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Leadfeeder puts feet on the ground in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden
Leadfeeder, an online lead generation tool for B2B companies, officially launches today in Sweden.

Fondly known as “the Google Analytics for Sales”, Leadfeeder has experienced excellent growth in the Nordics in the 2 years since its launch in 2014 and is now expanding its offering to reach more companies in Sweden.

Last month Leadfeeder landed a seed investment of 530,000 euros from Finnish investors Superhero Capital and Vendep to make B2B marketing and sales more data-driven.

Lennart Svanberg, Leadfeeder representative in Sweden has seen a lot of interest so far and he knows he’s building on an already strong Swedish customer base:

Lennart Svanberg
Lennart Svanberg

The team in Helsinki has opened up Sweden in a great way already but I’m keen to step it up and build our partner base from here in Stockholm. That’s why we’re offering Leadfeeder for free to new Swedish partners. I think it’s important to show – with feet on the ground and an offer like this – that we’re serious about the Swedish market.

Last year Leadfeeder’s revenue grew by 300% and the company now has over 2,500 active monthly users and over 400 monthly-paying customers around the world.

Leadfeeder’s innovative approach to online lead generation has caught the public’s attention during the past 12 months and the tool has featured in notable publications like The Next Web, Computer Weekly and Kissmetrics.

Lennart believes that he can build on the success that Leadfeeder has had from their Helsinki office with a new dedicated website for Sweden, new blog content in Swedish and partnership handling in Stockholm:

“The discussions I've had so far with partners in the field of sales and telemarketing, website analytics and online marketing indicate that there is a lot of hunger for a tool like Leadfeeder and Swedish companies are waking up to the fact that B2B sales needs to become more intelligent.”

Pekka Koskinen, CEO and founder of Leadfeeder, agrees. He sees Leadfeeder as bridging the gap between sales and marketing:

Web analytics has been here for some time, but how salespeople use it is not understood well. During the last 5 years, web analytics has enabled marketing to evolve into marketing automation and remarketing, but similar development hasn’t happened on the sales side. Leadfeeder is plugging the gap between Google Analytics and sales."

With 80% of Leadfeeder’s business outside Finland, expanding globally is a top priority for Leadfeeder says, Jaakko Paalanen, head of partnerships.

We’ve seen good results by partnering with local players and with Sweden growing so fast for us it’s become a major target market. Leadfeeder is a simple tool to use but partners can offer enormous value for customers in local languages. That’s why we’re offering something special for Swedish agencies.

The Leadfeeder team has invested lots of time and resources lately in improving the ISP filtering to coincide with the launch and to ensure that lead generation with Leadfeeder is a clean and easy process for Swedish accounts. That pace of progress is expected to continue as more and more users sign up from Sweden, says growth hacker, Kosti Lepojärvi:

“We have thousands and thousands of companies identified in Sweden alone and our organisation list is growing every day. It’s not a surprise that we already have happy users in Sweden but I expect to see this grow rapidly in the next 6 months.

To see what customers are saying about Leadfeeder you can read reviews at the Google Analytics Partner Gallery.

And for additional information about how to use Leadfeeder and how it can put your company ahead of the competition contact Lennart Svanberg: call +46708541506 or

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