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Introducing Leadfeeder, Google Analytics for Sales in Norway!

Scenery in Norway

You must have heard of a tool called Google Analytics. Leadfeeder picks up the best things from Google Analytics and other tools, turning these into a sales tool by uncovering and qualifying leads from your website. Now it’s time for Leadfeeder to launch in the Norwegian market.

You can have a free 30-day trial to try it out and if you’re in marketing or sales consultancy company from Norway, we can offer Leadfeeder for free 12 months to you! You can send your request by filling the form below.

With the Premium-version you can uncover your website visitors, see how you’re connected with the company and understand exactly what they have been looking for on your website. Just sign up & try it out in couple of minutes!

Don’t believe us? Check our ratings from Google Analytics Partner site here.

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