Not Convinced You Need Lead Qualification Help? Dive into a Few Customer Success Stories — Brought to You By Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder has so many interesting customers from every corner of the globe, and with each customer, we truly get to know their business, pain points and learn more about how our product is benefiting them. At the end of the day, we know that each customer has a great Leadfeeder story to tell.

Now, we know many of you already love Leadfeeder, but some of you are in the Trial Stage right now, and we want you to see what some of our customers are saying about the long-term effects and benefits of using the product, day-in-day-out, beyond 14 days.

We’re not here to convince you that Leadfeeder generates leads and lets you know which companies are visiting your site when and where — we already know it does. What’s more important, is that you hear what our customers have to say about that.

Here are three unique stories about how our customers are using Leadfeeder, their results, and also what Leadfeeder has done to move the needle for their sales and marketing efforts.

If your Free Trial expired — we hope these stories resonate with you and get you back into the fold. If you’re still enjoying the perks of your Free Trial, we know these customer stories will persuade you to see how becoming a Premium Leadfeeder customer can help you stop losing sales and see who’s visiting your website, and why — the perfect secret sauce to generating leads, managing your pipeline and getting the right salespeople to the right prospects at the perfect time.


Framery is a pioneer and leading company in the manufacturing and developing of soundproof private spaces, such as phone booths and huddle spaces for open concept office environments – and the only company in the market solely focused on making them. Its clients range from small offices, to the world’s leading brands. The company started using Leadfeeder to boost sales for its local sales team based in Finland which conversely works with clients in countries all over the world. We interviewed Samu Hällfors, VP of Framery, to learn how they’ve been using Leadfeeder and hear what suggestions he has for other users.


“Framery’s goal with Leadfeeder is to gather accurate information about website visitors and pass it onto relevant local sellers,” explained Hällfors. “With our business model the dealers are the ones who make most of the sales. We are using daily/weekly automatic emails to make sure leads from custom feeds reach local dealers.”


  1. Once company data is in the hands of the dealer, they’re able to do targeted marketing – however they choose – or direct sales to hot leads.
  2. Most of the times dealers just contact the lead to introduce the product as if they didn’t know about the lead visiting our website. It works very effectively, according to Hällfors.
  3. Framery crafts custom feeds and shares them with its salespeople and dealers.
  4. The company uses Leadfeeder to measure the quality of its online marketing efforts. Some online ads and visitors are more valuable than others. With Leadfeeder, Framery can see if its are getting the right kind of companies visiting its website through online advertising testing.


Tuminds is a social media and digital agency based in Scotland. Its provided training and strategy advice for some of the biggest names in the United Kingdom, such as Diageo, Highlands & Island Enterprise and Royal Bank of Scotland. Since the Tuminds team did not have a dedicated sales team, Leadfeeder was a perfect complement to its business by making it easier to start a conversation with a potential client as they use the PipeDrive integration to send all leads right into its CRM. WIth Leadfeeder, the Tuminds founders are able to track website visitors and place them in the right funnel based on their industry using the tagging feature.

In terms of the agency’s marketing efforts, Tuminds is also now able to target emails to prospects driven by a newfound understanding of what services they’re interested in. This means, Tuminds prospects now receive emails with information and services that matter to their respective industry.

“It has become a breeze to add new web leads to Pipedrive straight to the correct stage,” explained co-founder, Rene Looper. “We have seen that a lot of companies are not just looking at our social media services—they also look at the pages of individual team members, which means that customers want to know who works for the company and what expertise they have. That triggered us to look at these pages ourselves to see if we could improve them.”

The whole Tuminds team now has easy access to insights (by email and in the Leadfeeder app) about which companies are interested in its services. It’s improved the team’s cooperation and understanding of the business, which is practically priceless.


  1. Tuminds can quickly ascertain how good a prospect’s social media presence is and if they could be a good potential client with Leadfeeder’s LinkedIn Integration.
  2. Leadfeeder shows which old connections and existing clients are online and this enables Looper and her staff to rekindle more business with former clients.
  3. With Leadfeeder sales intelligence, Tuminds can see exactly what potential leads have been looking for on its site. This knowledge makes it easier for a cold call to be more successful in conversation and discover how they can help based on their search behavior.

PRESCREEN.IO recruiting software enables human resource departments to find matching candidates for the profession they’re seeking. Prescreen began developing recruiting solutions in 2014, and since then, it has been dedicated to building software that’s easy to use and loved by its customers.


As they began to scale and grow, Prescreen noticed they were facing a simple yet significant problem: not every visitor of its product landing page directly converted into a free trial account. This is a common concern for many SaaS business models.

“Instead of losing those visitors, we were looking for new ways to identify those leads and nurture them into qualified leads,” explained Andreas Altheimer, Co-founder and VP of Sales and Marketing at Prescreen. “We used Google Analytics for the identification of our visitors but the filter options just weren’t sufficient and it was tough work to gather all the information needed to be able to contact the lead. All in all – it wasn’t feasible for our sales process,” he concluded

To solve this problem, Prescreen ended up using Leadfeeder Premium.


  1. Prescreen’s cold calls yield an 85 percent improved success rate because Leadfeeder shows them who to contact next.
  2. Prescreen benefits from the daily automatic summary of new relevant website visitors so its outbound sales team always knows which companies are currently looking for an applicant tracking system.
  3. Prescreen’s goal with Leadfeeder is to increase the number of qualified leads – this is a crucial KPI in its business. Their internal data already reveals that the chance of converting a cold call into a qualified lead increases with Leadfeeder.

If you’re curious how our other customers are enjoying their Premium Subscription, read more Success Stories here.

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