, everyone wants a shortcut—a tool or a hack that makes complicated processes easier. And better. 

While we don't have any sourdough bread tips, we can help you find and convert more leads. 

That's because there is a hack for sales teams—it's called website visitor tracking software.  

We won't bore you with all the details of how website visitor identification works (you can read about that here), but suffice it to say website analytics tools like Leadfeeder identify what companies visit your website even if they don't fill out a form or log in. 

It's like a super-secret agent is hanging out on your site, watching who visits. 🕵️ But less creepy. 

But website visitor tracking software doesn't just hand you a list of companies. They can actually drive ROI. 

Note: Want to see what companies visit your website? Leadfeeder can help. Sign up for a free 14-day trial of our website visitor tracking tool. 

1. Identify new audience segments

Do you know who your audience is? 

Most of us think we do because of Google Analytics. Spoiler, you don’t.

Sometimes it's hard to see new opportunities, especially when marketing teams spend so much time laser focusing on the audience we think will convert. 

With website visitor tracking software like Leadfeeder, you can see which companies visit your website, including their industry, location, company size, and more.

Website visitor tracking tool Leadfeeder

Let's say you target SaaS companies in Europe. Using a web visitor tracking tool, you might notice you're getting quite a few visits from companies based in another market—say South America or eCommerce. 

That new segment might give you ideas for different marketing efforts or campaigns to create. 

Alternatively, if those segments drive significant traffic but aren't a good fit, you can see what attracts them to your site. You may need to adjust your ad targeting or content strategy. 

2. Prioritize your prospect list by tracking behavior  

Creating a prospect list is the first step in most sales processes. 

However, you might end up with a huge list—and not enough context about which individual visitors are a good fit. 

Sure, you'll go through the standard qualification process. Are they in the right industry, revenue band, location, etc? 

But just because a company could be a good prospect doesn't mean they are. 

Website visitor tracking software doesn't just identify which companies are visiting your site; they also show you what actions they take on your website. 

For example, in Leadfeeder, you can see info like: 

  • How many times has a company visited your website 

  • If they visited specific pages, such as your demo page or another landing page 

  • If they watched a video 

  • How many page views

  • How many people from that company visited 

  • Behavior tracking like what page they exited your site on 

  • Bounce rate (how long they stayed on a certain page)

  • Contact information (we integrate with for some of this)

  • Company name

  • Other behavior analytics

  • Lead rankings

  • Customer experience details (does everyone bounce from the same page quickly?)

  • Pop-up clicks

You'll find all that information in the Leadfeeder dashboard under "Activity", it’s almost like a heatmap of actions they took: 

Website visitor tracking tool to track behavior, Leadfeeder

Pro tip: Create custom feeds to track all leads that take a specific action. For example, you can see all site visitors who visited your demo page but didn't sign up. 

3. Increase cold outreach conversion rates 

The average cold email conversion rate is between 1 and 5 percent. While strategies like personalization and strategic marketing campaigns can help increase your conversion rate a bit, cold outreach still tends to have low conversion rates. 

Website visitor tracking software can increase cold-call conversion rates by as much as 85 percent.  

How do they do that? By helping you better understand who your prospects are and what they want.  

This can work in a few different ways. 

For starters, a website visitor tracking tool can identify the content your users read, providing insights into their pain points. You might see they've been reading all your content about social media management, for example. 

When sales reach out, they can address that specific pain point right off the bat—what a great user experience, right?

Leadfeeder also integrates with platforms like your CRM, email marketing, and sales software so you can see how leads progress through your funnel. 

Seeing all that information in one place makes it easier for sales to customize their outreach—and drive cold calling or emailing conversion rates.  

We also connect with LinkedIn so you can learn more about specific people at the company. 

You might see that Susan in sales just celebrated her 10th year on the job or that John in HR likes to visit state parks in his time off. 

You don't want to be creepy with this information, but it can help you build rapport with prospects. 

4. Improve ABM efforts by seeing when target accounts visit 

Account-based marketing delivers results, especially in B2B. 

According to a recent study, 76 percent of marketers saw higher ROI with ABM than any other marketing strategy and 55 percent of B2B organizations saw an increase in revenue. 

What if you could increase your ROI for ABM even more? 

You can, with website visitor tracking software. 

Here are a few ways tracking your website visitors can improve your ABM campaigns: 

  • See exactly when your target accounts visit your site (using lead scoring) and what they visit. (In Leadfeeder, you can set up custom notifications using our integrations and get an email or Slack message.) 

  • Identify new ABM accounts you might not have considered. 

  • Track user behavior so you know when they are ready to convert. 

  • Track specific goals, such as when an account watches a custom video or downloads a guide you sent—watch them go through the customer journey. 

  • See when a cold account revisits your site so you can reach back out. 

With web analytics software you can also see how many people from a company visit your site—which is important when accounts are in the consideration stage. Knowing that they are sending a specific link to their co-workers could mean that B2B lead is ready to convert. 

5. Perfect outreach timing 

Timing is everything, especially in B2B. 

The buyer's journey has gotten longer making it harder to know when to reach out or follow up. 

According to Gartner, the average B2B buyer spends 20 hours researching before reaching out to a sales rep. 

A website visitor tracking tool doesn't just give you details about your website traffic—we can also tell you what they do, which helps you know when to reach out—all in near real-time.  

And custom feeds let you optimize your results so you only see the leads you want to prioritize. 

Let's say you want to know when a company with specific firmographic data visits your site. But you don't want to know about everyone, only quality leads. Just the ones that fit these demographic metrics: 

  • Are based in the US 

  • Have at least 100 employees 

  • At least 3 website visits 

  • Opened at least one email 

  • Visited your pricing webpage 

  • AND visited your demo page BUT didn't covert 

Using Leadfeeder's filters, you can zero in on leads that meet all these requirements—so you know exactly when to reach out to leads.  

When a lead closes seamlessly, the chances for a better retention rate are high (which we love).

Website visitor tracking software delivers leads—and ROI 

Website visitor tracking tools like Leadfeeder don't just deliver a list of visitor behavior—they also improve ROI by identifying new audience segments (lead generation), tracking buyer intent data, helping you customize outreach with marketing automation, and providing the data you need to reach out to sales leads with perfect timing. 

Leadfeeder, the best website visitor software, helps B2B businesses zero in on leads and increase close rates. Try our free plan (trial) for 14 days.

Get more from your web analytics.

t’s time to turn your website traffic data into something more meaningful. Website visitor analytics enable you to identify and qualify the companies visiting your website, even when they don’t fill out a form.

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