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Leadfeeder is a visitor tracking software that integrates to your Google Analytics and tracks companies and even individuals on your website. Take action on the right prospects at the right time.

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Leadfeeder is a tool that lets you see and track companies and users on your website. You get better and more data on your visitors and can easily track which pages they visit. Sign up to Leadfeeder and see for yourself!

Track companies on your website

Leadfeeder uses IP addresses to track companies visiting your website. We use Google Analytics data to help us track visitors all around the globe. Our Leadfeeder Contacts feature allows you to easily contact decision-makers in visiting companies.

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Our Leadfeeder Starter Guide video will show you how Leadfeeder helps you track visitors on your website and share these visitors as leads to your sales teams. Learn how you can increase sales with better visitor tracking in 3 minutes!

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PS. Don't know what is Google Analytics or are completely new to visitor tracking? Read this blog post to learn all you need.

Free training

Every signup comes with a 30-minute free training that helps you make the best out of Leadfeeder. Training is 1-on-1 and is custom-tailored for your website and company.

Once you have tracked an interesting company on your website, you can push it as a lead straight to your CRM. With MailChimp integration, you can even track individual visitors on your website.

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Case study: How better visitor tracking ensured better ROI for marketing campaigns

Tuminds sends new leads to Pipedrive

Tuminds is using Leadfeeder to get insight on tracked website visitors to their CRM. Increased visibility to marketing insight helps Tuminds to increase their marketing ROI.

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Leadfeeder knows who’s visiting your website

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