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FA Solutions eradicated cold-calling and improved their sales pitch.

FA Solutions has the ambition to simplify the complex world of investment management. We sat down for a chat with energetic marketer Anni and asked her 10 questions about lead generation and her daily routine for identifying new business opportunities.

1. Which SaaS tools do you love using every day?

Aside from Leadfeeder for lead generation, I use Hootsuite, MailChimp and Google Analytics for automating our marketing efforts and getting better insight about how our marketing strategy is performing.

2. What’s been your strategy for capturing website visitors?

Earlier we used Google Analytics and contact forms on our website but now we’ve started using Leadfeeder for lead capturing, which of course simply plugs into our existing analytics and is a lot better for sales.

3 . Tell us about FA Solutions, what do you do?

We’re a software company with an ambition to simplify the complex world of investment management. We provide investment management software that enables clients to access their portfolios on any device and manage everything on one platform.

Anni Solo

The first impression is extremely important when contacting a potential customer

4. What’s the biggest challenge you face?

As a SaaS company we’re providing something that is critical to clients’ businesses and we know that changing a system is always a big decision – and risk – for any client, particularly when the landscape has remained unchanged for so long. That’s why the first impression is also extremely important when contacting a potential customer. We get only one chance to shine.

5. Who are your clients?

Our customers include, for example, asset managers, banks, institutional investors, pension funds and insurance companies. Since the financial industry is extremely regulated and complicated we really need to know our clients and their needs and challenges before we approach them. As I mentioned, first impressions are critical and that’s why it’s so valuable to know what they’ve been looking at on our website so we can approach correctly.

6. That’s a great insight. How do you know which companies to approach?

After I see interesting companies in Leadfeeder I will visit the company’s website to find out more about them and I sort and group with tags in Leadfeeder, sending leads to the right sales people. It’s a pretty straightforward and pain-free process.

7. And when do you normally do this?

Most days I sort the leads during morning coffee at the office.

8. Which are your favorite features?

I use filtering, I create custom feeds and love using the personal-level LinkedIn connection with Leadfeeder. Overall I think the visual appearance is super and it’s such an easy-to-use user interface.

9. In your opinion, what are the biggest benefits of using Leadfeeder for sales?

With Leadfeeder we’re able to avoid cold calling, learn more about a prospect and their interests in advance, improve the chances of making contact at the right moment and tailor our offering to meet clients’ specific needs.

10. And what excites you as a marketer?

I love being able to measure how our web page and social media actions are performing. We’re able to track where the traffic comes from in Leadfeeder by source and medium. For example, do people follow links in our MailChimp newsletters or posts on social media or do they come from Bing, or what.

We also use Leadfeeder as a tool for improving our web page. For example we can draw conclusions about whether people are able to find what they were searching for, how much they spend time reading information and at what point leave. With that information we’re able to find out what kind of content is interesting for different kinds of visitors.

In a nutshell, with Leadfeeder our marketing is able to work more efficiently and we’re able to invest time and effort on things that really matter and support our sales.

Anni is responsible for marketing communications at FA Solutions. FA Solutions offers best-in-class software solutions for the financial industry, for clients such as asset managers, fund managers, banks, family offices, institutional investors, and foundations. FA Solutions is simplifying the complex world of investment management.

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