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Leadfeeder helps B2B businesses grow. Whether you’re in marketing, sales or top management, our platform provides you with the sales intelligence to hit your goals.

For Marketing

Increase your ROI and generate more leads by better measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns, uncovering anonymous website visitors, and seamlessly providing marketing intelligence to the sales team.

How FA Solutions uses Leadfeeder every day for lead generation

FA Solutions relied on Google Analytics and contact forms until they discovered Leadfeeder. Now they’re able to identify prospects with less effort, filter and assign warmer leads to sales, and measure how well campaigns are doing.

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For Sales

Close more sales by always having a fresh list of leads at your fingertips, better understand purchase intentions and keep a pulse on existing customers and leads visiting your website.

How LMCS quickly uncovered 156 new leads with Leadfeeder

Within 6 months of starting Leadfeeder, LMCS identified 156 new leads. They leveraged near real-time data, custom feeds, email alerts and Leadfeeder’s webCRM integration to close 3 new deals, with 12 more offers waiting to be converted.

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For Top Management

Maximize the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams by streamlining processes, keeping accurate measurements of marketing efforts and providing the data needed to prioritize leads and close more sales.

Framery fuels local sales dealers with Leadfeeder

Framery uses Leadfeeder to boost sales for local sales guys and dealers. We interviewed Samu Hällfors from Framery to learn how they've been using Leadfeeder.

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Leadfeeder knows the companies visiting your website

Install today to start identifying new business opportunities.

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